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This is a sponsored blog post with Derma Roller.

I feel like I’m at my wits end with skincare at the moment, the long days and short nights have definitely taken their toll, so in order to combat my panda eyes I’ve updated my skincare routine & have been using a Derma Roller.

My skin is something that’s been getting me down quite a bit recently, I think the lack of sleep, lack of me time & lack of having a strict skincare routine has left me feeling a little bit negative towards the way my skin looks, in particular the dark circles around my eyes. At the moment (and this is going to be a huge exaggeration obviously) when I look in the mirror I feel like I resemble Uncle Fester off of the Adams Family - It’s stupid because my eye bags probably don’t seem that bad to some people, but because I’ve not had them before (woe is me right?) & because I’m surviving off 5-6 hours sleep a night unfortunately it’s all I’m seeing.

Lord knows a good night’s sleep would solve everything, but for now I’m updating my skincare routine with Derma Roller.

What is a Derma Roller?
A Derma Roller is a manual rolling device which uses 200 super fine medical grade needles to rejuvenate the skin. The micro-needles create channels in your skin which triggers your body’s natural skin renewal system. By renewing the skin cells on a regular basis the Derma Roller is able to treat common ailments such as wrinkles, scarring, hyperpigmentation and even stretch marks.

How does the Derma Roller work?
Let’s get into the science. Your skin’s greatest friends are collagen & elastin as they're basically the A team when it comes to thickening the skin, smoothing away fine lines and ridding the skin of hyperpigmentation. The channels created in the skin by using the Derma Roller open up your pores and starts the body’s natural healing process - It takes approximately two hours but by triggering the skin with the Derma Rollers micro-needles you are getting Mr Collagen & Mrs Elastin started on their day job.
Although only small the micro-needles are able to penetrate through to the mid-dermis, or the second layer of skin for us none science folk. This is great because it means skin renewal is basically happening from the inside out, and you’re not going to be left with any signs of healing on the outer layer of skin. It’s also brilliant because it gives any skincare products you may be using a chance to get deeper into the skin.

What can the Derma Roller treat?
The Derma Roller actually comes in a variety of different needle sizes which ranges from 0.5mm (the one I have) to 2.5mm depending on what area of the skin you’re wanting to treat.
0.5mm - Wrinkles, crows feet, large pores & enhancing skin absorption.
1.0mm - Saggy skin, sun damage, acne & enhancing nutrient absorption.
1.5mm - Scars & enhancing nutrient absorption.
2.0mm - Uneven skin tone & enhancing nutrient absorption.
2.5mm - Uneven skin tone & enhancing nutrient absorption.

How often should you use a Derma Roller?
Depending on which needle size you choose depicts how often it should be used. The 0.5mm & smallest needle size can be used up to 5 times a week however the larger sizes need to be used much more sporadically. The 1.0mm & 1.5mm Derma Rollers should be used once every four weeks & anything bigger every five.
Obviously everyone’s skin is going to be different & I suppose it’s up to you to use your own judgement on how often you use it, Derma Roller jus use these time frames as this coincides with the average time it takes for skin renewal on those targeted areas.

When will I see the results?
Skincare isn’t something which changes overnight… If only it was, that'd be the dream wouldn't it!
Derma Roller advise that more pronounced and permanent results will be noticeable after three months however smoother and clearer skin will be noticed after about 4 weeks. Again though everyones skin is going to be different and for some they may see results earlier, some may take a little longer - It's all relative.

Derma Roller offer packages with their products so for example I received the 0.5mm roller along with the Derma C+ Serum, but they also offer the larger sized rollers with collagen cream too, which I think is fab and would make lovely gift sets for people.
Derma C+ is a powerful anti ageing serum which is highly concentrated in vitamin C which is great for promoting collagen and elastin and vitamin E which is used as an antioxidant & moisturiser. Used alongside the roller, the Derma C+ Serum is said to greatly enhance the reduction of wrinkles, age spots and discolouration.

My experience with Derma Roller.
Admittedly when I first opened my Derma Roller I thought ‘ouch, those needles look sharp’ - I picked the smallest size 0.5mm size and to be honest I couldn’t believe how big they looked. I’d hate to think how scary the 2.0mm needled look! Eeek! I needn’t have been so worried though because although noticeable, the needles were in no way painful when applied to my skin. The needles felt more prominent along my forehead which is understandable, but for the amount of time the needles are actually touching the skin, it really wasn't an issue.
There’s been a few days when I’ve been quite heavy handed with the Derma Roller and I’ve been left with what looks like train tracks along my face, but this is completely my own fault. You really don’t need to be too harsh when using the roller, just a light roll up and down the skin and you’re away to go!
I was a little bit dubious to use the Derma C+ Serum as I’d been previously using one from Caudalie which I’ve been loving, but I thought for the purposes of this blog post & giving a good review I wanted to give this one a try… And I’ll tell you something, it’s blooming amazing! It’s both hydrating and nourishing and I can totally tell when I have and equally haven’t used this product on my face.

I’ve been using the 0.5mm Derma Roller along with the Derma C+ Serum on my face since the end of April and even though I do still have eye bags, my skin looks much nicer and more importantly feels more plump and dewy than it did before.

In conclusion for something that I first thought was quite scary and a little offputting I’ve had a complete turn around & have really been enjoying using the Derma Roller. I think the face rollers are maybe a little more beneficial to those slightly older than I am however I’ve still noticed such a difference in the overall appearance and texture of my skin which is great. The Derma Roller has been a fab update to my skincare routine & it's definitely made a permanent place there.

Have you or would you ever try something like the Derma Roller?


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