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I was first introduced to Little Fawn Box when they first opened in August & quite frankly we haven't looked back since. I say 'we' because Little Fawn Box is a monthly subscription box for both me & Amelia - A tremendous idea, wouldn't you agree?

Little Fawn Box is a monthly subscription service which caters to ladies from their 20th week of pregnancy, right up until their baby reaches 18 months old - Little Fawn Box have recently extended their age range which I think is blooming marvellous & it can only reflect positively upon the new & upcoming brand.
Each box is tailored to you and your baby so when going through the ordering process you input details of how old your baby is as well as their gender, in order to receive something that’s going to be totally perfect for the two of you.
Subscription boxes are £12.99 each + £2.99 shipping each month, but the treats you’ll receive within the box are worth three times as much which I think is fab!

So what's in this months box?
I know that's what you're all here for, so let's take a peek into what Amelia & I received in our October edition of the Little Fawn Box.

Baby Town on the move book.
Although she has absolutely no idea what the words mean & I doubt she'd even recognise anything that's in it, Amelia will sure as hell will love playing/eating\dribbling on this little picture book.
Weirdly enough her childminder has a vehicle picture book very similar to this & she loves it, along with all of the other babies that go there - They all seem to fight over this one book bizarrely so it's nice that Amelia actually has her own that she can keep here - Because you're sure as s**t she isn't taking this book to the childminders with her as there's no way we'd be getting it back!
One of Amelia's favourite things to do at the moment is to flick books page by page, so even though she won't understand exactly what's going on, I know she's going to love playing with this baby town book.

Better You infant daily vitamin D oral spray.
Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about this one.
I don't know if it's weird of me to feel adverse towards products like this, but there's something that just doesn't sit quite right about them with me. I'm not really a vitamin or medication taker myself as I personally favour natural remedies over any sort of medical treatments.
I understand that my views on this aren't going to be suitable or possible for everybody, but I believe the best way to get vitamin D is to expose ourselves to natural sunlight, as well as eating appropriate food such as salmon, eggs or cheese.
I don't think we'll be getting much use out of this spray unfortunately - Not only is the product not my cup of tea, I can just imagine the fight I'd have with Amelia to try and administer it.

Kir Royale scented candle.
I'm a huge scented candle fan & I love the tin can design of this one from Kir Royale - I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it before! It smells blooming delicious too.
My husband hates anything scented, so candles or reed diffusers are normally a no go, but I'll definitely be burning this one on the sly - It smells to good to let it go to waste. My husband has quite bad asthma so anything like this usually gets on his chest & although I'm sure he'll realise I've burnt it straight away I'm still going to indulge with this candle for a bit of me time.
Does that make me a bad wife?

Sass & Belle postit notes.
Although I don't actually own or use a great deal of it, I'm a huge stationary lover!
I'll be taking these cutesy pink postits into work to put my stamp back on the place. - I've been away for almost a year and I'm going to go back and make everything all colourful and cutesy again - Which is a total me thing to do.

Baked chocolate brownie mug mix.
Would you believe it, but we don't actually own a microwave (sacrebleu) so this brownie mug mix will either have to be given away as a present or I'll have to remember to take it into work with me to have as a sweet treat.
Who am I kidding - It'll definitely be the latter!
I've never actually tried anything like this before, probably because we don't have a microwave, but I remember a time where these mug mixes were all over Pinterest! I'm not sure if they still are or not, but surely I need to see what all the fuss is about?

Afterspa hair towel.
Never in my life have I owned a hair towel, but now I have one, I don't know how I've ever lived without one - I can't wait to start using this baby.
I always think it's such a shame to drench a full towel with my wet hair, so something smaller like this goodie from Afterspa sounds ideal! I need to leave this out in the bathroom so I actually remember to use it.

Pop a Ball shimmer for prosecco.
Again this is something I've never used before - I'm beginning to sound like I live under a rock aren't I? I don't I promise!
I'm definitely a bubbles kind of gal, it used to be wine, but now I definitely prefer a bit of fizz so I'm looking forward to adding this shimmer to my next glass - It's going to be the epitome of being extra isn't it. I'm just hoping it's not going to make my bubbles look oily or slimy because that'd hugely put me off. The packaging says to only add 1/3 of a teaspoon of shimmer to your drink so with that small amount I can't imagine it looking too slimy.

Follow your dreams print.
Each Little Fawn Box comes with a print, that we seem to be collecting at the moment, and this months instalment is a dream catcher design which says 'follow your dreams'. I love the colours used within the artwork - I just need to decide what to do with it now.

What do I think of October's Little Fawn Box?
I hate to say it, but I can't help but feel slightly disappointed with October's offering - Although I think that's primarily down to September's box being so good!
What I noticed with this box as well is that the majority of the products inside were aimed at myself rather than Amelia, which I know I should be shouting hallelujah from the rooftops at, but I'd have much preferred it if this months box was more of an even split, like my previous two were. There were also a few items in this box which aren't 100% my cup of tea, in particular the vitamin d spray - That being said I'm completely aware that every box can't be 100% tailored to every single person that receives it, so please don't let my final thoughts put you off. I've had some brilliant boxes from Little Fawn Box and would love to receive more as I think the idea behind the brand is brilliant!

Have you heard of Little Fawn Box before? Would it be something you''d be interested in?


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