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Feeling sassy isn't something I've felt for a very long time; Both my body and my emotions have been on rollercoaster over the last couple of years, but I've sashayed my way into 2020 with a whole new persona.

I'm a sassy, independent woman who's ready to handle whatever the new decade throws at me.

Sassy [Adjective]:
Lively, bold, full of spirit & cheeky.

Claire Mac wearing black pic corset from Femme Luxe.

Personal style.
One of the biggest impacts in improving my confidence & becoming a sassy mama is by redefining my personal style.
Since becoming a mum I went through the battle all new mama's go through, which is figuring out what the hell to do with my new postpartum body?! I didn't feel like me for such a long time after having my daughter and it took a while to get my head around redefining my personal style since becoming a mum, but I got there in the end & now a year after having my little one I feel more confident than ever in the clothes I'm in.
Don't get me wrong, said clothes will probably be covered in dropped yogurt and my daughters drool, but I rock that look!
'You wear the clothes, don't let the clothes wear you'.
And you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to be wearing the hell out of this Femme Luxe corset top!

Sing at the top of your lungs.

Singing is something you can 100% get away with as a parent. Kids love any form of singing don't they, and you definitely don't need to be Beyonce for you both to get enjoyment out of it.
Whatever your genre, whatever your jam, just make sure you're singing at the top of your lungs - Take ownership of that song! You'll thank me for it I promise!
Last week I drove home from Middlesbrough to Leeds & I was listening to Heart Radio's club classics & oh my goodness it was just tune after tune, I was 100% living my best life belting out all of the words to Candy Staton's 'you've got the love' - Amelia seemed to like it too!
'Sing as though no one is listening.'

A good skincare routine.
My skincare routine went out of the window in the newborn days - I'd actually give you money if you could show me a new mama with a strict skincare routine - I don't think it's humanly possible.
The initial lull in my skincare routine has only made me feel so much better now I'm actually sticking to one. I think because I'd felt so shitty before (looking back at photos you can see how drearily tired I was) the transformation feels so much more dramatic... In the best way possible!
I've added some new products into my skincare routine, of which I'll talk about properly in another blog post, but I think the most beneficial thing for me is having a clean face when I go to bed at night as well as when I get up on a morning.
Who'd have thought a clean face would make you feel sassy? But it really does! Even more so if it's slathered in an amazing moisturiser and you're glory AF!

Surround yourself with sassy women.
I think the easiest way to feel like a sassy and empowered women is to surround yourself with sassy and empowered women.... And that's exactly what I've done.
'Empowered women, empower women.'
Since having Amelia I've met some amazing women online, women who are all in a similar position to myself and women who are out there absolutely killing it! They're brought things out in me which I never knew was possible & in turn I want to do the same for other women out there.
My online mama community really is the best - They've brought the sass out in me big style!

Underwear that fits like a dream.
Even when you're wearing your mum uniform; The mum bun & comfy loungewear; you can still feel sassy as hell wearing killer lingerie underneath. There's something sexy and somewhat secretive about hiding an amazing set of underwear under your regular clothes... Even if it's only you that knows about it!
'Never underestimate the power of good lingerie.'
Good underwear never fails to make me feel amazing & I've got some fabulous pieces in my collection.
I'd love to do an all empowered photoshoot with other mama's wearing beautiful lingerie sets embracing our post baby bodies. I'd love to find women who'd help put these plans in motion... Because if there's something I'm about, it's making women feel as amazing (and sassy) as humanly possible!

Claire wearing Femme Luxe black PVC corset, looking at camera.

Something has definitely clicked for me since the clock struck midnight on the 31st December. I don't know if it's because I'm working now, that I feel like I can handle anything, but I'm feeling my sassy self right now.

I'm feeling really good about myself and my abilities and I urge you mama's to feel the same!

What makes you feel sassy?


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