If you follow me on twitter you’ll know that I’ve been struggling to book an overnight stay for my husbands 30th birthday for quite some time. Surviving on a maternity wage is hard and unfortunately doesn’t leave all that much room for luxury, which is what I wanted when celebrating such a big birthday. 

I’d asked numerous times if any local bloggers had recommendations for overnight stays and although grateful of course I was always shown places which just weren’t in my budget, they looked bloody beautiful but it just wasn’t feasible considering how much money (basically nothing) I bring in on a monthly basis.

Finally after weeks of searching and getting quite down in the dumps about my money situation I was pushed in the direction of Groupon.

I’ve never used Groupon before but even after one quick look I knew I’d become 100% addicted to it!.. And I was right. I wasn’t particularly fussy about where we were going to stay, all I knew was that I wanted a bargain - And I think Groupon is amazing for that!

It didn’t take me long to find the overnight dinner bed & breakfast deal at Otley Chevin Country Park and to be honest I couldn’t input my card details fast enough. I’d finally sussed it! After weeks, probably months of searching I found somewhere to treat my family and not be left too much out of pocket - It was a win win situation!

Otley Chevin Country Park is situated a few miles north of Leeds, quite close to the airport and luckily is only a 40 minute drive from home for us. At first I was worried that it wouldn’t feel like a holiday because the Country Park is so close to home but I couldn’t have been more wrong! Bizarrely we were there and back in less than 24 hours, but it felt like so much longer as we’d had such a luxurious stay.

In order of being fully transparent, the deal included a nights stay in one of Otley Chevin Country Park’s Woodland cabins, which if I’m totally honest I feel is advertised incorrectly as the rooms weren’t very cabin like and looked much more like a standard hotel room. Unfortunately (or fortunately you could say) we had an issue with the sink in our bathroom and upon mentioning this to the reception staff we were very quickly moved to our very own Woodland lodge. I didn’t even have to use my complaining voice! I think at the time they were having a few plumbing issues with the rooms in our block, so there was absolutely no question about it, they moved us straight away & we couldn’t have been more grateful.

We were taken to the Nidderdale Lodge which was nestled in it’s own private area with fantastic views across the park and the central lake - It was blooming gorgeous! And the perfect little treat to celebrate my husband’s birthday.

Nidderdale is a two bedroomed lodge which sleeps up to four people with the master bedroom having a double & the second having two single beds. There’s an open plan lounge/kitchen/diner which is neutrally decorated and flooded with natural light through it’s large windows and patio doors.

The vibe is chilled, relaxed and it’s the ultimate place to stay for a digital detox, to unwind and forget about the stresses of day to day life. The reason I mention a digital detox is that we didn’t have wifi within the lodge, we did in the main building and restaurant, but the fact we couldn’t be on our phones while we were at Nidderdale was so blooming refreshing! Furthermore we only used the TV so we could watch Love Island (of course) but apart from that we were totally enjoying family time and being at one with the outdoors.

It was bliss!

And the sleep! Oh my goodness. It was honestly the best sleep I’ve had in a long time! Don’t get me wrong, I was up at 5am & then 6.30am with Amelia, but everything about that night’s sleep was amazing.

Part of the groupon deal included a 3 course evening meal, which when you’ve got a 6 month in tow we were a little bit apprehensive about - Apprehensive about the way our child was going to behave & apprehensive about what was going to be on the menu. Luckily for us neither were a problem!

There was a huge menu choice, even for those of us who got the Groupon bargain! I believe there are two separate menus for the Lakeside Restaurant, one for those like us who’d booked a package deal & then another for people who’d just booked the restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised by the extensive menu choice, I thought there wouldn’t be as much because I’d been stingy and booked a package deal but for both starter, main and dessert, I could have easily picked three or four choices from each!

For starters I chose the grilled asparagus, which I wouldn’t normally have opted for hadn’t I had it at a Salon Success event at The Restaurant Bar & Grill a little while ago. The asparagus was served with a poached egg & breaded chorizo, all of which worked perfectly together & for me made for a really tasty and light way to start the meal. Dan on the other hand went for the rather meaty crispy pork & black pudding terrine, which was lovely, however a little too filling for my liking - Dan obviously ate it no problem!

For main’s there were two courses which stuck out to both of us. Being the generous wife I am, I let Dan have first dibs (seeing as though it was his birthday and all that) he chose the duo of Yorkshire lamb. I opted for the braised shin of beef. Both meals were utterly delicious, so much so that neither of us thought to take a photo for you guys, we just chowed down and got on with it… And if that’s not a compliment to the chef, I don’t know what is! You didn’t even need a knife to cut the piece of beef I had, it just melted away! Pure perfection!

My favourite part of any meal is the dessert (sweet tooth ya’ll) however this time I opted for something out of my comfort zone & chose the creme brulee. Dan opted for the dark chocolate delice with a black cherry sorbet. Both were amazingly tasty however I’m so glad I chose what I did just because of how light it was. Just looking at Dan’s rich & chocolatey dessert made me feel full! I mean come on!... Look at it!

Our evening meal was just out of this world! I’d go back purely just for the food as everything about the Lakeside Restaurant was just sheer perfection! It’s even worth paying for the groupon deal price to stay in one of Otley Chevin Country Park’s hotel rooms & making a night of it - We rated it that much!

After such an amazing nights sleep & the wonder that was our evening meal, we had the highest hopes for breakfast… And guess what… It was amazing! There was a full continental buffet with fruit, yoghurts & pastries etc - Amelia tried Melon for the first time which went down an absolute treat, and then she stole some of my scrambled eggs from my full English breakfast. We both went for the full brekkie and neither of us were disappointed!

I understand that our room was upgraded but for all of this I only paid £99 - I’m not sure how much a woodland lodge would have set us back, but we couldn’t have been happier! Thank the Gods for leaky sinks! In all honesty the hotel room we had originally & the one included in the Groupon package deal was quite basic & lacked that wow factor you’d expect walking into the country park - However that being said, for the evening meal, breakfast & overall ‘away from it all’ experience I’d say it was well worth the money!

We had an amazing stay at Otley Chevin Country Park & would love to return in future… I’m still dreaming about that food!

Have you stayed in a lodge before?



  1. Oh Claire, this looks and sounds fabulous! What an absolute bargain!
    I sometimes forget about Groupon for stays. I remember it and check for afternoon tea deals (i love cake!), but I definitely need to look for nights away like this.
    A night/time away, is time away. It's different however far. Sometimes that's all your batteries need for a recharge. :)


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  3. This sounds great and the food looks amazing! I have stayed in similar accommodation before and really enjoyed it. Brilliant that you got upgraded too! xxx

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