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Yes, you read that correctly, I'm currently using three products in my skincare routine that all together cost less than a fiver! What is this sorcery you ask? Let me tell you.

The price of my three product skincare routine equates to a takeout coffee... And that's the life I'm about. I'm not strict when it comes to frugality however if I can save a bit of dollar by using a product  or service I actually enjoy, then I'm going to go in all guns blazing.

Lacura skincare products,

The products I'm referencing are from Lacura, Aldi's very own luxury for less cruelty free skincare range.

Why Lacura?

I've not tried anything from Lacura before & I'll be honest and say I picked up my three skincare products on a total whim. With all that's going on & only being able to venture out to the supermarket I thought I'd treat myself to a few new beauty bits, plus it made my (baby free) trip to Aldi feel like more of a day out; The decision to buy really was as unsophisticated as that.

Sometimes I think the purchases you don't intend to buy can be the best ones.

Lacura skincare.

My 3 Lacura skincare products.

It's the Lacura Q10 renew day cream (£1.45) which first started this whole trying out of new skincare products. Would you believe I'd actually ran out of day cream? In a flipping pandemic too! (First world problems right?)
I was drawn to Lacura's Q10 range as it's designed to help the skin from prematurely ageing, using the finest, results driven ingredients. Now let's be real, I've not got wrinkles, but what I do have is eye bags (for days) and very tired, dull skin, something the Q10 range promotes to fight against... So in the words of Anto Sharp it was going 'straight in my basket'. Lacura states the recommended age range for this product is between 30 and 50 years old, so I'm at the very (very very) beginning of what's suggested, however I'd like to think that even if you're younger or older it would still have some affect on tired skin.

Because I'd bought the day cream, I of course had to pick up the Lacura Q10 renew night cream (£1.45).  I'm not sure if that's the done thing, but I thought why not, especially considering the price point. The pricing of the two moisturisers together is still less than what I'd usually pay for skincare products. The night cream, along with all Lacura products are cruelty free and contains a skin renewing retinol complex and nourishing avocado oil, two ingredients which very much appealed to me.

The third item, I chose was the Lacura moisturising face wash (£0.85), maybe I should have mentioned this one first as it's the product I begin my skincare routine with, but I wanted to take you on my journey... Or my day out to Aldi. In all honesty I don't usually buy face washes like this one as I'm such a big fan of The Body Shop's Camomile Cleansing Butter for cleansing my skin however again similar to the Lacura Q10 renew night cream I thought why the hell not. I picked this one up over the Lacura smoothing face scrub as the label 'moisturising' really appealed to me, and if there's anything my skin needs right now it's moisture!

Lacura skincare.

Thoughts on my 3 Lacura skincare products.

The Lacura Q10 renew day cream is lightweight with an almost whipped like texture to it meaning it's super easy to apply and the littlest amount goes the longest way. I knew I'd get on with this product from the get go as I loved how moisturised and rejuvenated it made my skin feel even after the first application.

The Lacura Q10 renew night cream is much thicker in texture, as you'd expect. It takes a little more effort to sink into the skin, but the feeling of nourishment can be felt right through to the next morning. I've found that when I'm cleansing my skin on a morning, my face still feels moisturised and well looked after, something I didn't really expect from a product that costs less than a Greggs steak bake... Man, I miss Greggs!

Speaking of cleansing, I liked the Lacura moisturising face wash, I just didn't love it, and the reason for that is that I didn't feel like it did what it said on the tin. The product is a brilliant cleanser and gets rid of makeup and daily grime really easily, however something I didn't feel it does, is moisturise. Don't get me wrong, I understand some cleansers and face washes can be quite drying as they're eradicating any impurities, but I really wasn't expecting my skin to feel as tight and squeaky clean as it did using this. I thought there'd be a bit more leeway with a product which advertises itself as being moisturising.

Lacura skincare products,

My skincare results from using Lacura?

I've been using my three Lacura skincare products religiously in my routine now for the last few weeks & I have to say I'm impressed... Although I'm equally as impressed that I've managed to stick to a skincare routine as I am with the products themselves. My face definitely appears more radiant and I'm much more confident on those no makeup days... I'd even go outside with no makeup on if I had the choice.

Lacura skincare.

Would I buy Lacura skincare products again?

Yes, yes & one more time for the people at the back, YES! I'm so impressed with the moisturisers that I've already been scanning the Aldi website for what else they have to offer. My store doesn't seem to stock as much as what's available online, but already on my shopping list is the Lacura moisture boost gel moisturiser and the Lacura miracle oil spray, plus whatever else I can get my hands on because everything's so damn affordable!

Have you tried anything from the Lacura range?




  1. I bought the night cream on a whim too and I really like it so far! My face still feels moisturised in the morning and it doesn't smell heavily perfumed!! I love your steak bake reference lol ... Gotta love a steak bake :D xx

    Holly |

  2. I've actually got some of the Aldi skincare, and I really like it. Lots of it is vegan and all of it is cruelty free!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan

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