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If you read my previous Look Fantastic Advent Calendar post you'll know I'm giving out weekly reviews and first impressions of what's hidden behind each door. I was rather impressed by what I opened during week one, let's hope that week two is going to be the same!

Also... How on earth did we get to the 14th December by the way?
Day 8. Molton Brown Jasmine & Sun Rose Bath & Shower Gel.
I think I've probably only ever tried one or two products from Molton Brown so it was nice to see this behind the door of number 8 on my Look Fantastic advent calendar. I've just started using the Sleepy bath & shower gel from Lush which I've fallen completely in love with and smells the complete opposite of this from Molton Brown...That's not to say however that I won't love this one! I'm rather easily pleased when it comes to shower gels, so can't wait to try this one.
RRP: £10.00 for 100ml

Day 9. Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste.
Okay... So I was rather disappointed with this one. I suppose it makes sense, but I didn't know Look Fantastic did toothpaste so when I opened door number 9 I was shocked to say the least... Much to my Husbands amusement. I have the most sensitive teeth and can tell the difference in my nashers if I don't use my regular toothpaste for even a couple of days, so it's safe to say I won't be using this product at all - I may keep it in case Dan goes away for a few days and needs a travel size toothpaste, but apart from that this will be pretty redundant unfortunately.
RRP: £1.87 for 14ml
Day 10. Omorovicza Moor Cream Cleanser.
I'd never heard of this brand up until a few months or so ago when I received their firming cream in a Look Fantastic Beauty Box, but since then I've seen them everywhere!.. It's funny how that usually happens isn't it. I'm pretty much on the last legs of my current Eve Lom cleanser so it'll be nice to give this one a go, and if their firming cream is anything to go by, I'll be in for a treat.
RRP: £10.40 for 30ml

Day 11. Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream.
I've definitely upped my moisturiser game during the third trimester of my pregnancy so I'm sure this will get plenty of use, possibly more so after baby's born as this body cream has a more fresh and uplifting scent... And I think i'll definitely be needing that at that point in my life. I'm currently using the Sleepy body lotion from Lush as it's much more soothing & relaxing so it'll be nice to swap to something different once baby makes her appearance.
RRP: £6.00 for 70ml
Day 12. Grow Gorgeous Thickening Hair & Scalp Mask
Another hair product! I'd already opened the Percy & Reed wonder balm from last week so my hair will definitely be getting a treat this festive season. I've got quite a few hair masks on the go at the moment, I never really seem to stick to just having one, so this will make a welcome addition to my collection and i'll definitely use all of this product up... Even if it does take me a little while.
RRP: £9.00 for 60ml

Day 13. Balance Me Gradual Tanning Drops
Tanning isn't something I'm that hooked on to be honest, and even when I do tan I like to do it in the easiest way possible... Lazy girl problems right? I've never tried anything like these tanning drops before, but to me they just scream dificultness - Not that that's even a word, but you know what I mean. I've seen bloggers go mad recently for the Isle of Paradise tanning drops, so I'm sure these would work just as well, I just don't think I'm the right person for the job.
RRP: £4.00 for 4ml

Day 14. Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick.
Okay, so I actually thought this was green lipstick to begin with!.. And that peed me off to no end! Who on earth wants a green lipstick? That was until I realised it actually changes colour once applied to the lips. Doh! Normally I'd have tried this straight away, but I haven't given it a go yet as I haven't been wearing that much makeup recently. I'm looking forward to seeing how this looks on my lips though - It's supposed to be different for each person & I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks on me.
RRP: £20.00
So what do I think of this weeks offerings? In all honesty, and compared to last week, week 2's products seem a little lackluster. Don't get me wrong, there are products here which I will use and more than likely enjoy, but what I've been craving this week is some good makeup pieces. In 7 days there's only been one makeup piece, which was the Lipstick Queen product and even that brought with it a roller coaster of emotions. Two products I definitely won't be using from this week are the Balance Me tanning drops & the Regenerate advanced toothpaste, which is unfortunate, but I suppose you can't win them all!.. And I'm just one person, I'm sure there'll be loads of people out there who would make excellent use of them.

I'm hoping once I've opened all 25 days & had a proper chance to use everything to put a blog post together of what I've loved & equally what'd not floated my boat so much. Is this something you'd be interested in seeing?

Have you got an alternative (non chocolate) advent calendar this year?


Have you caught up with my previous posts?


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