My blog originally started very fashion orientated, however over the last year or so my posts have taken a parenting & lifestyle turn - Today however I'm combining the two & I'm  bringing you a weeks worth of my ten month old daughters outfits, with a couple of tips along the way to shop savvy.

Because not only am I that mum that'll happily buy ten outfits for Amelia over one for myself, I'm also the mum that knows how to shop sensibly & get some bang for my buck.

Amelia's first outfit of the week included this rather daring red Nutmeg cardigan - I say daring, because neither of us wear bright colours & if I'm honest, I didn't quite know what to pair with it that morning... I know it totally doesn't matter how 'fashun' she looks because she's a baby, but I actually really enjoy the thought process of putting her little outfits together.
Because I was at a bit of a loss with what to do, I've gone simple & picked out a pair of charcoal heart print leggings from H&M that I purchased on a 3 for 2 offer and white basic tee from Next.
We don't own nearly enough stuff from H&M, but they're firmly in my mind for when it comes to buying the next age bracket of clothes for Amelia - I can't wait to make more use from their 3 for 2 offers.

I call this one 'Autumn chic!'
Amelia's wearing a Tu Clothing blouse which came in a set with a pair of mustard leggings. I'm pretty sure this top will last her another six months or so because of the floaty shape to it - I love it when you can get a bit more moneys worth out of babies clothing because they grow so darn quickly, it certainly pays to shop sensibly.
The rust coloured leggings are from Nutmeg and came in a pack of three equally autumnal colours and prints, which you'll no doubt see later on in the week.

I love dressing Amelia in bold prints & this little two set from Nutmeg is high on my favourites list at the moment.
The top & trousers came in a three pack which included the rust coloured trousers from yesterdays outfit; I love buying packs like this because not only are they cost effective, but it makes putting an outfit together so much simpler... And if anything can be made simple when it comes to babies, I'll sure as hell take it!
I've thrown over a faux fur gilet from Primark to keep her snuggly, which is actually in size 3-6months however still fits relatively well because it's worn open. I didn't think she'd get much wear out of this as it was bought during late spring, but we've definitely gotten our moneys worth out of it towards the latter end of the year.

Of all the pieces I'm showing this week, I think these harem pants are my absolute favourites!
I bought them from the independent, Sheffield based brand, Bear & Babe, a brand I am 100% on board with & pretty much live for. I was first introduced to them by Meghan Walsh after she showcased a couple of their rompers on her Instagram & quite frankly I haven't looked back - They're a little pricier than what I'd usually pay for a pair of bottoms, however the quality, the choice of prints & the fact I'm buying from an Indie brand wins me over every time.
What also amazes me about Bear & Babe is that they have a private facebook group where items can be sold on to other B&B fanatics like myself, and even more amazingly the pieces keep their value extremely well which is always a bonus!
Because of the plum colour in the harem pants, I picked out this similarly coloured little jumper from Primark. I love buying baby bits from Primark, specifically because of the price point of view, however I've noticed that a lot of their pieces come up quite small. We haven't gotten very much wear out of this 'daddy's little princess' jumper - I'm just thankful it was only £3.00.

This is the outfit that nearly never was!
I was visiting my sister back in Teesside, when we popped into her local Tesco & I saw this knitted two piece, hanging up all lovely and cute. I looked at it but decided Amelia didn't need anymore clothes (she's actually got a shit tone of clothes), so I put it back on the hanger & continued with our shopping. It's only when I'd got to the till & was paying that I paused for a second, looked at my sister and said 'I need to go back for that outfit' - And that's exactly what I did.
I love dressing her in this little two piece, the only thing I'd say is that it's absolutely huge! It's in size 9-12 months, but the arms & legs are ridiculously long! The arms must be folded over at least a couple of inches here. This is our first piece of Tesco clothing for Amelia, so I'm not sure if they usually run a little bigger to size, but I'm working with it, at least we'll get a few more months wear out of this little set.

Another day & another outfit which took little to no thought - They're the best kind of outfits aren't they? The reason this set was an easy peasy choice for me is that the vest & dungarees originally came together.
We bought them from Next using a gift voucher (hello best present ever) from when Amelia was first born... It pays to save some vouchers aside, because when the maternity wage is dropping low, they sure as shit make a difference!
We used our voucher online which I find is the best way to make sure you're getting the highest amount of products for the lowest amount of money - Anyone else do that? - I love chopping & changing things from my basket & being able to see all possible purchases in one place. Im definitely going to do the same once the Christmas sales start because it saves me a hella load of money - Yes, the C word, I went there!

I thought we'd finish the week with an outfit put together by Daddy - You can tell this one is a Daddy special because he's put trousers with a pinafore dress and he doesn't quite understand why that's an issue.
She looks cute, don't get me wrong, but he always, always, always puts dresses with trousers & it annoys the hell out of me. 
Anywho, this autumnal top & trousers set is another Nutmeg special from the three pack I spoke about earlier on in this post - We've definitely shopped savvy & gotten our moneys worth out of these bad boys! The pinafore dress was a present gifted to us from Amelia's Nana & although it's only been worn a couple of times due to it's practicality (pinafores and crawling babies aren't a good mix) it's still a firm favourite because of how cute it is.

As you can see, we do a lot of savvy shopping in supermarkets & that's purely down to price and convenience - We all know how easy it is to pick clothes up for our babies - It's just too tempting & things quite often just fall into the trolley as we're doing our weekly shop.

Where do you buy most of your little one's clothes from?


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