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If you read my previous Look Fantastic Advent Calendar post you'll know I'm giving out weekly reviews and first impressions of what's hidden behind each door. I was rather unimpressed by what I opened during week twolet's hope that week three is going to be slightly merrier!
Day 15. Sleek Eye Shadow Palette - A New Day.
One thing I never buy for myself is eye shadow palettes, reason being is that it's always the part of my makeup routine I forget. Unless I've properly thought about a specific makeup look I want to achieve, then chances are I'm not wearing eye shadow. That being said, if I was to wear an eye shadow, it'd probably be something neutral and warm toned like the shades in this palette. I won't be making use of the eye shadow brush which comes with the palette, because let's be frank... They're always crap aren't they? But the shadows will definitely be going for a test drive on my peepers. Being a drug store brand I'm not sure how long they'll last & what the pigmentation is going to be like, but I'm certainly looking forward to giving these a go.
RRP: £8.99

Day 16. Doucce Fierce & Fine Graphic Pen.
Doucce is another brand I'd never heard of... And one I probably wont be trying to pronounce out loud. Like with eye shadow, eye liner isn't something I usually wear. In fact, I don't think i currently own a liner, so it'll be nice adding this to my collection. I used to wear eyeliner every day back in my younger years and would like to think I still have the knack when it comes to creating that perfect, symmetrical eye look. Watch this space! What I particularly like about this liner is that the pen looks mega precise, it has quite a thin nib which looks like it'd be easy to control and give me super fleeky flicks.
RRP: £16.00
Day 17. Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum.
Yet again, another brand I've not tired before... I'm starting to think I've lived under a rock for the last five years. Caudalie however, is a brand I've most definitely heard of, and one I've been desperate to try since they came onto my radar a few years ago. I always find when discovering new brands that I never really know where to start, so not having the choice & receiving the Vinoperfect radiance serum behind door number 17 is probably a good thing for indecisive old me! I've got high hopes for this one & can't wait to start introducing this to my evening skincare routine.
RRP: £15.33 for 10ml

Day 18. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream.
Guess what... Another brand I've not heard of before! I'm loving this advent calendar so far for that exact reason. I mentioned in week 2's first impressions that I've been really into moisturising recently, especially throughout the third trimester and this one will definitely get added to the pile and made full use out of. This one looks a little more intense than the Rituals Sakura Body Cream received last week, so this may be better for hands, feet & elbows... You know those super attractive body parts. I'm looking forward to applying this one!
RRP: £10.00
Day 19. ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy.
Guess what... Another brand I've not heard of before! I know I joked about it before... But I'm pretty certain now that I definitely have been living under a rock for the last five years. To me this sounds a little like the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask from The Body Shop - A product I absolutely adored using and one I could feel working straight away. I've altered my skincare routine over Winter as my face gets especially dry in the cold weather, and I think this product will fit in with that perfectly!
RRP: £10.09 for 10ml

Day 20. This Works Relax & Breathe Stress Check.
Guess what... A brand I've heard of! Finally! Hallelujah. I've always wanted to try something from This Works, and have had my eye predominantly on the deep sleep pillow spray as I've heard every blogger and their grandma's talking about it. I'm going to be using this after baby arrives as I predict it's going to come in very useful!
RRP: £10.00 for 5ml
Day 21. Mane And Tail Shampoo & Conditioner.
Now I knew this one was coming, although I was dubious as to whether Look Fantastic would split the two products up or not. Being cynical I thought they'd spread the shampoo & condition over two days, so was pleasantly surprised when I opened the two of these together... Because after all, that means an extra present for Claire doesn't it! I've been using the Mane And Tail Hoofmaker Hand & Nail Treatment for a few months now & have been really impressed with the intensity of the product, so I'm hoping these two hair goodies are going to pack the same punch.
RRP: £5.98 for 60ml

After last weeks less than impressive selection I'm made up with the goodies I've opened this week. What I was after ideally when looking at different beauty advent calendars was to use products from brands I've not tried before and that's definitely what I've received this week. I actually can't decide which product I'm most excited about trying. 

I'm hoping once I've opened all 25 days & had a proper chance to use everything to put a blog post together of what I've loved & equally what'd not floated my boat so much. Is this something you'd be interested in seeing?

Have you got an alternative (non chocolate) advent calendar this year?


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