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There’s absolutely no secret in the fact that preparing for the arrival of a baby is hella expensive! Before I had Amelia I was totally naive about how much stuff you actually need to support a newborn, as well as how quickly the prices of it all adds up - It's actually ridiculous!

When preparing for the arrival of a newborn baby I think it’s best to prioritise where you want to spend your money. There are some products I think it’s worthwhile investing in however others I think you can be savvy & save yourself some dollar dollar, which is what I'm going to be talking about today.

It’s also worth noting that we didn’t do all of our shopping in one go, we began buying bits for Amelia after the 20 week scan - Essentially we had 5 months of wages to spread the costs across which made things so much easier.

I found looking for at prams to be the biggest minefield of all when it came to baby buys. I remember walking into Mothercare for the first time and feeling totally overwhelmed and daunted by the whole buying process. Do you buy a bundle, do you buy a pram system with car seat adapters, what brands are naff, what brands do you trust?... Or essentially, are they all exactly the same, just with very different price tags.
We ended up becoming very best friends with Google when narrowing our pram search down, eventually landing on which best buy's pram of the year which at the time was the Uppababy Cruz.
Now the Uppababy Cruz has everything I could ever possibly want from a pram, it's lightweight, it has a front and rear facing seat, and it's easily collapsible… The only thing which put me off was the £600 price tag. In real life terms of pram buying this isn't actually a huge amount of money, but if we could save some dollar dollar this is exactly what we were going to do. From here we put on our detective hats & looked into older models of the Uppababy Cruz and it turned out the only difference between the new and the 2016 model was a leather handle and the fact it was £200 cheaper! You can bet your bottom dollar what we did right?

You know when people say that when companies put the word wedding infront of products it doubles the price, well I'd put my neck on the line and say it's exactly the same for babies.
We're actually onto our second monitor at the moment due to breaking the first whilst transporting everything but the kitchen sink back up North, but what we have now is a goodie & I really wish we put a bit of extra effort researching monitors from the beginning.
Our first monitor was a 'baby monitor' and cost double the amount our current one does. Our current monitor is a 'pet CCTV camera' and does the same, if not better job than it's predecessor. I'd never have thought to look for a CCTV monitor when it comes to looking after my baby as the word CCTV sounds a little too extreme, but the long and short of it is, is that's exactly what we needed.
We're so happy with our current monitor and wish we'd looked into it from the beginning, but along with all things parenting, it's a learning curve.

It's so easy to fall into the trap of wanting to buy your baby all of the cute new clothes and all of the cute new shoes, especially when it's your first, but I think what you really need to ask yourself is, is it practical & will it be worn or will it just be another piece of clothing hung up in the wardrobe?
I was really lucky because we had so many clothing pieces bought for Amelia, and truth be told we haven't really needed to buy anything for the first six months of her being here. Yes we've bought bits for her, because let's be real, some things are too cute to resist, but I think you really need to be careful with what's excessive and what isn't.
Facebook market place is an amazing place to pick up bundles of baby clothes, weve often seen bundles of 30+ pieces going for £10-£15 which I think is a total bargain.
It's funny, it's so easy to spend more on baby clothes than we would on items for ourselves… And our babies are only going to be in them for three months at a time. It's crazy!

Car Seats.
It feels like there are a million and one car seats on the market and that's a totally daunting thought.
Our main dilemma was that we were in two minds of whether to opt for an Isofix base or not. I think the isofix base is a genius invention however for Amelia's first car seat we opted for one without and decided upon the Mothercare Ziba which only set us back £35. We found when we were looking at car seats that the majority of seats designed for a newborn didn't go up in age/weight that highly, so it would be a case of us having to buy a new one anyway sooner rather than later, so we didn't want to drop the mega bucks on one if we didn't have to.
At the time we decided to save ourselves a bit of money as we had quite a lot of outgoings at the time. We couldn't rate the Ziba highly enough however when Amelia's a little bit bigger (and more wriggly) we'll probably invest in an Isofix base & appropriate car seat.

Like every baby's different, every family is also different (along with our bank balances) and we all have areas where we want to spend our money and areas where we want to hold back a little. Likewise what works for us might not work for other people & we tried to save as much money as possible when buying for our little nut. I'd love to hear what bargains you managed to pick up in preparing for the arrival of a baby?



  1. Great post! I think prams can be bloody extortionate in price and while I'd have loved a gorgeous looking one to push about, we went for practicality and saved a lot of money.

    After the newborn stage we desperately wanted one of those 360 spin car seats but luckily I discovered Argos's brand Cuggl had a very similar one for about half the price and I'd highly recommend it - makes it so much easier being able to swivel the seat around!

    I must say one item I would have paid almost anything for is the Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine! Considering we hadn't even thought about bottle feeding, it was a life saver when that was our only option.

    Generally for most items I liked to research and shop around for the best value options.

    Emma xxx

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