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Mothers day is a day spent honouring the mother in the family; This year I'll be celebrating it for the second time & this year I'm celebrating for all mothers.

Mothers day card from Moonpig.

Admittedly before we became parents, mothers day wasn't a day we massively celebrated.

Dan & I both live quite far away from our families, so for us mothers day was a day we had flowers delivered to our mums and sent 'happy mothers day' texts... In fact, most years I'd have Dan whinging to me (usually the day before, when he's forgotten to buy his mum anything) about how he's never understood mothers day & how it's a day solely for companies to promote consumerism.

Me being me however & a total positive Polly likes to think otherwise, however I can't 100% shake mirroring Dan's opinions on consumerism.

I'm of the opinion that it's nice to be nice & to treat your mama on mothers day, and that a small gesture can mean just as much a big one.

I feel like we're in an era where we do things to make ourselves feel good or to show off on our social media platforms, rather than doing things for other people - I don't like it - I want to treat my mum on mothers day because I know she'll enjoy it & it'll make her feel appreciated and not for any other reason.

Mothers day flowers from Moonpig.

Now I'm a mum myself, my opinion on celebrating mothers day itself hasn't changed at all that much. One thing that has changed however is my knowledge of inclusivity on who we're celebrating mothers day for.

Inclusivity is so important when it comes to celebrating not only mothers day, but fathers day & every other day in between. Being a parent isn't just the typical biological family having a mum & dad with 2.4 kids - It's so much more & there are so many more mums we should be celebrating...

Mother's with children.
Mother's who've lost children.
Mother's with stepchildren.
Mother's who've longed to become mother's.
Mother's with adopted children.
Mother's with fur children.
Mother's going through fertility treatment.
Mother's who've transitioned.

We're all mothers.

Touching quickly on my own experiences & struggling to become a mother, there's absolutely nothing more heartbreaking than seeing families celebrate mothers day with their children, when all you want is to become a mama yourself. Getting your period month after month when all you want to see is those two blue lines pop up on a pregnancy test can be the most soul destroying thing & I totally understand how Mother's Day can be so tough on so many different people.

Although I can now celebrate with my own family it's been a hard battle & I can't help but think of those mother's who'd give anything to have what I have.

Mothers day card and flowers from Moonpig.

Mother's Day for me this year will be a day of two halves; I'm working 9:00-3:00 so half of the day I'll be out of the house & the other half I'll be soaking up as many baby cuddles as humanly possible. We don't have anything major planned for mothers day but that doesn't bother me; If I can get cups of tea made for me & perhaps a naughty takeaway on the evening I'll be a happy mama.

As a little mothers day treat Moonpig sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers along with a voucher to treat those special ladies in our lives. I received 'The Sweetness bouquet' which is made up of lily's, pistache foliage & snap dragons & although it was a surprise, it's a bouquet I'd 100% go for if I was buying. Even though people say lily's are a funeral flower, I absolutely adore them, I had lily's in my wedding bouquet so I'll be forever drawn to them and they're always the first flower I search for when looking for bouquets. Snap dragons have also become my second favourite, not to sound like a flower connoisseur but I can recognise a snap dragon from a mile away, they're excellent for adding height to a bouquet & I just love the scent they give off. Overall an 11/10 for me Moonpig, I absolutely love what was chosen for me, and don't even get me started on the personalised card, I very nearly, almost cried!... But in a good way of course.

Moonpig are currently offering free mothers day cards when buying flowers for that mother figure in your lives, just use the code 'LOVEMUM' at the checkout.

Will you be celebrating Mothers Day this year?


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