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I began lockdown life thinking the only way to get through was with no makeup, unruly hair & the comfiest of comfy clothes, however now we're seven weeks in, I'm all about wearing makeup again, in particular beauty products that give the ultimate glow.

Because even if the world isn't having a glow up right now, I am!

I've reorganised pretty much all aspects of my life during lockdown, minus my husband & my child of course (although sometimes I question that decision). Part of my reorganisation includes my makeup and skincare collection, because Lord knows it needs some looking at. During the clear out I've rediscovered some old favourites all of which give the ultimate glow & leave me feeling like a total mum boss!

After weeks of not wearing makeup, getting back in touch with some old faves has been brilliant. It's really made me appreciate the transformation not only in the way my face looks, but my confidence and how I carry myself.

I feel pretty without makeup, but with makeup I feel pretty darn powerful!

These 5 products are giving me the ultimate glow right now.

1. Botanics all bright radiance balm*
I received the Boots Botanics all bright radiance balm in an advent box for Christmas last year, and although Botanics is a range I'm familiar with and have enjoyed, the radiance balm didn't quite make it into my daily makeup bag. Thankfully however, after my Hinching sesh it takes pride of place in my makeup bag and is a product I now rely on for that ultimate glow.
I apply this product after completing my current (& really affordable) skincare routine using my fingers to blend the balm into my previously cleansed skin. I've not tried using a brush to blend the Botanics all bright radiance balm in as it felt much more natural to do it myself & so far so good, it blends really well & leaves my skin being the perfect glowy base.
The product has a slight rosy nude tone to it which means even if you just use the radiance balm & nothing else, you're still provided with a sheen of coverage.
I love this product, just as I do a lot of other Botanics products & I'll definitely be repurchasing the radiance balm when this one runs out.

2. No7 skin illuminator*
It seems that Boots were really pushing that winter glow last year because in the same advent calendar box I received the No7 skin illuminator.
I like to use the skin illuminator either as an illuminating primer or mixed in with my foundation to give that extra glow, depending on how much time Amelia allows me to get ready. I'm currently using the Body Shop matte clay shin clarifying foundation because I love the coverage it provides, however it leaves quite a matte finish, but with the No7 skin illuminator it gives such a boost and leaves my skin with that holiday type glow. I love it!
It's not something I tend to do, but you could also use the No7 skin illuminator as a highlight, brushing a light amount over the cheekbones. The only reason I don't use this purely as a highlighter (and it's a boujee A.F reason) is that I already have plenty of other highlighting products I like to use to give my cheekbones that extra pop & ultimate glow.

3. Nude by Nature touch of glow highlight stick*
To give my cheekbones the ultimate glow I always begin with the Nude by Nature touch of glow highlight stick, simply because it's the easiest thing in the world to use. I love applying makeup & playing around with it, but honestly some of the best products in my opinion are the simplest!
I literally twist the touch of glow highlight stick up and draw two lines on the tops of my cheekbones before buffing in with the real techniques stippling brush. I feel very camo-girl doing it! I'm not sure if the stippling brush is the most appropriate type of applicator but I like how it doesn't blend the product 100% into the skin and leaves the majority of the product sitting on top of my foundation.
I have the shade opal, which is more of a rosy/champagne tone than opal but I think it's the most perfect, subtly warming shade for me.

4. Illamasqua beyond powder highlighter.
To give my cheekbones that extra pop & the ultimate glow I've been using the Illamasqua beyond powder highlighter in the shade Deighty. It's been in my collection for quite some time now after opening it in a Look Fantastic advent calendar, and although I knew it was going to be a product I'd enjoy using, for some reason I didn't reach for it.
I apply the beyond powder highlighter using the Look Fantastic fan highlighter brush over the Nude by Nature tough of glow highlight stick; The phrase 'go hard or go home' comes to mind, but I really love the ultimate glow it gives

5. Bellapierre shimmer roll*
A shimmer roll is something I at first thought should have stayed in the 90's however after experimenting with different ways to use the Bellapierre shimmer roll, I've decided it needs to take pride of place in my makeup bag. It can't not!
The shimmer roll can be used in a number of ways, however me being me, likes to use it in the easiest way possible, which I find is on my eyes. After I've applied my eyeshadow I like to give a couple of sweeps of the Bellapierre shimmer roll to 'jujh' them up a bit. I don't even really do anything afterwards, I just let the product sit there to dry for a few seconds and then get on with everyday life.
I'd never have thought I'd like a glittery eye makeup look, as everything I own is very very matte, but I love the transformation this little product gives. It's a real beauty!

Although I'm not getting dressed up for anyone but myself, I'm really loving getting back into makeup & experimenting more with products I wouldn't necessarily have used before. I didn't think I'd be so into a glowy makeup look, but here we are, lockdown makes us do crazy things... And this is mine! Wild right?

Have you had a rearrange of your makeup collection? What are your favourite products to give the ultimate glow?




  1. I like the look of these products! I love the No7 range, I've recently had a rearrange of my makeup bag and bought some new brushes and a new foundation cause it's nice to change things up once in a while x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. Adding all of these to my want list ASAP because I love a good glow and you look amazing! Thank you!

  3. Oh I love a dewy makeup look!! The N7 Illuminator really grabbed my attention, thank you for sharing!!


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