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I lived every Yorkshire bloggers dream last week with a brunch trip to The Wild Plum in Harrogate.

The Wild Plum first came onto my radar maybe about a year or so ago after seeing various different bloggers living their best brunch lives there on Instagram... And I wanted to live my best brunch life too.

Image of Staircase in the wild plum.

I was forever in awe of their delicious Instagram-worthy food, however something that was majorly putting me off (and the reason it's taken me so long to go) is the accessibility.

The Wild Plum is situated above Snooty Frox, an award winning boutique which sells beautiful occasion wear as well as millinery, shoes and gifts. Unfortunately the only access to The Wild Plum is via a narrow staircase which you find once meandering around the boutique on the ground floor. Although my daughter walks, she's still very dependent on her pram (as am I, she's the slowest walker ever) which makes getting to brunch at The Wild Plum pretty difficult.

Luckily for me I had a baby free day, as May was having a Daddy Daughter day, so off I trotted (battling Storm Ciara, might I add) with my sister to get our Wild Plum fix!

Neon light at The While Plum.

After battling the storm & entering Snooty Frox we had to queue on the staircase; This wouldn't have been ideal if we'd had the baby with us, but because we'd driven so far and had already had a preview of what to come we decided to wait.

Thankfully we only had to wait around 15 minutes or so before we were seated at our table.

The staff on arrival were apologetic about the wait and welcomed us with open arms which I thought was lovely. Our specific server was so friendly, it was as if we'd known her for years, unfortunately we didn't catch her name, but everything about the service given to us on our visit was impeccable.

Claire drinking latte at The Wild Plum.

My sister and I both opted for Latte's (in fact we each ended up getting two, they were so good) but surprisingly differed with our breakfast options - She decided to go sweet & I went savoury.

My sister chose the sweet option of the classic waffle which consisted of a waffle with seasonal fruit, whipped cream, Nutella, maple syrup and junk food granola; It looked blooming incredible when it came out & if I'm honest I had that sudden pang of food envy when she was served her brunch before mine.

I on the other hand chose the full English pancake, which was made up of two pancakes sandwiched between a sausage Pattie, black pudding and a crispy fried egg. Delish right! My food envy soon went away when I was presented with my own plate.

Full English breakfast pancakes at the wild plum.

We tucked in quicker than you can say 'The Wild Plum' and oh my goodness, it was a pure taste sensation, and SO worth the fifteen minute wait beforehand.

Everything about my brunch was delicious; The pancakes were soft and fluffy, the egg yolk ran perfectly, and the sausage pattie oozed with flavour. Individually the items were enjoyable, but together they were the perfect combination!

When I was eating my brunch I couldn't help notice the level of ingredients used in my meal, you know when you can just tell that a meal has been made with quality ingredients? Well that's what I was getting from my full English pancake at The Wild Plum. It was beautiful.

At first I thought the price tag on my brunch was a little steep, but at £15 and considering the quality of the food presented to myself, I'd pay it five times over. We had the perfect brunch date.

I was living my best brunch life!

Breakfast waffles at The Wild Plum.

We loved our visit to The Wild Plum, and although I've said it's not the most child friendly of places, it wouldn't put me off going again. I'd love to go mid afternoon next time however and try out their lunch time menu as they had some mouth watering meals on there.

Where do you get to live your best brunch life?


The Wild Plum
34-36 Hookstone Road
North Yorkshire

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  1. The food looks amazing!! I think I'd have to go for the savoury option if I was there. I love the little flower details on the food, such a nice touch.

    If I'm ever in Yorkshire, I will definitely be paying The Wild Plum a visit 😍


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