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Mum uniform is something I'm very familiar with; It's the uniform I wore on maternity leave & it's the uniform I've reverted back to wearing now we're in lockdown.

Mum uniform [noun]:
Lounge wear/PJ's usually covered in a child's bodily (amongst other) fluids, commonly worn across multiple days.

Loungewear set from Femme Luxe.

I had a moment of reinvention when it came to personal style as I was nearing the end of maternity leave & am now at a stage where I'm comfortable again in my body and I'm pretty self assured with what I choose to wear. I've got a wardrobe full of pieces I love; Pieces I'd actually love to leave this house in, however seeing as though we're currently in lockdown & unable to leave the house, I've reverted back into my mum uniform ways.

I've reverted back to mum uniform, but this time it's different - I'm feeling myself!

Loungewear set from Femme Luxe.

It's strange thinking back to the Spring 2019 version of myself compared to now. I was a new mum struggling with the fourth trimester & was very much in the mind frame of thinking 'I'm just a mum'... Spring 2020 Claire is very different, yes I am a parent before everything, but I'm also so much more than that; I'm still my own person, I've got my own skills and passions & you better believe I'm brining the sass.... Even if I am in mum uniform.

I'm big on female empowerment & full heartedly believe we should be supporting one another like we used to when we were single & drunk in the nightclub bathroom. Thankfully I've been surrounded by a whole team of inspirational women & have built the most amazing online mama community full of wonderful ladies who have helped me, and pushed me into feeling as 'Beyonce' as I do.

Loungewear set from Femme Luxe.

Last year I was wearing mum uniform as an armour to hide myself away and to try and disguise my new postpartum body.  It's so strange to think of myself as I was back then, I actually feel like a different person.

I'd never have thought last year that I'd feel as self assured as I do today... I mean I'm not a confident person, I can't get up and talk in front of a room full of people, that's not me, but I know that & I embrace that... And that's what I believe is confidence and growth!

Growth is growth, no matter how big or small!

Loungewear set from Femme Luxe.

My mum uniform collection has grown by another two sets from Femme Luxe Finery & I feel fantastic in them both. I actually can't wait to properly leave the house in them... Let's cross our fingers!

The camel lounge wear set is probably my favourite as I prefer the boxier fit to the top, the leggings aren't super tight either which is a bonus. I knew as soon as I put the set on that I'd need it in every colour available, luckily for me the set also comes in grey and black. I actually can't get enough of this duo right now, and have worn it across multiple days since it arriving... I mean it is mum uniform after all.

The long sleeved black lounge wear set feels a little more casual because of the materialI love that the leggings aren't high waisted! They're actually a bit of a god send to be honest; I wear high waisted trousers a lot, and sometimes for the old mum tum it's just not all that comfortable, so these make for a really lovely change. It's actually quite refreshing feeling like I'm not hiding my stomach.

Loungewear set from Femme Luxe.

I'm pretty well stocked now, but I'm still on the hunt for a couple more lounge wear sets to add to my mum uniform collection. I don't think I'll ever tire of wearing my comfies & the grey & black version of the short sleeved lounge wear set I'm wearing is definitely on my wish list; I'm 100% that person who when they find something they like, it gets bought in every colour available.

Have you added any more lounge wear sets to your collection since lockdown?




  1. I love the fit of the camel co ord! The colour is lovely too x

  2. I must agree, I love the camel coloured set. I bet they are really comfortable, and actually look quite stylish for lounge wear! Glad you are feeling more confident again too!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  3. You look so chic! I love the camel coloured Mum uniform! :)

  4. Love these lounge sets especially the camel brown <3

    Stay safe! :)



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