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*This blog post is in collaboration and features gifted products from Lavender Sun*

It's safe to say that my daughter has a way better wardrobe than I have. I find it so much easier picking items of clothing out for her than I do myself - I think it's part of being a parent, wouldn't you agree?

With the change in seasons and the arrival of some spring/summer sunshine I thought I'd scourer the Internet in search of some new additions to my one year old daughter's wardrobe.

Lavender Sun Little Miss Foxy bodysuit.

Foxy little lady bodysuit.
You can't go wrong with bodysuits, especially during the warmer months because sometimes it's all our little ones will be wearing. I loved the 'foxy little lady' slogan on the Lavender Sun onesie as it shows my daughter's already way too sassy attitude, plus she's already got a pair of rust coloured leggings which I know will match this little foxy perfectly.

Plain white bodysuits.
Something Amelia was (actually) in need of for the spring & summer months was plain bodysuits with thin, spaghetti style straps. It doesn't happen very often, but when I put her in a nice dress, I don't like having sleeves poking out and ruining her look... You know, because she's so 'fashion!' The three pack from H&M will be really versatile and I just know she'll get lots of wear out of them.

Leopard print leggings.
Leopard print is a neutral, I don't care what you say... And I love it, therefore Amelia has to wear it, because that's how parenting works isn't it. I bought these in the size up as I wanted my daughter to get lots of wear out of them & it turns out they fit her rotund little tum perfectly!

Leopard print jumpsuit from H&M

Leopard print jumpsuit.
More leopard print, I can't help it; This time it's in the form of a jumpsuit from H&M. Again I bought this in the next size up & although it's probably a little too big for her to wear now, I can still pop her in it and get away with the sizing. Kids always look cute in oversized clothes anyway don't they.

Yellow geometric dress.
The yellow geometric dress is a bit of a cheat because Amelia had it when she was much younger; I think she had it in aged 3-6 months and we loved it so much that we had to get it again. Next do this dress in various different colours & it's such a bargain, so it was an absolute no brainer for us! In fact, I think it's an essential in any little girls wardrobe.

Floral summer dress.
We were very kindly gifted the summer floral dress by one of Amelia's friends at the childminders, her mum didn't like the style of it, but we love it, so it's a win win situation. FYI This is the type of dress I'd want to pair the spaghetti strapped bodysuits with. I love the skirt on this dress as it's super girly & I'm sure we'll get a load of twirls out of it from her this spring/summer.

Stack of girls clothes.

So there's six new additions to my 1 year old daughters wardrobe, you can guess how many I have can't you... Yup, a big fat zero, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. I love picking up new pieces for my daughter & truth be told, she'll probably end up with a few more pieces before the season ends. #SorryNotSorry

Have you made many additions to your little one's wardrobe this spring/summer?


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  1. How cute are all these outfits! I don't have kids - not sure if I ever will - but if I do, I know I'm going to have a BLAST filling up their wardrobe! xxx


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