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About Me

You'll realise the title ClaireMac isn't exactly that imaginative when I tell you my maiden name was Claire McPartland. My new married name is Claire Chircop... But that didn't quite have the same ring to it, plus it's a nightmare to get your teeth around... It's pronounced Kerkop by the way.

I’m an almost thirty, parenting & lifestyle blogger winging my way through the first year of motherhood. With my honest portrayal of motherhood I’m here to support other new parents from all walks of life in saying ‘we’re all in this together’ and make light of tough situations that come with parenthood.

2018 was a pretty mega year for me, the first few months of the year I was busy Wedding planning, ready to marry the man of my dreams in May, but this was somewhat overshadowed by finding out we were pregnant six weeks beforehand. Dun dun duuun! On this blog you'll find my pregnancy journey, right from the first, through to the second & onto the third trimester. It's been quite a journey & one I felt I needed to document not only for both myself for nostalgic purposes, but for my audience too. Thankfully baby arrived safely two days before Christmas Day and we couldn't be more in love! Follow me on my journey through my First Year Of Motherhood to see if we're really cut out for this parenting malarkey, or whether I'll be pleading to go back to work before the year's out!

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