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This post contains gifted products.

I think every new mum should own a Little Fawn Box.... There I said it!

I was first introduced to the mum & baby subscription box last month and I pretty much instantly fell in love with it - I love the idea behind the monthly box of treats but it was only when I opened up & dug a little deeper into the Little Fawn Box I knew I was onto a winner.

So what's in this months box?
I know that's what you're all here for so lets take a look into what I received in my September Little Fawn Box.

Miss Patisserie Milk & Honey Bath Melt.
First things first is a treat for mama (hallelujah) in the form of a bath melt from Miss Patisserie. The milk & honey bath melt smells like a pic'n'mix sweet, I just can't put my finger on which one - Typically this is the type of scent I'd opt for as I'm a sucker for anything sweet, so I'm looking forward to popping this baby in the tub!
Admittedly bath times for this mama are few & far between at the moment - It's not very often I allow myself an hour to enjoy a relaxing bath, so although this will get used I'm not sure when... I can imagine this bath melt being constantly at the back of my mind but not actually being put to good use for a good month or so - #mumlife - But when I do eventually get around to using it, I'm sure I'm going to love it!

Shore Seaweed Puffs.
Okay, hands up, I'm majorly put off by the whole seaweed thing! I'm not the fussiest of eaters but seaweed is something I'm just not on board with. That being said these puffs are lime, chilli & coconut flavour which I could possibly get on board with - It's a taste I can't 100% imagine yet, but I'll give these a go & report back.
What's the betting I actually really enjoy them!

Spacemask's Self Heating Eye Mask.
Something else for me!... The Spacemask's eye mask claims to relieve tiredness, eye strain &  to transport  me to another dimension... Which I am all for! Amelia's going through a stage at the moment of not sleeping through the night again, maybe we were treated with the 8pm-6am sleeps but going back to waking during the night has been a total shock to the system... And more noticeably my eye bags!
The eye bags are back baby!
I'm hoping this eye mask is going to do exactly what it says and will take me to a place of utter relaxation, because Lord knows I need it right now!

For Aisha Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry.
We've not yet introduced Amelia to any form of spice, but I'm sure she'll be more than happy tucking into this pouch from For Aisha. We've been very lucky with our weaning journey as Amelia's really embraced trying new foods and new textures, she's taken everything in her stride & I'm sure this new flavour will be no exception.
And no doubt Dan will love trying this too!
I don't know what it is, but he has to try every single form of baby food we put out for Amelia - Does anyone else do this? Or am I weird for thinking it's weird?

Fifi & Friends Super Soft Baby Lotion.
Something Dan & I are quite slack with is moisturising our little one's skin. We've got quite a few tubs of different lotions and potions for lathering up our baby's skin but it's never something we particularly reach for.
The Fifi & Friends lotion is hypoallergenic, suitable from birth and is packed full of super nourishing organic aloe vera. Maybe we need to leave this one out so it's in view to try and prompt us to use it because I'm sure it's lovely & will be super beneficial for Amelia's skin.

Little Fawn Box Notepad.
The candy coloured ice cream printed notepad is super cute and will no doubt get put to good use straight away. My only gripe is that it's unlined which is a bugger for someone like me who can't seem to write in a straight line... It's annoying because I wan't my notebooks to look super neat & colour coordinated, so fingers crossed I'll be able to do that with this one.

Jack N' Jill Natural Toothpaste.
I've read quite a few conflicting articles regarding brushing your baby's teeth... Some say you should be brushing as soon as they appear & others say to wait until your baby reaches 12 months old. I've also read things which suggest you just brush your baby's teeth with water and put off using a toothpaste until they're a little older... I suppose it's just another one of those dilemmas that comes with parenting.
We've gone down the middle & have been brushing Amelia's five (yes five) teeth on a morning with an apple mint flavour toothpaste but have chosen to brush with water on an evening. The toothpaste we're currently using seems like it's going to last forever (perks of having five teeth I suppose) so we'll be using that one up before using this from Jack N' Jill but this one will definitely be getting used - It's such a handy little gift to have received in the Little Fawn Box.

Rabbit Print.
Amelia's bedroom is woodland animal themed so this beautiful little print is going to fit in absolutely perfectly! I can't wait to get this in a frame and pop it on her shelves.
We're currently waiting for five other woodland animal themed prints to come which will sit above Amelia's cot so I absolutely can't wait to put everything together and have her room finally finished.

Belo & Me Memory Cards.
If you think Dan & I are slack at keeping Amelia's bod moisturised something we're even more pants at is keeping up to date with her memory cards. We started so well filling out the first few cards we had but then it kind of all got forgotten about and here we are eight months later with nothing to show for ourselves.
What's good about these memory cards though is that they're customisable & I think they're going to be so much easier to deal with for two novices like Dan & I.

What do I think of September's Little Fawn Box.
Firstly the thing that surprised me about this months subscription box is the sheer amount of products I received - Nine! Yes nine items! In my last Little Fawn Box I had seven products which I thought was great, but receiving nine was blooming amazing.
I'm in no doubt that absolutely everything in this box will get put to good use, it's just when that I'm unsure of, and the majority of that is purely down to me & not giving myself the time to chill. I'm hoping with the addition of the eye mask & bath melt to my beauty box will help push me in the right direction of regaining some self care.

Have you heard of Little Fawn Box before? Would you be interested in the mum & baby subscription box?


The Little Fawn Box was gifted to me for review purposes - All opinions are my own.


  1. This is such a sweet little subscription box, I really love the idea behind it. The facemask looks amazing too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🥂

  2. This box is so cute! I especially love the print

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