There's mixed emotions as I reach the end of my pregnancy; In one sense I can't wait for baby to make her appearance, but on the other hand I think I'm going to miss having her all to myself and miss having that 'pregnant feeling'.
The third trimester has been much more difficult than the first and second in terms of adjusting to my new larger, heavier & much rounder body, but unfortunately it's not just the physical symptoms I've been struggling with.
 The symptoms.
I've got to put heartburn right at the top of my symptoms list, it's not painful and it's something I can get on with, but it's so effing annoying! I've never suffered with heartburn before, and if I'm honest I didn't really know what it was... Until I got it... Every God damn night.

Something else that's highly annoying is the frequent need to pee! Oh my goodness, the struggle is real! Baby's head is fully down in my pelvis now and putting so much pressure on my bladder it's insane. I'd say the need to pee is pretty much constant, I'm up during the night on multiple occasions, but without being TMI, what comes out is the tiniest little trickle. It's so frustrating.

It was picked up from one of the many many blood tests I've had, that my iron count has been drastically low during pregnancy. I've been on medication over the last four months & will probably need to stay on it for a little while after giving birth, which is a little annoying, but I feel so much better in myself. I'm usually quite against doctors, medication in preference of more natural remedies, however the little tablets I'm on have been bloody brilliant in restoring my energy & making me feel more 'me'.

I've been basking in the fact I've not had a period for the last nine months, however that doesn't mean I haven't been getting period style cramps - And let me tell you they've been showing themselves in full force over the last couple of weeks. My body is obviously getting ready for the final stages of pregnancy, but what's actually happening in there, I'm not 100% sure - I'm looking at it as a positive though - She's almost cooked!

Finally onto the more emotional struggles of pregnancy... I've had a few blips but have done really well mental health wise during this pregnancy so far, however over the last month especially I've seen a shift in my emotions. I feel quite short tempered and that I'm being rather ratty with my other half. He say's I'm not, but I can't help but feel like I am. I'm putting it down to the change in hormones and the fact I'm so flipping uncomfortable right now. On the other end of the scale however I've been hysterical with tears, and for what reason... I've got absolutely no idea. The brain really is such a complex thing, how it works and how it operates is beyond me!
Midwife & health visitor appointments.
At around 30 weeks we opted for a private 4D scan. It was amazing to see baby's facial features and to see her squirming around in my tummy. It definitely makes the whole pregnancy thing feel more real. A 4D scan is something I'd recommend to anyone - yes, it was probably a little pricier than it should have been, but if we were to ever get pregnant again, we'd definitely do it again - It was brilliant.

I've been popping into the midwife every couple of weeks for a catch up, I've had my usual checks and she's also been checking baby's positioning and size... Which has all been totally perfect so far & fingers crossed will continue to do so as we get closer to birth. To be honest the last few appointments have all been pretty similar, and it's felt quite repetitive but it's nice to have that reassurance that baby's growing well.

I've also had my first health visitor appointment, which I was really apprehensive about. For some reason I thought she was going to come round and be really judgmental of  me, my future parenting skills and my home. In reality, I couldn't be more wrong. I think I'm going to do a full blog post on what to expect from your first health visitor appointment, as I'd got myself pretty worked up before the visit as there was next to nothing online with regards to what to expect.
Maternity leave.
I finished work at 37 weeks which I was more than ready for! Towards the end I was definitely struggling and to be honest I could have easily finished at 35 or 36 weeks. My job role is mainly office based however I work in retail so was on my feet for quite a lot of the day, walking backwards and forwards to the shop floor. My body was definitely feeling it - Especially when you think I'd work a 7 hour shift, come home, have the dog out for an hour, do some blog work and then any other jobs that needed doing in the home. I'm tired just thinking about it.
As much as I'm glad to be away from work, I'm definitely struggling with keeping myself busy. I'm finding it really difficult to just chill! When I'm writing this (a week in advance) I'm probably having my laziest day of maternity leave so far... And by that I mean I've been up since 8am, written another blog post to go live later on today, edited photos for another & prepped my Instagram poss for the next week... And it's only 12.00pm. I actually can't chill.
Preparing for birth.
My birth plan is to try and keep things as natural as possible, which when I've told people about it, they've always been super surprised at. I've been practicing hypnobirthing techniques and am going into the experience with an open, but really positive mindset. I've never been pregnant before & have never been in the giving birth situation before, so the way I look at it, why be scared of something firstly that's inevitable, and secondly something I've never experienced before. I'm not about that extra stress.

From an educational point of view and to try get our heads in the game a bit more we've been to two parenting classes. The first was a free event at our local Mothercare where we had a handful of small talks about things like breastfeeding, sleeping, how to fit a car seat as well as baby safety. The event was a great introduction to quite a few different topics, however it would have been useful to go a bit more in depth with some of the subjects. We also had a tour of our local hospital and delivery suite which was super handy and something we were 100% set on doing before baby gets here. I honestly couldn't think of anything more stressful than being in active labour traipsing the hospital looking for where to go, not to mention the prospect of struggling to get a parking space outside the front doors. Eeek!

I'm writing this early and currently only have two and a half weeks left of pregnancy, by the time this goes live I'll have a week... Which I am more then excited about. The prospect of Dan & I being able to hold our baby very very soon is amazing. I'm really hoping she makes an appearance sooner rather than later.

Have you got any tips for birth or how to cope with a newborn baby?

Claire. X

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  1. Great post Claire! Heartburn truly sucks, doesn't it?! I've definitely got back some first trimester symptoms like fatigue and feeling nauseous on and off. I sometimes find it really hard to fall asleep and often whichever side I lie on, baby starts to kick which makes it really uncomfortable! I think overall my hormones and emotions have been pretty fair, although I too feel like I've been overly grumpy at times and Ian is very understanding which helps a lot. I'd love to hear about your health visitor visit as I've no idea what to expect. My next midwife appointment is this Sunday! Hope you're feeling well rested. :)

    Emma xxx

    1. Oh it's awful! I've constantly got myself propped up on about 5 pillows to try an alleviate the heartburn. As rubbish as it is, I'm glad we're both in the same boat. I think I've only slept through the night once this week, whether it's getting up to go for a wee, heartburn waking, or baby wriggling so much that it wakes me up. I'm counting down the days to when she'll be here now. I just wish we knew when it will be. Haha. The HV appointment wasn't too bad at all, in short she was asking about mine & Dan's background and what sort of support network we have around us. She also chatted through breastfeeding tips, how to bath and put baby to bed. The most helpful bit for me (because we don't have family around us) was she gave us loads of information about local mum & baby groups. Then she comes out again once baby is around 2 weeks old :-) I'll hopefully get a more detailed post written before you have yours. X

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