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This week it’s my birthday and unfortunately I think I’m at the age now where I need to keep saying that I’m 21 again in the hope that somebody out there believes me… Anybody believe me?
As I’ve progressed further through the game of life my wants and needs have changed, especially over the last year as I’ve given birth to the devil child (I don’t mean that) and so here are a few things on my birthday wish list.

A full night’s sleep.
Yup you guessed it!... A full night’s sleep has got to be the first thing on any new parents birthday wish list I’m sure. If I’m totally honest Amelia isn’t that bad of a sleeper, we don’t have it half as bad as what I’ve heard from other newbie parents, but a full night’s sleep would still be pretty darn delicious right now. At the moment Amelia will usually sleep for around 6 hours on a night before waking for a bottle, but from there it’s a 50/50 chance on whether she’ll nod back off or will be up and ready to start her day. Some mornings I’m up at 4:30am others it could be 6:30am… Today is a 4:30am kind of day! Zzzz!
My birthday dream would be for Dan to say to me ‘look Claire I’ve booked you into a hotel for a night, get yourself away & chill the eff out’.... Getting into bed at 9pm in a comfy, cosy bed with fresh clean sheets would literally be the dream!

More Hey Duggee on Netflix.
Sometimes I feel like a bit of a bad mammy for popping Amelia in her bouncer in front of the telly on a morning, but honestly I need that time to get myself ready, have some breakfast & most importantly a couple (yes a couple) of cups of coffee. If I didn’t, God help the members of the public out there - It’s the only  thing which makes me feel remotely human & I’m not good without my morning routine! Amelia absolutely loves Hey Duggee, and if I’m honest I’m partial to an episode or two myself - Hands up if Roly’s your favourite character? But with the episodes only being 5 minutes long, it doesn’t take too long to get through the full set and before you know it you’ve watched ‘The Cardboard Box’ episode about six times.
Netflix, please give us more episodes of Hey Duggee… For my own sanity!

Better pelvic floor muscles.
I don’t think people believe me when I say ‘stop making me laugh, I’m going to pee my pants’ or ‘I can’t join in with that, because I’ll pee my pants’... Because it legit happens! Last week Dan & I did that thing you see in the movies where I jumped up onto him for a hug with my legs wrapped around his waist… And you guessed it, I peed myself!
They tell you to start your pelvic floor exercises pretty much as soon as you’ve given birth, but let’s be honest, how many of us actually do that?
My birthday dream would be magically have a better pelvic floor and be able to jump around the house dancing to Queen like a mad woman.

A cleaner.
Oh my! What I would give for someone to come in and give my home a good clean. I’m not even talking about a once over, my house literally needs taking to pieces having a good deep clean & then reorganising into an appropriate manner.
Another bonus would be that if someone else did the cleaning my husband wouldn’t be able to tell me off for moving his stuff!
So to have a cleaner for my birthday would be a win win situation for me really.

A dog walker.
Juggling a dog and a baby is hard! I don’t want to leave one of them out or make them feel as if we love the other more than them, I suppose it’s like having two children really - Only the baby is better behaved than the dog!
Willow’s always been an energetic beagle and even at four years old often gets mistaken for a puppy because of how much energy she has wrapped up in that little fury body of hers. Admittedly it’s getting easier now the nights are a lot lighter for Dan & I to take the girls out together on an evening, but honestly when I'm on my own getting Amelia wrapped up in the sling & having to hold a lead with a pain in the ass dog at the end of it can be an absolute nightmare!

Okay so money will actually be on my legitimate birthday wishlist this year. I spoke a while ago about how difficult it is living on a maternity wage. If I’m honest I feel like I’m just keeping my head above water at the moment, so I’m really not looking forward to not having a wage come in, in a few months time.
Luckily we’re never going to totally on our arse skint, but any extra funds would be amazing right now. Money is definitely going on my birthday wishlist.

Free time.
I’d probably say for me the hardest thing about being a mam, is the fact that I’m not myself anymore. From now on I’ve got to be totally selfless and with that comes giving up the vast majority of my free time. At the moment free time is when the baby’s sleeping & during that time I’m either working away on this little blog of mine or I’m keeping the house in some sort of order. I say some sort of order, because I’m just about managing to keep on top of things at the moment. Eeek!
Pre-Amelia me time would be slobbing out on the sofa catching up on rubbish TV, or having an hour long bath and lathering myself in X, Y & Z products however at the moment it’s just not feasible.
For my birthday I would love a bit of free time, just to do absolutely nothing! I want to sit outside a coffee shop on a sunny day with a latte & a sweet treat (of course) and watch the world go by. I want to put my phone down and step away from my laptop… That’s the sort of free time I’m needing right now.

So that’s my list!... In reality, I don’t actually want anything for my birthday as I have everything I could ever possibly want (apart from maybe a sausage dog, but this would worsen my dog walking situation) this is just a tongue in cheek list of things I’d love to receive. Of the seven things listed the biggest treat I could receive is a full night’s sleep, so if you could all put your hands together and pray for me that’d be amazing!

What’s the best birthday present you’ve ever received?



  1. I can totally relate to a few of these. I have 3 boys and I rarely have any time for myself, except from when they're asleep so any free time I have I take advantage of. My eldest who's 4 absolutely loves duggee. I can just about deal with that over peppa pig haha x

    Lauren |

  2. I haven't got a little one but I can relate to being skint and feeling like you're just kind of keeping your head above water. Money is on my birthday wishlist too!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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