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5 Benefits Of Flower Shopping Locally - A Giveaway With The Flower Shops.

*This is a paid for advertorial with The Flower Shops*

The Flower Shops is a family run business who have created a network of local florists across the UK hand delivering bouquets with guaranteed same day delivery. Their network of florists are reputable high street florists with years of experience and knowledge of the industry ensuring all bouquets are of the freshest and highest quality.

5 benefits of flower shopping locally

There are numerous reasons why supporting local florists is better than shopping in supermarkets, department stores or other non-specialised stores. The comparison ranges from how the flowers are stored, how they are arranged, how they are delivered and the amount of customer care which goes into each bouquet. Obviously the price is the most powerful advantage when it comes to purchasing flowers from a supermarket due to them being bought in much larger quantities. Local florists usually can't afford to buy in bulk therefore can't really compete with the lower costs of supermarkets, however with that being said there are still so many advantages of buying flowers from a local florist.

5 Benefits of flower shopping locally.

1. Flowers last longer from a local florist.
Local florists take better care of the flowers they sell, ensuring you always get the freshest, healthiest and and the highest quality blooms. Typically florists also carry a more superior quality variety of flowers compared to that of supermarkets. Shopping locally for flowers provides you with the peace of mind that the blooms bought are going to last well & stay looking amazing for a long time.

2. Local florists offer a wider variety.
As a florists main concern is the quality and variety of stock you can always be assured that shopping locally will give you the biggest choice of blooms available compared that that of a supermarket. Supermarkets purchase their blooms in bulk but only buy certain (more mainstream) flowers and varieties, meaning they'll never be able to offer the variety a local florist does. It's also worth noting that a local florist can supply add ons to their blooms such as luxurious packaging, festive bows or even a hand written note to make your bouquet look extra special.

3. Flowers are more eco-friendly from a local florist.
Local florists sell flowers that are free of pesticides and fertilisers making them eco-freindly. They're also stored in an ethylene free environment, nurtured with the right amount of plant food and kept at the correct temperature which reduces your blooms chances of wilting and also helps keep their colours looking vibrant.

4. Local florists have the skills to make beautiful flower arrangements.
Florists are creative people & they're exceptionally well trained in providing unique and appealing flower arrangements. They're passionate, knowledgeable and arrangements created by local florists are considered pieces of art, because behind each bouquet is a lot of strategy and creativity.

5. Local florists are friendly and appreciative.
Your local florist is always going to be more friendly and appreciative to most supermarket staff due to their passion for floristry and the business they have chosen to go into. It's also easier to develop a lasting relationship with a local florist because although they're business owners, they're also members of your community.

A giveaway with The Flower Shops

Sending flowers from a local florist to loved ones is always going to go down well, it's a heartwarming gesture and whether it's for a special occasion, or just because you can, it's always going to make you and the recipient feel good.

Flowers are known to have a positive impact on health and well being as research has shown having them around the home increases happiness, decreases anxieties and even boosts productivity... And if that's not a good enough reason to treat yourself, or somebody special, I don't know what is!

This is the exact reason I have teamed up with The Flower Shops over on my Instagram page in hosting a giveaway, sending one lucky winner their very own bunch of blooms. I think with the year we've had (we're writing 2020 off aren't we?) giving something back & sending positivity to someone else this festive season is a blooming beautiful thing & I'm so happy to be able to do that!

Win your very own locally sourced bouquet of blooms with The Flower Shops.

To enter my giveaway and be in with a chance of winning a bouquet of flowers courtesy of The Flower Shops all you need to do is enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. There are two requirements which is to follow myself & The Flower Shops on Instagram, however if you want a higher chance of winning there are also a few extra entry types available. The giveaway will run for 1 week finishing on Friday 4th December 2020 at 5pm where I will announce the winner on my Instagram stories. This giveaway is running UK only.

Good luck! X

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5 benefits of flower shopping locally - A giveaway with The Flower Shops


With the nights drawing in and the temperature dropping it certainly feels like we're heading towards that time of year again. Dare I say it... It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! If like me and you're yet to start gift buying, perhaps you should try something a little different this year and shop small this Christmas.

Shopping small gives back to the community.

Shopping small creates product diversity.

Shopping small supports individuals taking a chance.

Shopping small provides outstanding customer service.

Shopping small makes a major economic impact.

Shopping small creates a sense of community.

Shopping small spreads festive cheer.

Shopping small makes you feel good.

So this Christmas instead of lining a CEO's pockets of a multi-million pound company, why not buy from someone who will do a happy dance around their Christmas tree when receiving your order.

Here are 10 businesses to shop small from this Christmas when buying gifts for babies & toddlers.

The cotton shop (@_thecottonshop)

I've spoken about Amy and her small business The Cotton Shop on my homeware Christmas gift guide & I'm going to shout about her and her small bizz some more because she's just blooming fabulous. Amy crochets the most beautiful sensory toys, her octopusses are legendary and her little polar bears would make the most adorable Christmas treats. It's completely obvious how much love goes into The Cotton Shop's toys & I urge you to go and check her out.

Shop small this Christmas: Baby & toddler gifts.

Jodetopia (@jodetopia)

Rainbow rice is a must for any child's sensory development & Jodie has created the most amazing Insta-perfect product. She regularly updates her products to fit with the season or holiday and frequently gives examples on her Instagram page on how her rainbow rice could be used. She's blooming legendary when it comes to play ideas for your little ones, she's my go to!

Shop small this Christmas: Baby & toddler gifts.

Marmalade Fox (@marmalade.fox.baby)

Marmalade Fox create luxurious, eco-friendly clothes from newborn right through to three years old. Their prints are predominantly nature based and each one feels very ethereal and graceful, maybe the opposite of how we'd describe our toddlers but hey ho. Clothes always make brilliant gifts for kids, even more so when they look this precious.

Shop small this Christmas: Baby & toddler gifts.

My little goody box (@mylittlegoodybox)

Sensory boxes are gifts that keep giving, they're such transitional presents and would make amazing Christmas gifts whether the child you're buying for is 3 months or 3 years. All of My Little Goody Boxes sensory boxes come with play guides based around developmental milestones that support open ended play, which I think is so important. I'm a big fan of their sensory boxes however My Little Goody Box also sell teethers, puzzles and puppets which I think would make lovely little stocking fillers for your little ones.

Shop small this Christmas: Baby & toddler gifts.

Fred & Oak (@fredandoak)

Fred & Oak are small bizz legends when it comes to commemorating your little ones milestones. Granted their gifts are more for us parents than the children, but I thought their personalised baby's first Christmas signs were too cute not to share! I'd loved to have received one of these when it was my May's first Christmas.

Shop small this Christmas: Baby & toddler gifts.

Bear & Babe (@bearandbabe)

I have Meghan Walsh to blame for my Bear & Babe addiction. Their prints are amazing, the quality is outstanding and I love everything they stand for as a company. What I've also found with the Bear & Babe pieces we have is that they seem to last forever which is amazing, May was wearing her 6-9month harem pants well passed her first birthday. Their latest Christmas range comprises of such a wide range of prints, my favourite being the Christmas flamingos... Yes, you absolutely need to see it!

Shop small this Christmas: Baby & toddler gifts.

Beaux Bows (@beauxbowsco)

I hope your little ones are the opposite of mine and keep head bands on their heads for longer than 30 seconds, because oh my these head bands from Beaux Bows are just gorgeous. They have such a wide arrange of colours available as well as offering the most beautiful turbans and bows. PS. Don't even get me started on the twinning possibilities! This would make an amazing Christmas gift for mama and baby.Shop small this Christmas: Baby and toddler gifts.

Jennie & Company (@jennie_and_company)

Jennie makes the most amazing heirlooms. Each handmade doll is completely unique, one of a kind and she even offers a personalisation service which I think is just amazing. If you're looking for something really special for your little ones Jennie's designs are just perfect. They're so detailed and you can 100% see the amount of love and care that goes into each individual product. I'm actually in love with them... Especially Daphne the roller-skate wearing fox!

Shop small this Christmas: Baby and toddler gifts.

Beads 'n' String (@beadnstringco)

Teethers and dummy clips always make amazing presents for babies and toddlers, they're the type of items you don't know you need until you have them! Beads 'n' String produce silicone teethers which you come to expect from the market however it's their crochet designs which really piqued my interest, I think their designs are just beautiful.

Shop small this Christmas: Baby and toddler gifts.

Hannah's Book Corner.

If you're looking for Usbourne books for your child there are lots of ways Hannah can help you. She hosts Usbourne parties, holds events in schools and of course you can buy from her online. Every genre possible is available and it's really easy to differentiate between different age ranges which makes things so much easier as book buying can be so daunting.

Shop small this Christmas: Baby & toddler gifts.

So there are 10 businesses to shop small from this Christmas when buying gifts for babies and toddlers. Have you heard of many of them before?

Will you be shopping small this Christmas?


Have you seen my other small business Christmas gift guides?