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I'm fearless in motherhood, but I'm even more fearless being me.

I've been on a journey since becoming a mother, but It's something I've realised and come to appreciate only recently. My journey is one of self discovery & being acceptive of who I am; And when I say 'I', I mean me, not me as Amelia's mum. Me... Claire Mac. 

Claire wearing body con black dress.

Being a mother is part of me, it's a big part of me, but it doesn't define who I am, and I no longer feel guilty about it. I'm an advocate for empowerment in motherhood & am on a mission to provide others with the confidence to feel just as fearless being themselves as they do being a mother.

Claire wearing pink loungewear set.

I haven't always been fearless being me.

I've probably been the furthest away from fearless you could get.

If you asked any of my peers in school how they would describe me they'd either say ask 'Claire who?' and not remember who I was, or they'd say I was the quiet one. I hated being the quiet one, but it was a persona I was labelled with since primary school & a personality trait I was scared to steer from.

One of my earliest memories was winning an award in primary school, and having to walk to the front of the stage in front of the whole school. After thanking the head teacher for my award he bellowed in front of everyone 'she talks'. And although it wasn't the words that stuck with me, it's the tone; The tone of shock, that someone like me could actually form words from my mouth and be a courteous human being.

I can still hear it now.

Claire wearing black body con dress.

As I entered adulthood I was still very shy, but I could absolutely hold my own in my friendship group. I was one of those 'quiet, until you really get to know me' type people, and I was okay with this.

My confidence had definitely grown, however I still struggled in large groups of people, especially in regards to showing my opinions. I'd always let people with louder voices speak over me & never once confronted them. It put me in sticky situations a couple of times & looking back now I wish I'd have just spoken up.

But you live and you learn.

And I think this is where my confidence and level of fearlessness has come from. I'm embracing my flaws, understanding that there are things I'm not so great at, and I'm not letting them make me feel bad about myself anymore.

I'm giving self doubt the middle finger!

Claire wearing pink loungewear set.

This year in particular I've learnt to be fearless being me.

Last year I gave so much of myself to motherhood, that my journey of self discovery & personal development took a back seat. If I'm being honest it more likely that it took a couple of steps back, rather than a back seat.

But isn't that motherhood?

2020 Claire, although cooped up at home embracing lockdown knows herself and accepts herself more than ever... And that's what makes me fearless.

Claire wearing black body con dress.

I'm fearless wearing a slinky body con dress.
I'm fearlessly accepting of my post baby body.
I'm fearless going makeup free.
I'm fearlessly giving zero f*ks.
I'm fearless being underestimated.
I'm fearlessly sticking the middle finger up at self doubt.
I'm fearless admitting my flaws.
I'm fearlessly sassy in bubblegum pink loungewear.
I'm fearless in knowing exactly who I am.
I'm fearlessly saying no to diet culture.
I'm fearless showing parts of me deemed unacceptable.
I'm fearlessly living my best life.
I'm fearless in motherhood.

I'm fearless being me.

Claire wearing pink loungewear set.

Black body con dress*
Pink loungewear set*

How fearless are you being you?

Claire. X



  1. Such a lovely post, I need to remember to be more fearless!

  2. I love this post so much!

    Love Lozza xo

  3. Absolutely love this post! I was always really shy during school and it's definitely stuck with me. I'd say I'm more of a quiet but confident person now, I hate speaking in public and will normally be the one listening in a conversation but I'm confident in who I am as a person :) x


  4. Being a mother is a whole different experience. It is great that you have learned to be more fearless through this journey. I totally agree. You live and you learn! You need to have experiences and they all won't be pleasant. I love all of the mantras you have shared about being fearless. Keep it up!!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  5. LOVE this post Claire, you look amazing in that LBD!
    And I can completely relate also. I was always the shy one. I always wanted to be out going and loud and wasn't too bad with my friends, but in general, I was the sit back type. However be it age or becoming a mum, but I've gotten better with speaking out over the years. I feel it also depends upon the kind of people you surround yourself with.
    Excited to see what you have in store for the rest of the year and beyond.
    Just keep being you.


  6. Such a beautiful post. You are an amazing lady and should be so proud of yourself.

    Kate | thelittlecrunch.co.uk

  7. Such a beautiful post - you inspire me all the time! I love your blog and your social media channels! You go mama!

  8. Love this! I became more shy in high school, I guess that is part of growing up. I definitely feel more confident now. It's so nice to see you being you, as well as embracing motherhood!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  9. Lovely post! Being fearless is an important thing these days!
    Writing Overload


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