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*This post contains gifted items & is in collaboration with Lighthouse Clothing*

Fortunately for my family & I we managed to fit in a woodland walk before Covid-19 took over & sent us all into lockdown, and even more luckily we were all kitted out new raincoats thanks to Lighthouse Clothing.

Family time is so important & I'm so glad we got to spend this day together doing what we love most.

Woodland walks with Lighthouse Clothing.

Lighthouse celebrate simple moments, advising us to live a little slower and to treasure everyday adventures... Something I'm very much about!

I love uncomplicated days. Day's spent just the three of us appreciating each others company. Days spent out in the sunshine, listening to the stillness of nature. Days picnicking in the park with way too much food, and one too many flasks.

That's the life I love.

And that's exactly the life Lighthouse wants you to have.

Woodland walks with Lighthouse Clothing.

Lighthouse's outdoor apparel has been predominantly designed with style in mind, however they're also big believers that you don't have to substitute style for substance. All three of our raincoats really do have the best of both worlds, and it's because of this that Lighthouse want you to live the moments & not to rush them.

Get outdoors, enjoy the nothingness & clear your mind.

Live simply.
Live happy.

Woodland walks with Lighthouse Clothing.

Dan's wearing the Harbour raincoat from Lighthouse, a more casual style of raincoat which appealed more to him over their classic styles. Complete with a hidden hood under the collar, the Harbour raincoat is a great, no fuss, allrounder; It's simple in terms of styling but the fabric is complex as it has breathable & waterproof technologies. The Harbour raincoat also has two zipped pockets to the outer & another zipped pocket to the inner... Perfect for snacks!

Back shot of mother and daughter wearing Lighthouse raincoats looking out onto woodland lake.

I opted for the Lauren raincoat in pink, as I wanted to pay homage to a coat I had a few years ago in a similar colour palette. I loved my old pink walking coat, much to my husbands annoyance; He disliked how bright and in your face it was... And probably the fact that he could always see me no matter where I was.

The Lauren raincoat from Lighthouse is both waterproof & windproof, which is surprising considering how lightweight the material is. I originally thought the coat was going to be a little too thin for my liking, as I'm pretty much always cold, but I was wrong & was snug as a bug wearing this on our woodland walk.
I love the three quarter length - I don't own many (if any) coats which aren't this length to be honest as I find it the most flattering fit & I feel the most comfortable in this style. I like to have my bum covered by my coat, not that I think I've got a bad bum, I've got a great butt, but I feel much more comfortable in something of a longer length.
The Lauren raincoat has four pockets on the outside and a hidden one inside which means it's the perfect coat for stashing things such as snacks for Amelia, her dummies or her gloves; It's handy to have things more readily available than if they were in the rucksack.

Toddler wearing navy Lighthouse raincoat with pink bobble hat.

Amelia's coat was our favourite by far. Although truth be told she could be wearing a paper bag and we'd still think she's as cute as hell! I chose the Emma raincoat for Amelia in navy which isn't a colour she wears a lot of, but it's a colour that seems to go with pretty much everything.

The quality of the Emma raincoat from Lighthouse is sublime & the first thing I noticed as soon as I opened our parcel. We're usually a little more frugal & like to shop savvy for our little girls outfits so this has really blown us away. She seems so much more grown up as well wearing it, which I know is totally in my own head, but she looks like such a little girl and no longer my little baby anymore. The sizing of the coat is 1-2 years which I think is fab for a coat of this quality and price range. Amelia is currently 15 months (gahh I hate the whole months thing, I really just want to say 1, but feel like I need to be more specific) and she's got plenty of growing room in it, even across her little tummy! Her coat is padded and has a jersey lining meaning it's super comfortable and will be keeping her little bod all toasty and warm, which in turn makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

Mother wearing pink Lighthouse clothing raincoat.

We're all going to get so much wear out of our Lighthouse raincoats, even if it is just for our one walk a day. Hopefully in the near future when we've beaten Covid-19 we'll get to wear our new beauties for a walk a little longer than just across the back fields.

Are you missing the proper outdoors yet?


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