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I’ve been in a somewhat reflective mood recently thinking about our parenting journey & how far we’ve come over the last six months, especially since those really quite difficult newborn days.

I wrote a blog post at the time about our daily routine with Amelia and looking back on it today is just mad! In some ways it feels like it’s been forever since the 4am get ups and the every three hour feeds, but in others it feels like it’s been no time at all. Parenthood really is a wild ride!

Amelia’s currently 6 months old & we definitely seem to have settled into a more steady routine now. I think since we’ve started weaning things have become quite clockwork, which in itself sounds really boring, but with regards to my sometimes angelic sometimes demonic child I think is a total blessing. 

6am - Our day usually starts around this time, give or take half an hour or so. Depending on the time or how tired I’m feeling depends on which one of us gets up. 95% of the time it’ll be me, I’ve always thought that seeing as though Dan goes to work all day & has to be around clients and people of importance that it’s better for him to get a good night’s sleep rather than myself. That being said he’s such a deep sleeper getting him to wake up and see to Amelia anyway can be such a battle. It’s much easier for me to get up and get on with the day than it is waking my husband from his slumber.

6:30am - We head downstairs, say hello to Willow and start making breakfast. Amelia’s currently taking 150ml of milk with either a small bowl of porridge or a fruit pot, depending on how we’re feeling. This morning it was a fruit pot as I had it left over in the fridge from yesterday however I prefer giving her porridge on a morning as she seems to enjoy it a bit more - She goes nuts for it in fact, but waste not want not.

8:30am - Time for her morning nap! She’s always been like clockwork when it comes to her first nap as it always takes her around two hours since waking up to drop off again. Amelia’s morning nap can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, I think it just depends on how tired she is from the night before although recently she’s not been napping for as long.

10am - She’s currently feeding four times a day so late morning we have brunch - Again she has 150ml of milk but this time I’ll give her something a bit meatier than breakfast. By meaty, I don’t mean actual meat, I mean something with a bit of texture, so she’ll have fruit wafers or fresh strawberries and raspberries. I like the 10am feed to be a bit more hands on for Amelia although she’s still quite confused by it all. She feeds herself really well for the first half and then seems to give up, she still has the food in her hands but it’s as if she’s forgotten about it & I have to remind her it’s there - crazy baby!

11am - This is usually the time we get up and go. I try and do something outside of the house with Amelia everyday whether it’s a simple task like popping to the shops or we have much more of an adventure like our trips to Temple Newsam or Kirkstall Abbey. 

12:30pm - Time for another snooze! What I wouldn’t give to be able to nap three times a day! Honestly, it’s just rude isn’t it! I’d love to try and cut it down to twice a day, but Amelia’s currently napping three times a day, although admittedly the second one is always a bit wishy washy. It’s usually a car nap if we’ve been out somewhere or a quick snooze in the pram. It’s not a long one but It’s usually enough time for me to have a coffee or a quick browse of social media.

2:00pm - Feeding time again, again I’d love to cut this down so she only eats when we eat at standard breakfast, dinner & tea meal times, so if you’ve got any tips on adjusting meal times throw them my way. She usually has a Cow & Gate pot at this point, something quick, easy & insanely nice smelling. Does anyone else love the smell of baby food but hate the taste of it? I remember having to do taste tests of baby food when doing my child development course in school and it was still rank then - Ew! I’ve been giving her a bit of water at this point too, although if I’m totally honest it’s not been going down the best. I’ve been giving her it in her bottles though so I’m not sure if when she’s drinking she’s expecting to taste delicious milk and is then let down by it being boring water? Who knows? I’m going to keep at it though.

6:00pm - Daddy comes home from work and we’ll all sit and have tea together. We’ve started giving Amelia a variation of whatever we’re having for tea that night and so far everything seems to have gone down really well. There hasn’t been anything food wise she’s turned her nose up at during our weaning journey. She’ll have her fourth bottle with tea, we did try with water again at this point, but milk seems to be going down much better - I am going to keep trying with water though.

7:00pm - Bath! And by gosh does she need it! Our weaning journey has been so messy so far and there’s been days when she could have easily had three or four baths. It’s not long after she’s finished tea that she’s in the bath. We’ve been using the little ones lavender bubble bath from Asda as I’ve heard so many people rate it for a good night’s sleep which to be honest I’m not 100% convinced by, but it smells delicious anyway & we enjoy using it.

8:00pm - Bedtime is usually around 8:00pm and 99% of the time goes without a hitch. She’s definitely been a better sleeper since introducing food and even more so since she’s started self soothing. I feel like self soothing is a bit of a hot topic right now & although I understand it isn’t for everybody, the first week was especially tough for me, looking back now it was the best thing we could have done.

So there we have it - That’s what we’re doing with our days at the moment. It’s crazy looking back on my previous post when she was only six weeks old and reminiscing on just how hard it was back then. Don’t get me wrong we still have dificut days, but nothing compared to what it used to be like!

I think the unconditional love you have for your baby really makes you forget just how dificult those newborn days can be.

Have you settled into a routine with your little one?


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