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I've never particularly been the person that dresses up to go on fancy dinners or on nights out with the girls. I'm the type of girl that wears trainers to pretty much every social event, and will do my upmost to ensure my outfit is comfortable above all else - Something I've definitely enforced the older I've gotten.

This however makes it tricky when putting outfits together this time of year.

I'd love to say there isn't, (heck i't'd be easier if there wasn't) but I think there's something about the festive season that persuades us all to wear a little more sparkle & dress up that little bit more.

It's probably for 'the gram' isn't it, let's be real.

So what do you do when you want to dress up, but you don't really know how to?

You do it your own way.

And by that I mean, wear whatever the heck you usually wear and add as little or as much sparkle as possible.

For me that means wearing high waisted trousers, a cropped tee & trainers - That's what I wear day in, day out and it's an outfit I've got numerous different variations of - So with that in mind I've done exactly the same when it comes to picking out a festive outfit.

Why change the habit of a lifetime?

I chose this black glitter sparkly short sleeve crop top* as it's still super casual (something I'm all about) but it does have that ode to Christmas time and the festive season. The cut has a sports luxe type feel to it that means it'll slip into my wardrobe seamlessly, as this is a trend I quite often wear.
Granted the sparkles might not be for everyday wear, but for special occasions and dressing up I think this ones going to be a winner.

I've paired my new crop top with a pair of faux leather look leggings*, obviously high waisted, because that's the only train I'm on right now, which if I'm honest I should have probably sized up in, as they're not forgiving in the slightest. I definitely can't eat my Christmas dinner wearing these, but they look cute right? And I definitely feel dressed up wearing them!
Although I chose these for the festive season, I can't wait to wear these just as an alternative to jeans. These leggings will definitely be taking pride of place in my wardrobe, I'm just hoping they stretch a little with wear.

Something else I'm all about is an outfit that take little to no thought, and that's why I picked up this ribbed bardot wide leg jumpsuit*. I can forgive that fact it's an absolute ball ache to go for a wee in, for the simple fact that I can throw this on & I instantly look put together.
What I especially love about this jumpsuit is that it's made up of a jersey material meaning it's super comfortable... And we all know that comfort is key when it comes to festive food! There's plenty of room for pigs in blankets with this jumpsuit.
I'd be just as happy dressing down this outfit rather than dressing up like I have here & I already can't wait to wear this with a pair of trainers and teddy coat.

So as you can see, the pieces I was gifted through Femme Luxe all make for festive dressing options, however they can all also be dressed down for more casual (comfortable) occasions.  You'll notice that I've added quite a few new pieces to my wardrobe over the last couple of months (hello new post party body) but I'd like to think that everything I've added is multifunctional - And that's the life I'm all about at the moment.

My aim isn't to necessarily create a capsule wardrobe & have a limited amount of pieces, it's more to have multifunctional pieces with items that I can wear time and time again.

How will you be dressing over the festive season? Are you with me on the comfort is key thing?


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