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There is nothing more delightful than spending time with your newborn baby, you’re with them every moment- and of course, you wouldn't have it any other way especially in those first few months. It’s like being in your own little bubble of joy. However every now and then you need a small break from that bubble, something else to think about to keep you in the adult world. “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” as the saying goes, so why not consider taking up some time on a new or existing hobby and taking an hour or two to do something creative? Of course, your hobbies as a new parent will need to be accessible, ideally from home and something you can do in your limited spare time. But there are lots of options, here are just a few of them. 

Baking is a fun hobby and very satisfying when learning new recipes. Surprisingly doing something simple like baking a cake in your own home for fun can have positive effects on stress levels. You can fill the house with delicious smells and you can enjoy freshly baked cakes you can make yourself. It's up to you how ambitious you get too, from little fairy cakes and chocolate chip cookies to prize-winning gateau, all from your own kitchen. Investing in a good mixer will be beneficial as there is a lot of mixing in baking and you may really not want to do it all by hand. If you get serious with this hobby and to get the most out of it, you will need to get some essentials such as piping bags and decorations. You may find your creativity will be boosted as you experiment with different styles and patterns as you learn to create beautifully decorated products.

To sit in the garden on a sunny morning and listen to the birds chirping is one of life's more precious moments. If you are sitting in the garden and it's full of colour and aromas from the flowers and plants you have planted, makes these moments even more special. Taking up gardening is not only good exercise but being outside in the fresh air is good for your mood. This is a great hobby to take up as it is one that can benefit your mental and physical health and give you an energy boost. If you grow your own vegetables you soon discover how amazing homegrown veg tastes and you will probably want to grow it forevermore. Your knowledge base will increase as you slowly learn those complicated names of the flowers you love, and your patience will increase as you eagerly await for things to start growing. A lot of people would think of gardening as hard work and probably disregard it as a first choice hobby, but it is one of the most rewarding. It benefits your health and the end result is a beautiful garden full of colour for you to sit in and enjoy.

There is so many choose from with crafting, from painting to basket weaving and everything in between. If you don't know where to start and are wondering what on earth could I make, there are always lots of inspiring ideas on sites such as Pinterest to get you enthusiastic. Anything goes with crafting, you can make mobiles and decorations for your baby’s room or Christmas and birthday cards. Try to make sure you have all the essentials such as paints, coloured pencils, card, fabric scraps and a good quality hot glue gun to stick everything together. Crafting is relaxing and good for concentration as you become focused on what you are doing. It's also fun to do in a group, so invite one or two friends around and enjoy an hour or two each week making things. Expressing yourself creatively may sharpen your brain and it will give you much satisfaction with the end product. So if you are thinking about crafting for a hobby, clear the kitchen table, and get your crafting things out. Who knows what you will create but you sure will have fun creating it.

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas and tell the world about your hopes and passions. There are lots of benefits to blogging such as improving your writing skills, it can help organise your thoughts. When you are writing you are putting your thoughts on to the blog so it makes you pause every now and then to really think about what you want to say, so you may become a better thinker too. It's a place where you can converse and befriend people, and as a new mum, you can talk all about your experiences, and give advice to other people who are about to be new mums. It is very beneficial because you can write on your blogs like you are talking to an old friend, you can inspire people with the creative pieces that you write- and you can also talk about things that are bothering you too. Not only are you releasing it mentally, your gaining skills in writing and on the computer. A blog can be like your personal journal and because it's saved in the cloud it never gets lost. So with all the benefits of blogging, why not start one today? It’s free, simple to do and if you stick with it, you could even earn some money through advertising and sponsorships.

Having a hobby can be great for a new mum, while you're on maternity leave and dad has gone back to work, it's nice to do something for you in the times baby is napping. It gives you a break from your routine and you can build skills and enhance your creativity, and in a few years you can teach baby all about your new hobby and you can have fun and laughter as you do them together.


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