Before having my daughter I had absolutely no idea Christmas Eve boxes even existed, but here I am with an almost one year old, full of excitement to see her open her very first one.

Christmas Eve boxes are a relatively new tradition, and one I believe has made it's way over from America with a little help from Pinterest.

And let me tell you, it's a tradition I can fully get on board with!

Amelia's birthday is the 23rd December, so I love the idea of having three days of consecutive celebrations, four if we include Boxing Day. It's almost as if her birthday kick starts the festive period for our little family.

The box itself.

I'd been searching the internet for what felt like weeks, in pursuit of a beautifully illustrated and personalised wooden box to store Amelia's Christmas Eve gifts. Even though I found some lovely examples I just couldn't justify spending a huge amount of money on something which was going to be used once a year, and if we're being totally real, on something she probably won't even understand first time around.

On a quick jaunt to Hobbycraft (which is my new favourite thing to do btw) I spotted this wooden 'Twas the night before Christmas' box in the clearance section reduced from £15 to £10 & I couldn't not get it.

If I'm honest I would have liked it to have her name on, but the way I look at it, it's always something we could add when she's a little bit older & likes to get crafty.

The box itself though is strong and sturdy & just the right size to not go too overboard buying presents for. Heck knows she'll get enough between her birthday & Christmas.

What's in the box?

Christmas PJ's.
I picked up this Christmas PJ set for Amelia whilst doing an Asda shop last week as I thought they'd be absolutely perfect for her Christmas Eve box. I love shopping savvy when it comes to Amelia's clothes & picking pieces up whilst doing the weekly shop, not just for convenience, but for price too - These beauties were only £9!
The PJ's are adorned with Santas, snowmen & reindeers and I can't wait to see my little girl wearing them on Christmas Eve - She's going to look the absolute cutest!

Soft toy.
This is kind of a two in one for us as the penguin soft toy came actually with her Christmas PJ's - Bonus!
Amelia isn't particularly drawn to soft toys, she much prefers brightly coloured plastic things that she can bash things with, but I think something like this little penguin is essential when it comes to filling your child's Christmas Eve box.

Christmas stocking.
A Christmas tradition my parents always did for me & my sister was to put a present at the end of our bed during the night (said present was from 'Santa' btw) so we'd have something small to open on Christmas Day morning, before we went in to wake them up.
I thought Dan and I would carry on this tradition with Amelia only I've swapped the stocking for a cute handmade looking Christmas bag, that I just couldn't resist not buying. It's the perfect size for a small gift and even though this year she's not going to understand what's fully going on, I thought it'd be a lovely idea for us to start early.

Christmas Eve book.
I'll be honest and say that Dan & I aren't big readers and my daughter would much rather tear a book apart rather than sit down and get cosy with us, so maybe buying her a Christmas Eve book will be a bit of a fail this year, but I'm hopeful it'll get put to good use in years to come.
I picked this one up from The Works and think it's lovely because it's illustrated in a much older, traditional style & revolves around the main character, a young girl called Amelia.

A sweet treat.
As Amelia's only quite young, I didn't want to put a big bag of sweets or chocolate in her Christmas Eve box. However because it's Christmas I've still added a little bit of choccie, only on a much smaller scale in the form of chocolate coins. When it comes to Christmas Eve night I think I'll be downsizing the bag even more so & sharing them between Amelia, Dan & myself... One for you five for me, type of thing.

I've really enjoyed filling Amelia's Christmas Eve box this year and it's definitely gotten me in the festive spirit. I've filled it with what I believe are traditional things, however there are a couple I'd like to turn into traditions, in particular the Christmas stocking & Christmas Eve book.

I can't wait to see her little face when she opens it up on Christmas Eve.

Have you made a Christmas Eve box for your little one this year?

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