I think it's safe to say that 2020 hasn't been the year any of us were expecting; We've been dealt a rather rubbish hand with the dreaded 'c word' however I don't want to finish the year in a negative mindset, I want to surround myself with good vibes and spread a little positivity so with a little help from my friends, readers & followers I'm going to be sharing their stories and highlights from 2020.

Positive highlights from 2020.


My goals for 2020 were all centred around work and my desire to turn my hobby into a career, unfortunately however with everything that's happened this year I haven't quite been able to achieve my ambitions. I am nonetheless entering the new year with a fresh mindset, with more time on my hands to accomplish what I wanted form 2020 & I feel really blooming positive about it.

Amy (@amy.the.mama) was able to turn her hobby into a small business this year, selling amazing hand knitted headbands and bows through her shop While She Dreams.
Soffy (@themumaffairs) was also able to start her own small business after years of putting it off. 2020 gave her the courage to set up Zeen & Me, a letterbox service supplying book gift sets for all ages. 
Gemma (@gcabray) started her dream job in the middle of lockdown after working so hard to find it, showing true passion in never giving up until you achieve your goals.
Shelley (@madebybusby) has gone from strength to strength this year growing fabulous audiences on her Instagram & Tik Tok who have supported her small business massively throughout the year.


We've definitely made our house a home this year. With the extra time we've had we've been able to totally transform the kitchen in a really affordable way by painting the tiles, changing the wall colour and having a bit of a change in layout. I love what we've achieved with our inside space, but it's the garden which has really been revamped this year. 2020 has been the year both myself & my husband have turned into gardening addicts! Our favourite place is the local garden centre & seeing the difference from our outdoor space from January this year to now is actually mindblowing... Not to toot our own horns or anything!

* Kat (@our_new_forest_home) finally moved to her dream home this year and has been documenting the amazing transformation over on her Instagram feed. If you're into home decor & interior design you should definitely check her out.
* Kirsty (@thevioletblonde) completed the sale of her house this year and moved into her forever home with her husband & little girl Florence in Spring after eight long months of completion.
* Laura (@lozzyloveslife) has been living her best life this year after her landlord finally agreed to let her keep their adopted cat. She put together a huge case, looking up all the different legalities so her win not only felt good for the soul, it also felt like an achievement too.
* Maya (@familylifewithtwo) also bought her forever home with her family.

Pregnancy announcements.

There's been lots of pregnancy announcements this year. The news of new arrivals on their way makes my heart feel so full, although I can't help but wonder if this new generation of lockdown babies will be given their own name like the 'baby boomers' after the war. What do you think?

* Kirsty (@thevioletblonde) got her positive pregnancy test this year and will be expecting a sibling for her little girl Florence in the new year.
* Becqui (@becquij) is also currently growing a healthy baby and sibling for her little boy, due in Spring next year.
* Katie (@xkatiemiddleton) 'got drunk and got pregnant'... Her words not mine! Her and Kayne will be extending their family by one and giving their son Buddy a little playmate in May next year.
* Nicola (@nicolajanebenson) also revealed recently that she was expecting a new bundle of joy next Summer and a sibling for her super cute little boy Teddy.
* Sam (@samuelchristian95) also found out this year that he was going to be a Dad. Him and his girlfriend Rhiannon will become first time parents to a little girl in February next year.

Positive highlights from 2020.


Stacey (@staceyjane_s) started a family and gave birth to her beautiful baby in April.
* Emma (@walkerhill_house) completed her family with the birth of Harry this year, giving lovely Charlotte a little brother to play with.
* Maya (@familylifewithtwo) also completed her family with baby number 2 this year, even though sometimes she want to return him as faulty.
* Nicki (@heston_and_baby) recently welcomed Beatrix to the world. She said watching her son become a big brother and seeing him care for her bump over 9 months has been the most heartwarming thing.
* Nadia (@mielandmint) welcomed the most beautiful baby girl this year, with an equally beautiful name, Eliana.

Our children's achievements.

When you become a parent you celebrate the most mundane of things. Never in a million years did I think I'd be getting excited about my daughter walking over to the bin and popping her rubbish inside it, but here we are! My daughter has changed dramatically this year, she's morphed from a baby, to a toddler, to an actual little girl, and as much as it makes my heart sad that she's not my newborn anymore, I'm so incredibly excited for the future and experiencing whats to come.

* Rosalyn's (@rosalyn_oxer) little boy Max started walking this year, but you know what they say... It's dangerous when they start walking!
* Jodie's (@jodetopia) little boy Arthur also started walking this year, but she wanted to mention how massively his speech has developed this year too. I have my own little chatterbox at home too and its just as amazing as it is annoying, my little one is literally never quiet these days.
* Shelley (@bybusby) celebrated her son turning one this year and has found that although he knows how to get what he wants (sounds like my little girl) she's found parenting him that little bit easier this year.

Personal growth.

I've made no secret to the fact that I've been on a bit of a journey this year. Lockdown has actually been a massive positive for me in terms of growth & finding out who I am outside of motherhood. I've had a complete turn around with my mindset this year and how I view myself, I'm now able to see me as me, not just as a mother and am fearless being both versions of myself. I'm actually leaving 2020 feeling pretty bad-ass & it's amazing. I employ everyone to feel as bad-ass about themselves as I do right now!

* Becqui (@becquij) said that despite everything that's happened this year she feels like she's ending the year in a better place than where she stated & to me that's amazing - Surely that's all we can want for ourselves.
Sarah (@sunshinesarahxo) has been able to pay off her debts this year, so massive well done to her. I had a credit card a few years ago & it was honestly the worst thing I've ever done, so hats off to Sarah! I feel your pain, but I also feel your celebration!
* Rosalyn (@rosalyn_oxer) has put pen to paper (so to speak) and started working on her book again this year, something that I'm very much looking forward to reading.
* Alisha (@alishabeautyx) graduated this Summer after years of hard work.
* Jodie (@jodetopia) relaunched her blog this year & has been making a steady income off of it which is amazing. Her blog also looks incredible too!
* Jodie (@maidenheadmum) commended herself for her resilience this year. 2020 has made her approach things differently and no matter what was thrown at her she's always known that she can make things work.
* Sarah (@sarahlouwrites0) has been able to find her self worth this year & she's finally in a good place with everything. Again this is surely everything we could ever want for ourselves! Well done Sarah!

Positive highlights from 2020.


Although we've been apart, this year has taught us new ways to reconnect with others. I also think it's made us reconnect with people we maybe wouldn't have done so with pre-2020 which is always a massive positive. I'm quite oldie worldie and have actually never face timed or zoom called anyone before this yearmso I've learnt a lot about technology and a lot about relationships too. It's been amazing!

* Ana (@citricn) has been able to reconnect with her mum in Venezuela. Her favourite way of doing this if via virtual pilates and dance classes, which sounds like the most fun thing & something I'd very much like to get on board with.
* Rosalyn (@rosalyn_oxer) very excitedly had her parents over to stay with her. She currently lives in Span and managed to time things just right for her parents to fly over from the UK to spend some quality time with her and her son.
* Neesha (@neesharees) has loved being able to spend quality time with her family this year. Reconnecting isn't just about spending time with those away from home, it's about those inside the home too & Neesha has fully appreciated the time they've been able to spend together, even on those days doing nothing.

Although this year has been a difficult one for us all I think it's good to remember & celebrate that we've gotten through it. We've come together virtually, we've come together with our communities and we've really shown resilience when it comes to not letting the 'c word' get us down! I hope you've been able to take some positives from the year no matter how big or small and will be finishing 2020 celebrating whichever way you desire!

Thank you for your support this year! I'm raising my cup of tea to you wishing you the very best 2021! Love to you all.


PS. Points to me for not mentioning the 'c word'!


  1. Love that you’ve not only shared things about yourself, but also the successes and wins from others! Really great post!

    1. Thanks lovely! Yupp, definitely not one to make it all about me. Haha. X

  2. OMG how positive is this post?! It's so lovely to read everyone's positive moments of 2020, shows that 2020 wasn't a complete downer for some! x

    Lucy | wwww.lucymary.co.uk

    1. Thank you! That's exactly what it's for, to spread the positivity. Hope you're well! X

  3. This is such a sweet post! I have seen many posts sharing highlights and shadows, but this one takes the cake! All the happy announcements coupled with goals and achievements within your circle made me smile.

    Thank you for sharing!
    Jaya | www.ninchronicles.com

    1. Aw. Thank you lovely! I'm glad it made you smile. Best wishes for 2021! X

  4. It has been a very positive year for you, considering the circumstances. Congratulations for making it so!



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