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Welcome to my new mini-series 'Mama in Question' a 10 question questionnaire filled out by mama's all across the country, hoping to serve motherhood realness and show all new mums out there that we're all in this together... And in reality we're all just winging it! Details of how you can get involved will be down below.

Mama: Kate Watson
Baby: Luna Watson (13 months)

Q1. What's one thing you said you wouldn't do as a parent but you definitely have done?
I suppose there has been a few things I have done that I didn’t think I would, I think we are all pretty naive before the baby is born! The thing that stands out the most for me & the thing I was most adamant about beforehand was eating in the pram! I don’t cope with mess well, especially crumbs - I’ve made no secret of the fact that Luna hates her pram. I haven’t given her anything major to eat in her pram but lately I’ve been known to let her have some raisins or a rice cake etc in her pram so I can get some shopping done without Luna screaming bloody murder & my head exploding!!

Q2. What's been the hardest thing about motherhood so far?
I think the hardest thing so far was those newborn days! Wow, I was totally not prepared for just how hard & exhausting it would be in the beginning. The sleep deprivation hit me like a truck & my hormones were all over the place. I would consider myself ‘not the crying type’ but honestly, I cried every night in the shower for the first 2 weeks. I was mentally & psychically exhausted, I didn’t eat & I definitely didn’t sleep. I felt like a rubbish mother because my husband could always seem to settle Luna better than I could. If anyone is feeling the same with a newborn at this very moment, hang in there, it gets sooo much easier & quicker than you think.

Q3. Have you settled into a routine with your little one? If so how easy has it been?
Yes! I found the lack of routine so hard at the beginning, I loved a routine before Luna was born & I found it hard to adjust. We managed to get Luna into a loose routine from about 4-6 months which worked well. Once Luna was 6 months old & weaning was being established, I made a really big effort to get her into a proper routine. Thankfully she is very good at sticking to her routine & I make sure to stick to it too & it works like a dream (most of the time!) We did have a major adjustment when she dropped to one nap a day at only 10 months old but she handled it well. The best thing about the routine is she usually goes to bed between 6:45-7:15pm so we have our evenings back, woo hoo!

Q4. What's surprised you most about motherhood?
The overwhelming love I felt the second she was placed on my chest. I know everyone always talks about it but you just can’t imagine that feeling until it happens. It’s just a pure & unconditional love that’s so strong, I would do absolutely anything for her.

Q5. Do you think social media portrays motherhood correctly?
Hmm, this is a tricky one. Yes & no would be my answer. I always try to follow people on social media that are really down to earth, not afraid to show the good & the bad. I always try to be totally honest when I am on social media too, some days are good days & some days are bad. Luna is, in general,  a good baby but she has her moments (of course) & I hope I manage to get that across on my account.

Q6. How did you decide upon your baby's name?
It was pretty easy for us choosing a name for a little girl, I loved the name Luna & when I suggested it to my husband he loved it too. We were absolutely certain on the name Luna from the very start, it was boys names we couldn’t agree on! I’ve always been obsessed with the moon & I would buy anything with moons on & now we have our own little moon!

Q7. What's been your favourite memory so far on your parenting journey?
Wow, so many!! Probably watching my husband holding Luna for the first time, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I had a wonderful husband & the most beautiful baby girl, it was like a dream!

Q8. How do you feel you've changed since becoming a parent?
I’ve always been quite quiet but I would say I’m at my most confident at the moment. I know I am a good Mother & I am now confident in my abilities (although some days I am just winging it haha) I am also a bit more emotional than I use to be. 

Q9. What's been your proudest motherhood moment?
Again so many! I think the proudest moment was when Luna crawled over to the sofa and pulled herself up & just stood there looking at me when she had just turned 6 months old. Luna has always been a very active baby but this was totally unexpected & brought tears to my eyes. I managed to catch it on video which was great. She's also never sat down since, haha!

Q10. Looking to the future, what are you most looking forward to your little one experiencing?
I’m really excited for future Christmas’s when Luna is more aware of what is happening. I think it will be so cute to see her face on Christmas Day when Santa has been. I’m also looking forward to all the excitement of the build up & just making it so magical for her.

Kate's Instagram: @mama.and.the.little.moon

If you're wanting to get involved please feel free to DM me @__ClaireMac or send me an email to clairemacblog@gmail.com as I'd love for you to join the 'Mama's in Question' party bus.

You can answer whatever you feel comfortable answering, all I ask is that it's honest! I wan't to show others how flipping hard this parenting lark is!... Because I don't think we give ourselves enough credit for it! And we should! I'll of course be sharing the ish out of your social medias & blogs etc, so let's let loose, connect with one another and raise a glass to all those mamas just getting by!



This post is a sponsored post containing affiliate links.

There’s absolutely no secret in the fact that preparing for the arrival of a baby is hella expensive! Before I had Amelia I was totally naive about how much stuff you actually need to support a newborn, as well as how quickly the prices of it all adds up - It's actually ridiculous!

When preparing for the arrival of a newborn baby I think it’s best to prioritise where you want to spend your money. There are some products I think it’s worthwhile investing in however others I think you can be savvy & save yourself some dollar dollar, which is what I'm going to be talking about today.

It’s also worth noting that we didn’t do all of our shopping in one go, we began buying bits for Amelia after the 20 week scan - Essentially we had 5 months of wages to spread the costs across which made things so much easier.

I found looking for at prams to be the biggest minefield of all when it came to baby buys. I remember walking into Mothercare for the first time and feeling totally overwhelmed and daunted by the whole buying process. Do you buy a bundle, do you buy a pram system with car seat adapters, what brands are naff, what brands do you trust?... Or essentially, are they all exactly the same, just with very different price tags.
We ended up becoming very best friends with Google when narrowing our pram search down, eventually landing on which best buy's pram of the year which at the time was the Uppababy Cruz.
Now the Uppababy Cruz has everything I could ever possibly want from a pram, it's lightweight, it has a front and rear facing seat, and it's easily collapsible… The only thing which put me off was the £600 price tag. In real life terms of pram buying this isn't actually a huge amount of money, but if we could save some dollar dollar this is exactly what we were going to do. From here we put on our detective hats & looked into older models of the Uppababy Cruz and it turned out the only difference between the new and the 2016 model was a leather handle and the fact it was £200 cheaper! You can bet your bottom dollar what we did right?

You know when people say that when companies put the word wedding infront of products it doubles the price, well I'd put my neck on the line and say it's exactly the same for babies.
We're actually onto our second monitor at the moment due to breaking the first whilst transporting everything but the kitchen sink back up North, but what we have now is a goodie & I really wish we put a bit of extra effort researching monitors from the beginning.
Our first monitor was a 'baby monitor' and cost double the amount our current one does. Our current monitor is a 'pet CCTV camera' and does the same, if not better job than it's predecessor. I'd never have thought to look for a CCTV monitor when it comes to looking after my baby as the word CCTV sounds a little too extreme, but the long and short of it is, is that's exactly what we needed.
We're so happy with our current monitor and wish we'd looked into it from the beginning, but along with all things parenting, it's a learning curve.

It's so easy to fall into the trap of wanting to buy your baby all of the cute new clothes and all of the cute new shoes, especially when it's your first, but I think what you really need to ask yourself is, is it practical & will it be worn or will it just be another piece of clothing hung up in the wardrobe?
I was really lucky because we had so many clothing pieces bought for Amelia, and truth be told we haven't really needed to buy anything for the first six months of her being here. Yes we've bought bits for her, because let's be real, some things are too cute to resist, but I think you really need to be careful with what's excessive and what isn't.
Facebook market place is an amazing place to pick up bundles of baby clothes, weve often seen bundles of 30+ pieces going for £10-£15 which I think is a total bargain.
It's funny, it's so easy to spend more on baby clothes than we would on items for ourselves… And our babies are only going to be in them for three months at a time. It's crazy!

Car Seats.
It feels like there are a million and one car seats on the market and that's a totally daunting thought.
Our main dilemma was that we were in two minds of whether to opt for an Isofix base or not. I think the isofix base is a genius invention however for Amelia's first car seat we opted for one without and decided upon the Mothercare Ziba which only set us back £35. We found when we were looking at car seats that the majority of seats designed for a newborn didn't go up in age/weight that highly, so it would be a case of us having to buy a new one anyway sooner rather than later, so we didn't want to drop the mega bucks on one if we didn't have to.
At the time we decided to save ourselves a bit of money as we had quite a lot of outgoings at the time. We couldn't rate the Ziba highly enough however when Amelia's a little bit bigger (and more wriggly) we'll probably invest in an Isofix base & appropriate car seat.

Like every baby's different, every family is also different (along with our bank balances) and we all have areas where we want to spend our money and areas where we want to hold back a little. Likewise what works for us might not work for other people & we tried to save as much money as possible when buying for our little nut. I'd love to hear what bargains you managed to pick up in preparing for the arrival of a baby?



A few weeks ago Louise from MumAndSonAdventures.com included me in a blog post where she discussed her thoughts on self love. Towards the end of the post she tagged a couple of bloggers including myself and asked for us all to open up & do the same.

Self love and self care is really important and I think it's brilliant to see more people discussing it online. As a new mum self care is something which often gets put on the back burner and there are definitely a few things which I need to work on, but here I am opening up and discussing my thoughts on my own journey with self love.

What is something that is getting you down at the moment?
My lack of productivity is really getting me down at the moment, and when I say productivity I mean doing anything other than keeping my 6 month old child alive. Caring for a baby is a pretty important task and one that shouldn’t be sniffed at in the slightest however personally I don’t want to be just a mum - And I hate that phrase so so much, but I hope you understand what I mean.
Balancing things have been quite challenging over the last half a year and it’s something I’m trying really hard to get right. Most days are a productivity fail however there are some, admittedly far and few between where I can nail it. Fingers crossed as Amelia gets older the good productivity days will outweigh the bad ones.
I’m planning on going back to work towards the end of the year & I really want to work hard on my blog to make this little place on the internet of mine a success. To say I’ll be juggling a few plates is probably an understatement but I’m 100% determined to make myself a success story.

What is something that makes you happy?
Family life! Things have changed so much in the Chircop (yes that’s actually my surname) household over the last year and even though it’s a challenge I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love it when Dan gets home from work on an evening so we can totally relax and unwind, the look on Amelia’s face when he walks through the door is just something else! So so cute!
Our home is full, but so are our hearts!

Name three guilty pleasures.
Hollyoaks - I’ve watched Hollyoaks for years now, I originally started back in the Bombhead days, but then had a break before starting up again about four years ago. I’m that person as well that checks in on the Hollyoaks Twitter page on an afternoon to get a sneaky preview of the evenings watchings. I love it, but I sort of hate myself at the same time for doing it.
Prison documentaries - I think once you’ve watched one prison documentary you’ve watched them all, but I still can’t help but be fixated by them. If I wasn’t such an emotional person I’d love to work for the police force but I know what I’m like, I get too invested and emotionally attached to people which I think in that sort of environment isn’t ideal.

What is something about yourself you’d like to improve?
I’m quite chilled on the outside, but on the inside my brain is usually going 100mph and I constantly have a to do list in my noggin which is a mile long. Being able to switch off is something I find very difficult and I think my lack of productivity makes it even worse.

What makes you belly laugh?
I’ve never met anyone who makes me laugh as much as my husband does. As well as being husband & wife or mammy & daddy, Dan & I are essentially really good mates, which I think is something which is quite often overlooked in relationships. We’ve been together just over eight years now and have recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary, but we still get on just as we did when we first met.

What is your biggest insecurity/fear?
Earlier in the year I had a weekend away with the girls for one of my closest friends hen parties. We had a fabulous time but the plane journey on the way back and in particular the landing was just awful and something I won’t forget for a long time. I’m not the best of fliers I’ll be honest but on a whole it’s something I can usually get over and get on with, but the last journey was really flipping scary and it’s really put me off flying for the foreseeable future. I could feel myself getting emotional towards the end of the flight because I was worrying about something going wrong with the plane and the possibility of me not being there in the future for Amelia - Yupp it’s dramatic, but I was full of fear and I couldn’t help my mind going into overdrive!

Name a song which always cheers you up?

Queen - Don’t stop me now!.. We watched Bohemian Rhapsody a few weeks ago and ever since then we’ve been on a full on Queen hype. Amelia loves it when we’re dancing around the living room and ‘Don’t stop me now’ seems to keep her entertained perfectly.

Name three things you like about yourself.
With pregnancy, my body has gone through a pretty big thing. I’m so proud of my body and what it’s achieved - Yes it’s not what it was, but what I have now is so much more than having a perfect bod!
Without sounding like I have a head big enough to have it’s own postcode I think I’m a flipping brilliant mum. I’m winging motherhood massively, but I definitely feel like I’ve come into my own over the last six months and I’m so proud of what I’ve been able to achieve and how I’ve changed and developed.
Thirdly and I don’t know if this is a cop out, but I think I’m a good person. I’ve never particularly had huge aspirations, other than to be a good person and I think it’s something I’ve managed to achieve.

What is an achievement which has made you proud this year?
After being a bit ‘wishy-washy’ with blogging over the last couple of years, I’ve managed to secure a paid blog post and have been kindly gifted items to review this year. I feel like I’m getting back on track with my website & I’m looking forward to progressing and seeing what I can make of it. The only way is up surely!

What is your happiest memory?
My Wedding day was honestly everything I ever wanted and more. Growing up I never particularly dreamed of getting married but 7th May 2018 was an absolute dream for me from start to finish. The sun was shining, I secretly knew I was carrying baby nut Amelia & everything went without a hitch - It couldn’t have been better!

I’d like to tag the following people to discuss their thoughts on self love.


This is a contributed post.

There are few things more exciting than waiting for the arrival of a new baby. Whether you and your partner are about to become parents for the very first time or your brood is about to get a little bigger, those days waiting for the new arrival are so exciting. However, they can also be a little bit nerve-wracking. After all, a new baby is almost certainly going to a massive change in your life and that's something that it can be hard to prepare for. That being said, preparing is the best thing that you can do when you're getting ready for your new baby to arrive. With that in mind, here are some changes to expect as your family grows.

Your car.
For a lot of us, our car can be one of the most precious things that we own. After all, it's not just four wheels and an engine, it's a symbol of your freedom and independence. However, the car that you're currently driving may well not be fit for purpose when the new arrival appears. Whether you're driving the old rust bucket you've had since you were in college, or you spend your time cruising in a convertible, it might be time for an upgrade. You don't need a car with all of the bells and whistles, you just need a car that's safe and has plenty of space, something like a used Vauxhall Viva is perfect. Your priorities when it comes to your car change pretty quickly once you've got precious cargo on board.    

Your home.
You might be thinking that you've baby proofed your home pretty well but you might want to take some time and look again. Sure, you've probably got the obvious stuff covered: cabinets locked, sharp objects out of reach, plug socket covered. However, the truth is that the moment they start crawling, your baby is going to be able to find all of the little nooks and crannies and dangerous things that you didn't even think about. And the truth is that that stage in your baby's life comes around a whole lot quicker than you expect.

Your finances.
Money is tight for just about all of us, there's no doubt about that. However, most of us tend to be able to get away with not thinking too much about our finances a lot of the time. However, when you've got a family that all changes. Not only do you have to think about the cost of raising a child but also things like saving for the future.

Of course, there are almost always going to be some things that you just can't predict but the truth is, that's just part of the fun of having a baby. Part of being a parent is learning to take things as they come and roll with the punches. If you end up trying to control every single little aspect of yours and your family's life, you're just going to wind up making your own life a whole lot harder.



This week it’s my birthday and unfortunately I think I’m at the age now where I need to keep saying that I’m 21 again in the hope that somebody out there believes me… Anybody believe me?
As I’ve progressed further through the game of life my wants and needs have changed, especially over the last year as I’ve given birth to the devil child (I don’t mean that) and so here are a few things on my birthday wish list.

A full night’s sleep.
Yup you guessed it!... A full night’s sleep has got to be the first thing on any new parents birthday wish list I’m sure. If I’m totally honest Amelia isn’t that bad of a sleeper, we don’t have it half as bad as what I’ve heard from other newbie parents, but a full night’s sleep would still be pretty darn delicious right now. At the moment Amelia will usually sleep for around 6 hours on a night before waking for a bottle, but from there it’s a 50/50 chance on whether she’ll nod back off or will be up and ready to start her day. Some mornings I’m up at 4:30am others it could be 6:30am… Today is a 4:30am kind of day! Zzzz!
My birthday dream would be for Dan to say to me ‘look Claire I’ve booked you into a hotel for a night, get yourself away & chill the eff out’.... Getting into bed at 9pm in a comfy, cosy bed with fresh clean sheets would literally be the dream!

More Hey Duggee on Netflix.
Sometimes I feel like a bit of a bad mammy for popping Amelia in her bouncer in front of the telly on a morning, but honestly I need that time to get myself ready, have some breakfast & most importantly a couple (yes a couple) of cups of coffee. If I didn’t, God help the members of the public out there - It’s the only  thing which makes me feel remotely human & I’m not good without my morning routine! Amelia absolutely loves Hey Duggee, and if I’m honest I’m partial to an episode or two myself - Hands up if Roly’s your favourite character? But with the episodes only being 5 minutes long, it doesn’t take too long to get through the full set and before you know it you’ve watched ‘The Cardboard Box’ episode about six times.
Netflix, please give us more episodes of Hey Duggee… For my own sanity!

Better pelvic floor muscles.
I don’t think people believe me when I say ‘stop making me laugh, I’m going to pee my pants’ or ‘I can’t join in with that, because I’ll pee my pants’... Because it legit happens! Last week Dan & I did that thing you see in the movies where I jumped up onto him for a hug with my legs wrapped around his waist… And you guessed it, I peed myself!
They tell you to start your pelvic floor exercises pretty much as soon as you’ve given birth, but let’s be honest, how many of us actually do that?
My birthday dream would be magically have a better pelvic floor and be able to jump around the house dancing to Queen like a mad woman.

A cleaner.
Oh my! What I would give for someone to come in and give my home a good clean. I’m not even talking about a once over, my house literally needs taking to pieces having a good deep clean & then reorganising into an appropriate manner.
Another bonus would be that if someone else did the cleaning my husband wouldn’t be able to tell me off for moving his stuff!
So to have a cleaner for my birthday would be a win win situation for me really.

A dog walker.
Juggling a dog and a baby is hard! I don’t want to leave one of them out or make them feel as if we love the other more than them, I suppose it’s like having two children really - Only the baby is better behaved than the dog!
Willow’s always been an energetic beagle and even at four years old often gets mistaken for a puppy because of how much energy she has wrapped up in that little fury body of hers. Admittedly it’s getting easier now the nights are a lot lighter for Dan & I to take the girls out together on an evening, but honestly when I'm on my own getting Amelia wrapped up in the sling & having to hold a lead with a pain in the ass dog at the end of it can be an absolute nightmare!

Okay so money will actually be on my legitimate birthday wishlist this year. I spoke a while ago about how difficult it is living on a maternity wage. If I’m honest I feel like I’m just keeping my head above water at the moment, so I’m really not looking forward to not having a wage come in, in a few months time.
Luckily we’re never going to totally on our arse skint, but any extra funds would be amazing right now. Money is definitely going on my birthday wishlist.

Free time.
I’d probably say for me the hardest thing about being a mam, is the fact that I’m not myself anymore. From now on I’ve got to be totally selfless and with that comes giving up the vast majority of my free time. At the moment free time is when the baby’s sleeping & during that time I’m either working away on this little blog of mine or I’m keeping the house in some sort of order. I say some sort of order, because I’m just about managing to keep on top of things at the moment. Eeek!
Pre-Amelia me time would be slobbing out on the sofa catching up on rubbish TV, or having an hour long bath and lathering myself in X, Y & Z products however at the moment it’s just not feasible.
For my birthday I would love a bit of free time, just to do absolutely nothing! I want to sit outside a coffee shop on a sunny day with a latte & a sweet treat (of course) and watch the world go by. I want to put my phone down and step away from my laptop… That’s the sort of free time I’m needing right now.

So that’s my list!... In reality, I don’t actually want anything for my birthday as I have everything I could ever possibly want (apart from maybe a sausage dog, but this would worsen my dog walking situation) this is just a tongue in cheek list of things I’d love to receive. Of the seven things listed the biggest treat I could receive is a full night’s sleep, so if you could all put your hands together and pray for me that’d be amazing!

What’s the best birthday present you’ve ever received?



This is a sponsored blog post with Derma Roller.

I feel like I’m at my wits end with skincare at the moment, the long days and short nights have definitely taken their toll, so in order to combat my panda eyes I’ve updated my skincare routine & have been using a Derma Roller.

My skin is something that’s been getting me down quite a bit recently, I think the lack of sleep, lack of me time & lack of having a strict skincare routine has left me feeling a little bit negative towards the way my skin looks, in particular the dark circles around my eyes. At the moment (and this is going to be a huge exaggeration obviously) when I look in the mirror I feel like I resemble Uncle Fester off of the Adams Family - It’s stupid because my eye bags probably don’t seem that bad to some people, but because I’ve not had them before (woe is me right?) & because I’m surviving off 5-6 hours sleep a night unfortunately it’s all I’m seeing.

Lord knows a good night’s sleep would solve everything, but for now I’m updating my skincare routine with Derma Roller.

What is a Derma Roller?
A Derma Roller is a manual rolling device which uses 200 super fine medical grade needles to rejuvenate the skin. The micro-needles create channels in your skin which triggers your body’s natural skin renewal system. By renewing the skin cells on a regular basis the Derma Roller is able to treat common ailments such as wrinkles, scarring, hyperpigmentation and even stretch marks.

How does the Derma Roller work?
Let’s get into the science. Your skin’s greatest friends are collagen & elastin as they're basically the A team when it comes to thickening the skin, smoothing away fine lines and ridding the skin of hyperpigmentation. The channels created in the skin by using the Derma Roller open up your pores and starts the body’s natural healing process - It takes approximately two hours but by triggering the skin with the Derma Rollers micro-needles you are getting Mr Collagen & Mrs Elastin started on their day job.
Although only small the micro-needles are able to penetrate through to the mid-dermis, or the second layer of skin for us none science folk. This is great because it means skin renewal is basically happening from the inside out, and you’re not going to be left with any signs of healing on the outer layer of skin. It’s also brilliant because it gives any skincare products you may be using a chance to get deeper into the skin.

What can the Derma Roller treat?
The Derma Roller actually comes in a variety of different needle sizes which ranges from 0.5mm (the one I have) to 2.5mm depending on what area of the skin you’re wanting to treat.
0.5mm - Wrinkles, crows feet, large pores & enhancing skin absorption.
1.0mm - Saggy skin, sun damage, acne & enhancing nutrient absorption.
1.5mm - Scars & enhancing nutrient absorption.
2.0mm - Uneven skin tone & enhancing nutrient absorption.
2.5mm - Uneven skin tone & enhancing nutrient absorption.

How often should you use a Derma Roller?
Depending on which needle size you choose depicts how often it should be used. The 0.5mm & smallest needle size can be used up to 5 times a week however the larger sizes need to be used much more sporadically. The 1.0mm & 1.5mm Derma Rollers should be used once every four weeks & anything bigger every five.
Obviously everyone’s skin is going to be different & I suppose it’s up to you to use your own judgement on how often you use it, Derma Roller jus use these time frames as this coincides with the average time it takes for skin renewal on those targeted areas.

When will I see the results?
Skincare isn’t something which changes overnight… If only it was, that'd be the dream wouldn't it!
Derma Roller advise that more pronounced and permanent results will be noticeable after three months however smoother and clearer skin will be noticed after about 4 weeks. Again though everyones skin is going to be different and for some they may see results earlier, some may take a little longer - It's all relative.

Derma Roller offer packages with their products so for example I received the 0.5mm roller along with the Derma C+ Serum, but they also offer the larger sized rollers with collagen cream too, which I think is fab and would make lovely gift sets for people.
Derma C+ is a powerful anti ageing serum which is highly concentrated in vitamin C which is great for promoting collagen and elastin and vitamin E which is used as an antioxidant & moisturiser. Used alongside the roller, the Derma C+ Serum is said to greatly enhance the reduction of wrinkles, age spots and discolouration.

My experience with Derma Roller.
Admittedly when I first opened my Derma Roller I thought ‘ouch, those needles look sharp’ - I picked the smallest size 0.5mm size and to be honest I couldn’t believe how big they looked. I’d hate to think how scary the 2.0mm needled look! Eeek! I needn’t have been so worried though because although noticeable, the needles were in no way painful when applied to my skin. The needles felt more prominent along my forehead which is understandable, but for the amount of time the needles are actually touching the skin, it really wasn't an issue.
There’s been a few days when I’ve been quite heavy handed with the Derma Roller and I’ve been left with what looks like train tracks along my face, but this is completely my own fault. You really don’t need to be too harsh when using the roller, just a light roll up and down the skin and you’re away to go!
I was a little bit dubious to use the Derma C+ Serum as I’d been previously using one from Caudalie which I’ve been loving, but I thought for the purposes of this blog post & giving a good review I wanted to give this one a try… And I’ll tell you something, it’s blooming amazing! It’s both hydrating and nourishing and I can totally tell when I have and equally haven’t used this product on my face.

I’ve been using the 0.5mm Derma Roller along with the Derma C+ Serum on my face since the end of April and even though I do still have eye bags, my skin looks much nicer and more importantly feels more plump and dewy than it did before.

In conclusion for something that I first thought was quite scary and a little offputting I’ve had a complete turn around & have really been enjoying using the Derma Roller. I think the face rollers are maybe a little more beneficial to those slightly older than I am however I’ve still noticed such a difference in the overall appearance and texture of my skin which is great. The Derma Roller has been a fab update to my skincare routine & it's definitely made a permanent place there.

Have you or would you ever try something like the Derma Roller?