A few weeks ago we traveled back up North a little closer to home & enjoyed a lovely seaside stay at Hunley Hall in North Yorkshire.

We were up in North Yorkshire celebrating the wedding of one of my closest friends & her new husband and we decided to make a weekend of it by staying over at their chosen venue Hunley Hall. It would probably have been a more luxurious stay if we were baby free, damn you Amelia, but it was a gorgeous stay none the less.

Let’s go back to the beginning & the time of booking…. I work in customer service, and like to think I’ve got my head screwed on when it comes to knowing when you’re receiving A+ service and when you’re just getting a service that’s just a bit ‘meh’. And let me tell you Angela who booked my room and later checked us into our room was amazing! She was so friendly & absolutely brilliant on the phone when I booked the room, I was pregnant at the time (yes it was a million years ago) and she was full of congratulations and made sure we had a suitable room that was big enough to house all the necesary items that babies come with - Because honestly they come with a whole host of stuff… You should have seen the car when we packed it up, considering we were packing for two adult humans, a baby human and a dog - It was like a giant game of tetris!

But anyway, back to the matter in hand - When we arrived Angela was again brilliant with Amelia, keeping her smiley and occupied while we were getting checked in and organising the paperwork side of things, which as a new mum as a complete weight off my shoulders. I always panic that ‘outside people’ aren’t going to be baby friendly, especially if she decides to have one of her infamous tantrums.

She was also so complimentary of Amelia saying how beautiful she looked in her posh dress and how I looked as a new mum - She was never not going to get a mention in this blog post! We should all be a little more complimentary of one another, because honestly it made my day!

Hunley Hall is not only a hotel and wedding venue, but it’s also a huge golf resort and is actually ranked within the top 10 in Yorkshire. While we were staying you could see that people had travelled far and wide to enjoy the course as well as the amazing seaside views across the North Yorkshire coastline - Which is actually breathtaking by the way. I miss living by the seaside so it was amazing to get back up to the North East & soak in the coastal air! Even if you’re not into golf like myself it’s such a gorgeous environment, it’s the perfect spot for getting out and about and walking the cleveland way.

It’s not hard to see why Hunley Hall is such a popular place.

Because we booked a family room, we were given a Superior Sea View Room which was sold to me as being more spacious than their classic room, and the perfect room to house me and my new family... And they weren’t wrong! We opened the door to probably the biggest double room we’ve ever stayed in, heck we’ve even stayed in suites before which were the same size, if not smaller than our room at Hunley Hall.

The super spacious room contained absolutely everything you’d need from a luxury seaside staycation - We could have easily and comfortably stayed for so much longer.

The interior was neutrally decorated with flashes of teal, it actually reminded me of the bedroom we had at our first apartment in Middlesbrough. The carpet was plush & even though situated next to the sea I couldn’t help but feel all warm & cosy in there.

We were treated to a king size bed which made for such a nice change compared to our small double at home - There’s nothing better than getting into a beautifully made bed with soft fluffy pillows and Hunley Hall definitely delivered! We shared our bed that night with little Miss wriggles because even though Hunley Hall very kindly provided us with a travel cot Amelia just wouldn’t settle in it. It’s the first time she’s ever been in something which isn’t her moses basket & i don’t think the change in scenery sat well with her. We never share a bed with her, but needs must & it was cute having a family sleepover.

The furniture was a deep mahogany, which if I’m honest isn’t totally to my taste & I think looked a little dated but the fact Hunley Hall provided us with so much storage in our room was brilliant, I think we could have actually moved in! I think if you’re staying for a week or so, or doing a tour of the North East or North Yorkshire Hunley Hall would be the perfect base.

Tea & coffee was of course provided at the end of the long line of furniture along with a couple of packets of biscuits which always goes down well. To be honest I’d have liked more coffee (story of my life) but the set-up was pleasant and we made full use of it - There was barely anything left by the time we’d left.

The bathroom in our room at Hunley Hall was basic, it was clean & tidy but there was no wow factor unfortunately. Saying that, it had everything we’d needed & I was actually surprised we’d been given a bath as most places only provide showers - It was a lovely relaxing treat to have a soak in the tub & was perfect for bathing Amelia.

We paid £110 for our room and breakfast at Hunley Hall which I think is the bargain of the century! Although pretty basic, the room was clean tidy & offered us absolutely everything we could have needed.

I’m on the hunt for somewhere in Yorkshire to stay for Dan’s 30th in July and nowhere is even comparing price wise, size wise and view wise to our stay at Hunley Hall. If you have any recommendations throw them my way.

Have you been to North Yorkshire before? Where did you stay?


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  1. Oh Claire, what a beautiful looking and sounding hotel. You cannot beat coastal views! I'm totally biased as I live and will never move from near the sea, but, you really cannot beat it. :)
    What a perfect wedding venue. You can't beat time away. it doesn't have to be far.



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