This post contains gifted products.

I’ve dabbled in a couple of beauty subscription boxes in my time but I’d never given it a second thought that there could be one out there for a new mum and her baby - That was until I was pointed in the direction of Little Fawn Box.

What is Little Fawn Box?
Little Fawn Box is a monthly subscription service which caters for pregnant ladies in their third trimester, right up until the baby’s born and reaches its first birthday. And rather excitingly the box contains goodies for the baby as well as the mama - Because mama’s need treats too you know!
Each box is tailored to you and your baby so when going through the ordering process you input details of how old your baby is as well as their gender, in order to receive something that’s going to be totally perfect.
Subscription boxes are £10 each + £2.99 shipping each month, but the treats you’ll receive within the box are worth three times as much which I think is fab!

What’s in my Little Fawn Box?

Human & Kind Body Wash Orange.
The first thing staring up at me was something for me - Woohoo! - I’ve not actually heard of Human & Kind before (maybe I’ve been living under a rock) so it’ll be nice to try something from the 'new to me' vegan & cruelty free brand. The scent is super strong, I don’t naturally gravitate towards orange scents when it comes to bath & shower products however this one smells beautiful - Good enough to eat!
Because it’s so citrusy I can definitely see this being more of a morning shower gel as even just a whiff of it makes me feel energised and rejuvenated. The fact it’s packed full of coconut oil & camomile makes me think this punchy smelling product is going to be a winner!

Mallow & Marsh Coconut Marshmallows.
Something else for me! Woohoo! Funnily enough it was only a couple of weekends ago that I’d had my first marshmallow, so opening these babies up definitely made me chuckle.I’m sure I’m going to love these, I like chocolate, I like coconut, I like marshmallow - Surely these are going to be a delicious addition to my tummy.
I'd like to think they're somewhat healthy as well because of the coconut content... That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

Little Fawn Box Baby Meal Planner.
This is going to be perfect for us! Amelia’s just turned 7 months so we’re well on our way with weaning, that being said however I still don’t feel like we’ve cracked the right balance with it all. I’m sure there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to weaning & every baby’s going to be different, but I think this little notebook is going to be really helpful in keeping a record of what she eats on a daily basis.
As gross as it sounds I’m judging how successful our weaning journey is, by what I find in her nappy, some days it’s like a newborn poop (if you know, you know) and others it’s an absolute effort for her to get out - I’ve not been able to master the proper human poop with her, and I'm hoping this little notepad will help. Gosh that’s gross isn’t it - I’m not even sorry!

Follow the rainbow print.
Well this is a little bit cute isn’t it! This is a lovely addition to the box & I've already thought of the perfect spot for it on Amelia's shelves. Rachel, the Little Fawn Box's founder has advised that there will be a similar print included in each box which instantly makes me want to collect them all... A bit like Pokemon, only cuter!

Oh-K 3 Step Bamboo Charcoal Sheet Mask.
I’m a sucker for a sheet mask & this one from Korean brand Oh-K looks lovely! The vast majority of sheet masks I use are to invigorate & rejuvenate the skin so it’ll be nice to give this one a go as I’d presume the charcoal will fully cleanse the skin, leaving me feeling squeaky clean!

Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment.
Before having my daughter I never fully appreciated just how much a baby’s bum needs changing - FYI it’s a lot, so this cream will 100% be put to good use! In fact it’s the perfect size to pop in the changing bag so I’ll definitely be putting it straight in there for safe keeping.

Belo & Me Reusable Food Pouches.
I am SO excited to have these in my posession. I saw Clare post recently on her Instagram about these, I’m not 100% sure if it was the same brand or not, but I loved the idea of these straight away.
Obviously these little guys are better for the planet than usual shop bought pouches, but what I was most excited about was getting my hands dirty (not literally) and making purees & smoothies of my own for Amelia.

What do I think of Little Fawn Box?
I love the idea behind Little Fawn Box - It's something I'd never have thought about, but now I have one & have had a peek at what's inside I think every mum or mummy to be should have one!
I think the subscription boxes would make particularly excellent presents for new parents as well as it's something a little bit different & something they probably won't receive in amongst the mass of newborn clothes usually given once baby arrives.
The box is jam packed full of goodies for both mum & baby which I'd say is split pretty evenly down the middle with enough things for me & enough things for her to keep us both content.

Have you heard of anything like Little Fawn Box before - Would you like to try it?


The Little Fawn Box was gifted to me for review purposes - All opinions are my own.


  1. I'd not heard of these either, such a cracking idea and completely agree that it'd make a great present!

    Lauren xx - bylaurenjane

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