As we draw ever closer to Christmas, there's still so many things on mine & Amelia's to do list - I really want to make the next couple of weeks as festively fun filled as possible before I go back to work on the 30th December (Eeek) so here's a Christmas to do list I've compiled of things to do with my baby.

1. Take her to the Leeds Christmas markets & having a ride on the carousel.
2. Letting Amelia sign her name / scribble all over the Christmas cards.
3. Put together a wooden, hopefully personalised, Christmas Eve box for Amelia.
4. Wear matching family Christmas pyjamas.
5. See the festive lights at Stockeld Park in Wetherby.
6. Visit a festive craft fair to pick up some small bizz Christmas presents.
7. Spend an evening wrapping presents trying to make them look as extra as possible.
8. Go for a festive family walk with the puppy.
9. Make hand print Christmas baubles.
10. Visit Santa.
11. Have a PJ day watching Christmas movies.
12. Make footprint reindeer pictures to give to relatives as Christmas presents from Amelia.
13. Sort through Amelia's old toys & put what she doesn't play with in the loft.
14. Go to Tong Garden centre.
15. Take photos in front of the Christmas tree.
16. Go and see a Christmas film at baby cinema.
17. Buy a personalised Santa sack to fill with her presents on Christmas Eve.
18. Prepare Amelias first Christmas dinner.
19. Redecorate the Christmas tree approximately 500 times as Amelia takes off every bauble she can reach.
20. And finally, lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of Christmas kisses.

As Amelia isn't quite one yet, there are still quite a few things she's not able to do yet however I hope my to do list has given you some inspiration for things to do with your little ones

What have you got on your Christmas to do list?


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