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Without sounding like the most naive person in the world, I never fully understood or appreciated what women go through during pregnancy... That was until I got pregnant myself.

I think it's due to a mix of things really, one being that I haven't directly been around that many pregnant people or been surrounded by young children and babies. Secondly I don't think enough women talk about negative factors that come with pregnancy, whether that's with the intent of not to offend anyone or because we're all trying to be superwomen, who knows? And thirdly, I think it's just one of those things where you can't fully put yourself in a situation, until you're actually there and you don't really have a choice to think otherwise.
So what have I learnt through pregnancy?

The human body really is an amazing thing. In my 28 years I've always been relatively healthy & have admittedly taken my body & what it's really capable for granted, when in fact over the last nine months it's been doing something pretty spectacular. I was chatting to a friend about halfway through my pregnancy & they'd called the placenta a 'brand new organ which my body has created' which was something I hadn't previously thought of but it really stuck with me! Not only have I created a baby (with a little help from Dan of course) but my body's known what to do to provide a safe haven & source of nourishment for her. I'm 39 weeks in & I still find it so bizarre that even though I don't have a clue, my body knows exactly what to do to keep this baby inside of me safe. 

People can be so judgmental. You'll find as soon as you announce that you're pregnant that the interrogations start & you'll soon get sick of answering the same questions. It's funny as well because you'll begin to learn peoples opinions probably before they've even asked the question. The biggest judgement, and probably the most heartbreaking was from (in particular older) people classing us as 'not children people' because we've decided to have children in our late twenties. It was almost as if because Dan & I didn't have children within the first couple of years of meeting, that the thought of us ever becoming parents was completely dismissed. 

Finding cute maternity clothes is an absolute bitch! Oh my goodness... Nobody told me about this before I got pregnant! Obviously beforehand I hadn't paid that much attention to maternity clothes, but when you do, you realise if you don't like stripes or ruching, you're pretty much screwed! I've only bought a handful of 'maternity clothes' one thing being a pair of ASOS ridley skinny jeans which have been an absolute Godsend... Everything else unfortunately has been pretty much redundant & Instead of buying proper maternity clothes I've opted for buying pieces I like just in bigger sizes.
How the husband/wife relationship changes. Seeing Dan getting excited about the baby has honestly been one of the most heartwarming things & I feel like the luckiest person in the world. He's been so supportive, especially when I've not really been feeling myself, he's been amazing. I'd found adjusting to my body changing to be quite difficult, especially at the beginning -But to be constantly told you're a beautiful mama when you're feeling low about yourself is something special! Gahh, I can feel myself getting emotional just thinking about it!

Everyday's a school day. I've learnt so much over the last nine months... Things about myself, things about my body, things about the baby - It's crazy! And just when you think you know everything you need to know, something else pops up & you have another light bulb moment. The most random, but most interesting thing I've learnt so far is that the size of baby's stomach when they're first born is of a small marble. We were taught this with regards to how much to feed baby and honestly we were blown away by her how teeny tiny her cute little tummy will be!

Appreciate the life you've had. Dan & I have been together for 8 years and quite often reflect on everything we've done and seen together in that time... And let me tell you it's a lot! We've really had such an amazing life together as a pair, and are now venturing onto this new chapter at what feels like the most perfect time in our lives together. We can't wait!

I'm wishing for this baby to come out of me now, as well has my body has served me over the last 273 days, I'm so ready to begin the next chapter of our lives. Keep your fingers crossed for me that little one makes her appearance soon!

What was the biggest thing you learnt through pregnancy?

Claire. X

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  1. Great post Claire and lots to relate to! Our bodies really are amazing - it's crazy what they can do, especially grow a tiny human being!
    I hate that people feel they can be so judgmental - it's up to a couple if or when they decide they want to have children and some people's journey to getting pregnant is longer than others. People should mind their own business and just be happy for you!
    I think for me personally, because I feel like I basically wasted a decade of my life with the wrong person and truly felt that having my own family was never going to be an option, when I finally met the right person I just knew exactly what I wanted, we were both on the same wavelength and everything has just fallen into place at a natural pace for us. It's such an exciting time!
    I definitely agree with you RE maternity clothes - unless you're willing to splurge on speciality maternity brands, there really isn't much choice.
    I feel so lucky to also have a very supportive partner in all of this, as well as support from both of our families which I know will continue after baby is born. :)

    Emma xxx

    1. Thank you :-) It's the most amazing, yet most bizarre thing isn't it. You said it absolutely perfectly, it took us a number of years to get pregnant, however now we are, it feels like the perfect time. Everything seems to have fallen into place for us which is amazing. And the same for you! I'm so glad we're both going through this together. I can't wait to read more of your pregnancy posts. X

  2. Lovely post Claire.
    Pregnancy is a crazy time and thing. As you say, you learn so much about yourself, your body and also your unborn child. Plus everything around you that changes.
    Plus, if you think pregnancy has been a whirlwind, wait until she arrives! Haha!
    Sadly, parent or not, everyone tom dick, sheila and 'professionals' will have an opinion on you, you and your husband, and your parenting. My piece of advice would be to take the information, but don't pin your life on it. It's funny, maternal instinct, but you do get it and it is generally right. Get yourself some mummy friends and work it out and lean on each other. xx


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