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Hello, I’m Claire, a freelance content creator based in Leeds.

For the last six years I have been creating engaging, relatable and honest content for women around the world here on What once started off as a hobby for me has now turned into a career and a passion I continuously want to grow and develop.

My skill set.

I engage my audience with captivating content, keeping them on my website for long periods of time continuously achieving a repeatedly lowering bounce rate. I have experience in analysing statistics, digging into google analytics and google console to ensure that each article I write is SEO optimised and ranks well within it’s field. I regularly check google trends & what’s trending on social media platforms to make sure the articles I am creating are relevant, of importance and of a topic that keeps readers interested.

Alongside my website I also manage various social media platforms which help encourage traffic to my articles. I understand each platform works differently and is regularly evolving so have optimised strategies to use each one to my advantage ensuring engagement is at its highest.


Because of my website's success I have had the opportunity to feature on numerous podcasts and my content has even been printed in a recognised magazine. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide array of brands both on my website and social media platforms. A big personal achievement for me however is building a thriving online community of mums, a place for solace, fellowship and reassurance.

Case studies.

Together in mamahood.
Whilst on maternity leave I built a community of women in a similar position to myself, who were looking for reassurance, comfort and guidance in their new lives as mothers. I forged the community using engaging content and a successful hashtag strategy which has now been recognised over 4000 times. My community is committed, strong and ever growing, something I’m immensely proud of.

The Birth Poster Company.
A recent social job for me was creating an Instagram post and stories for The Birth Poster Company, a brand which creates 1:1 scale drawings of your child at birth. I created two Instagram carousels for the brand using original photography and styling, both of which received a higher than average engagement rate.

Femme Luxe.
I have been regularly working with the clothing brand Femme Luxe for the last eighteen+ months and have featured them on my website and social platforms on numerous occasions. Engaging articles are written, often discussing the topic of postpartum body confidence using the clothing items to help promote eradicating body image issues. My Femme Luxe articles always receieve a brilliant reaction ensuring I am able to continue working with them.

Lilypad Swim.
My highest performing article showcases a local independent swim school for babies and young children. On average the article receives 5000 views per month and continues to gain traction as it ranks higher than average on google.

House 21.
House 21 is a female led initiative which unites and showcases content creators through events, magazines and podcasts. I have had numerous articles featured and thoroughly discussed on their podcast however my proudest achievement is being printed in their sold out summer 2020 magazine.

Let’s talk.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about myself. If you’d like to get in touch please feel free to email me on or DM me via @clairemacblog.

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