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I'm a creature of habit when it comes to fashion (there I said it) & hold numerous amounts of the same type of item in my wardrobe, one of which is the humble black tee.

I have various different black tee's in my wardrobe; They're staple pieces that have seen me though various different stages of life, so with that in mind I want to honour the black tee in this post, advising how I wear them & why they're never going to leave my wardrobe.

Black tee five ways - Femme Luxe blog post.

The black ruffled tee.
You know when people say jeans and a nice tee... This is my nice tee! If I'm getting dressed up and going out, which let's be real isn't all that often, jeans and a nice tee is my go to look.
I love this mesh ruffle scrappy trop from Femme Luxe as it shows just the right amount of flesh, but still covers up a multitude of sins. My body's changed a fair amount since having a baby & although I'm on the body positivity train 99% of the time, there are still times when I don't feel my bad ass self; This mostly happens of course when I least want it to, such as during evenings out or at networking events, fortunately for me however I know this black ruffled tee will see me though! I usually wear it with high waisted black jeans for a slick all black outfit however I think it'd look lovely with a leather look or dark denim pencil skirt, what do you think? *Frantically searches ASOS for denim pencil skirt*

Black tee five ways - Femme Luxe blog post.

The black cami.
Would you believe it if I told you that I actually dislike cami tops. It's not a style I'm 100% comfortable in wearing, but it's a style I think you 100% need in your wardrobe.
The reason I'm not the biggest fan of cami tops is I really dislike the way the spaghetti straps sit & leave the tops of my arms exposed. You'll be reading this thinking 'don't be stupid Claire' but I've got this real bug bearer with the tops of my arms, I always have done & I probably always will do - You'll notice that previously with the black ruffled tee, I'm shielded with the Bardot style ruffles.
I've paired this black cami from George at Asda with a mini yellow satin skirt, but I also wear it for work under my suit, or tucked into a pair of mom jeans with white trainers for a more casual look.

Black tee five ways - Femme Luxe blog post.

The black slogan tee.
I'm all about casual dressing & I think an absolute necessity of that is a slogan tee!
Something cute, something witty or something sassy, I love a good slogan tee & one of my favourite ways to wear them is with an oversized blazer.
The contrast of the Femme Luxe 'trust in your sauce' slogan tee with my more tailored checkered blazer is a basic uniform for me, it's an outfit I wear so often & one that can be easily dressed down with a pair of mom jeans or dressed up with a tailored pair of black trousers & heels.

Black tee five ways - Femme Luxe blog post.

The sexy black strapless tee.
After having my daughter, something I've had to learn to be again is 'sexy'... I'm using quotation marks, as on the sexy scale I currently feel a 3 out of 10 sat here in a hoody and my joggers, but one item of clothing that instantly unleashes my inner Beyonce is this cropped black corset tee.
I've not worn it with anything other than my mom jeans yet, as I like the contrast between the two, but I really want a long line crisp white shirt to wear underneath as I think that'd look amazing...  I think that'd be just the right amount of sexy!

Black tee five ways - Femme Luxe blog post.

The plain black tee.
And finally the classic plain black tee! The tee we all have in our wardrobe which so often gets overlooked. 
This plain black tee from Femme Luxe is slightly oversized and has rolled sleeves which give it a more casual look but it actually goes with everything... Tucked into mom jeans, yup! Worn underneath a strappy slip dress, yup! Worn with a suit for work, yup! The possibilities are endless!

I'd like to think that even though these are all black tee's, they're all quite different & all add something unique to my wardrobe, even the plain black tee!

Are you like me? Do you own lots of the same types of clothing items?


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