I'm ridiculously passionate about showing the uncertainty and vulnerability that comes with being a parent, as there are so many different emotions I've had since having my baby that I'd never in a million years expected to feel. People don't generally talk about missing their pre-baby lives, it's not the done thing - So although painfully honest, today I'm venting in a *tongue in cheek* way, 15 things I miss since having my baby.

1. Eating something that isn't Aldi 22p instant noodles for dinner.
I could probably be way more productive when it comes to meal prepping for the week, but by the time I reach Sunday evening all I want to do is curl up on the sofa with my puppy, watch Netflix & try and shake off the previous week's worries. Nowadays I'm a picker when it comes to dinner (as in breakfast, dinner and tea) & so often pick an easy, cheat meal over something of actual nutritional value. I miss the days of fueling my body with good, healthy food & this really needs to change - Perhaps a New Years resolution for 2020? Watch this space!

2. Being able to just 'pop' to the shops.
There's no such thing as 'popping' anywhere anymore. It doesn't happen! It doesn't exist! If you manage to pop to the shops when you have a baby, you must be some sort of Wizard! And I'm incredibly, incredibly jealous!

3. Me time.
When was the last time I did something for me?... I mean really for me. Gosh it's been a long time - And that needs to change! I actually have a plan in mind to release my creative juices into something positive as I used to find art really therapeutic & great for just getting away from it all! I'm going to back to the old me, feeling all zen and shit in no time!

4. Date night!
Oh those illusive date nights! Neither Dan or I have family nearby so we don't have a great deal of time to ourselves unfortunately. We're mammy & daddy 99.9% of the time, which is lovely of course, but I'd love to just have a bit of time where we could get dressed up & go for a fancy dinner with cocktails together.

5. Managing to drink a full cup of hot coffee.
We're getting so much better at this, but oh my goodness those newborn days were so flipping tough - Many a cup of coffee was lost back then to Amelia-May. RIP 653 cups of Coffee.

6. Adult conversation.
Since being on maternity leave I'm pretty sure I've lost 90% of the brain cells I once had... And I didn't have that many to begin with anyway. My days are filled with 'oohs' 'ahhhs' and 'wooooows' and as lovely as those are, they're not great conversation starters right?

7. Going to the toilet without an audience.
I have a clingy baby, I hate to say it, but I do. Sometimes I can get away with having a sneaky pee all to myself, but other times it's just a no go! It's really not worth the crying fit that comes when I leave my baby to selfishly walk up the stairs to use the bathroom. Why am I so damn selfish! *Insert eye roll here*.

8. Money!
It's no secret! Being on maternity leave has absolutely skinted me! I've dipped into my savings account more times than I'd like to admit to both myself & my (more importantly) husband and I'm really missing my pre-baby bank balance... Back when past-me actually thought I was skint... Little did she know, she was really flipping naive!

9. Getting a full nights sleep.
This is a biggie! People always tell you about the sleepless nights you have with a little one, but no one actually tells you how sleep deprivation has a huge affect on your body and your mental health. I remember going to the doctors when Amelia was newborn as I'd had a week long headache & had rashes starting to appear all over my arms... I was actually really worried about it, but it turned out I was just sleep deprived - Who even knew rashes were a symptom? Damn you Mother Nature! I definitely felt silly walking out of the doctors that day!

10. Not touching someone else's poop!
It's funny how quickly you become accustomed to having some else's poop on your hands!... And the less I say about that, the better. I miss the days when I wasn't covered in some form of bodily fluid.

11. A tidy home.
My laundry basket is constantly overflowing... I've got a conveyor belt of pots waiting to go in the dishwasher... Said dishwasher is full to the brim & without checking I haven't got a clue on whether there are clean or dirty pots in there. It's constant - I have an ongoing list in my mind of jobs to do around the house & very little time to do them in.
Unfortunately I'm one of those people that has to have a tidy home to have a tidy mind, and right now that's not me. If only I had number 8, then I might be able to hire a cleaner! That would be the actual dream!

12. My pre-baby body.
I'm including this one, not because I hate my postpartum body - I've grown to love her - But would I change back to my old body? In a flipping heartbeat I would! I should have given her way more credit than I used to!

13. Escalators.
This sounds absolutely ridiculous but I really miss escalators! I hate having to track down the lift whenever we go out somewhere, and I'm not even going to start my usual rant about the lack of accessibility in public places! All I can say is, bring on the escalators baby!

14. Being husband & wife.
And I don't mean between the sheets - That's what got us into this, in the first place! We found out we were expecting our baby a couple of months before our wedding & from then on everything has been baby, baby, baby since & we haven't quite had the time to reconnect with one another. We had a couple of baby free nights away last month which were amazing, but two nights in the space of a year is tough.

15. Silence!
OMG I miss the silence! Please give me silence... Please... Just for 10 minutes! Literally all I wan't for Christmas is a little bit of peace & quiet.

So there we have it, 15 things that I miss very much since having my baby. 15 things I'd also give up again in a heartbeat! She might do my head in screaming 'mamamamamam' 10 hours a day, but she's my little nutter & I wouldn't have my days without her!

What do you miss since having your baby?


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  1. Oh my goodness Claire! I literally could not agree with ALL of these anymore! Yes Yes and YES!
    Aldi 22p noodles? I am with you! I actually quite like them tbh.lol Popping anywhere is definitely NOT an option, it is a mass military operation! Date nights/you time/chilled time just don't exist. We don't have any family either. We have a couple, our neighbours who used to look after me, so they're our surrogate grandparents and help with baby sitting here and there, but we try not to asI feel bad.

    Having kids really messes everything up doesn't it.lol But, we love them really.lol



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