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If you've read my last few Look Fantastic posts you'll know I'm giving weekly first impressions of what I open behind each door in their 2018 Advent Calendar. And even though today's post is no different, I'm going to be finishing off with my final thoughts of the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar.

Do I think it's worth it?.. Would I buy it again? Let's have a look shall we...
Day 22. Look Fantastic Fan & Highlight Brush.
I own quite a few makeup brushes in my collection, however something I don't have is a fan brush so this will make a much welcome addition! The brush is double ended, with one side being quite dense and cone shaped & the other being a softer, fan shaped brush. I currently use a cream highlighter so can imagine the denser brush to be more useful for this whereas the latter would be better for powder highlights. I'm going to start testing this bad boy out straight away & can't wait to try it with a powder highlight.
RRP: £10.00

Day 23. Aromatherapy De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil.
Aromatherapy bath & shower oils have probably been my biggest revelation over the last few months. I've fallen absolutely in love with them & have often spoken about how luxurious they make my bath time routines. I'm definitely more of a bath, than a shower person and I can't wait to start splashing a few drops in my tub. I know I'm going to love this because I haven't met an Aromatherapy product I haven't liked yet !
RRP: £11.00 for 9ml
Day 24. Erno Laszlo Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask.
I've been looking for something like this for such a long time! A little while ago I was recommended a similar product from Soap & Glory however whenever I've remembered to actually look for it, I could never find it in stock, which is a bit of a bummer. It's safe to say my eyes lit up when I saw this little goodie! It couldn't have come at a better time. 
RRP: £10.00

Day 25. Illamasqua Beyond Powder Highlight - Deity
Firstly can I just say how glad I am, I've actually got a day 25 - I've always found it super lame when calendars only go up to 24, whether they be beauty calendars or good old regular chocolate ones. When I opened present number 25 however I was even more grateful - It's a mother-flipping Illamasqua highlighter and it's mother-flipping gorgeous! I would never in a million years have bought this for myself, so opening it up was a complete treat. I've never purchased anything from Illamasqua before purely down to the pricing of their products. I'm sure they're gorgeous & I can't wait to try this one, however I can't justify spending £34.00 on a highlight for myself - I'm much more of a drugstore type of gal.
RRP: £34.00

So now for the big question... Do I think the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar is actually worth it?
Essentially what I wanted the advent calendar for was to try new products from brands I wouldn't necessarily have bought for myself and if you've read all four installments of this mini-series you'll understand that's exactly what I've achieved. I'm a drugstore gal through and through & I'd probably say a good 75% of the products in this calendar are from brands I'd never have tried purely down to their pricing. It's going to be amazing to treat myself & try a little more luxury.

There are a few standout products I'd like to mention, two of which funnily were behind the first & final doors. The HD Brows X Look Fantastic Contour & Colour Pro Palette was a great one to start with and definitely got me interested into the beauty advent calendar world from the beginning, and then the Illamasqua Beyond Powder Highlight to finish is equally as amazing & I absolutely can't wait to start using it! A few other goodies in between which stand out for me are the Glam Glow Firming Treatment Mask behind door number four, the Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick behind door fourteen and the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum from door seventeen.
Let's finish by talking numbers... I was lucky that I when I bought the calendar Look Fantastic had a special offer on so I only actually paid £63.20 for 25 days worth of products. Pretty good right?... I'd like to think so! You'll have noticed when I've been writing down my first impressions that I've also noted down the RRP for each product. The total RRP comes in at £312.37 which is almost 5 times the amount I paid - And if you ask me a complete bargain!

So in a nutshell, yes I think the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar is totally worth it!

Have you ordered from Look Fantastic before? What are your favourite products?



Obviously having my baby & becoming a family is the upmost thing I'm looking forward to post pregnancy, however there are lots of little things, daft things you could say that I'm looking forward to once baby's here.
Being able to lie on my stomach.
Granted, this may not be happening for a little while as my postpartum body may not be totally up to it, but I absolutely can't wait to be able to lie on my stomach. I realise this sounds ridiculous, but I've really missed being able to flump around in bed on my tummy reading a good book - I really did take that shit for granted before!

Being able to eat steak exactly how I like it cooked.
While pregnant it's recommended that everything you eat should be thoroughly cooked, which makes total sense, however something I've really missed is medium rare steaks! Oh my goodness - I can't wait to have a medium rare steak after the baby's born. We went out for a meal a few months ago & I made the mistake of ordering a steak, but asking for it to be cooked well done... And it just wasn't the same!

Not groaning every time I move.
So this is a big one not only for me, but for my husband too! During pregnancy any form of physical movement, whether it's getting out of bed or getting comfortable on the sofa, it came with it's own sound effects. Every little moan or groan would put my husband on edge thinking the baby was coming, unfortunately for us both it was just me and my seemingly incapable body crying out for help.
All of the Gin!
Need I say anymore! Haha. I was never a big drinker before I got pregnant, however I've found that knowing I'm not allowed something only makes me want it even more. Anyone else with me? And for the last few months that's been gin! I'm planning on breast feeding so I can't be drinking all of the gin, but I'm definitely going to be enjoying small tipple once baby's here, and I find a spare few moments to myself.

Walking like a lady.
I'd say for the last month and a half my walk turned into more of a waddle. If you've ever played The Sims & seen how the pregnant women walk on there, that's me! Baby was fully engaged from around 36 weeks which as I'm sure you can imagine wasn't at all comfortable. And yes, having a head swinging between your pelvis 24/7 for 5-6 weeks (I've been blessed with a late baby) is exactly how you'd imagine it to feel.

Wearing nice shoes.
My tootsies had swollen quite a bit during pregnancy and I found I was wearing my knock off Ugg boots on a daily basis - I suppose it's a good job it was Winter really & I could half get away with wearing ugly yet very very comfortable shoes. I spoke earlier about how I'm wanting to create a capsule wardrobe once my postpartum body has settled down, and part of that is going to be investing in a pair of gorgeous low heeled black boots. Feel free to hit me up with any recommendations.

I really do want to reiterate that having my baby outside of my body & becoming our own little family is what I'm really looking forward to. I just wanted to make light of the situation that I'm currently overdue & dreaming of all the daft things I've missed during pregnancy.


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If you read my previous Look Fantastic Advent Calendar post you'll know I'm giving out weekly reviews and first impressions of what's hidden behind each door. I was rather unimpressed by what I opened during week twolet's hope that week three is going to be slightly merrier!
Day 15. Sleek Eye Shadow Palette - A New Day.
One thing I never buy for myself is eye shadow palettes, reason being is that it's always the part of my makeup routine I forget. Unless I've properly thought about a specific makeup look I want to achieve, then chances are I'm not wearing eye shadow. That being said, if I was to wear an eye shadow, it'd probably be something neutral and warm toned like the shades in this palette. I won't be making use of the eye shadow brush which comes with the palette, because let's be frank... They're always crap aren't they? But the shadows will definitely be going for a test drive on my peepers. Being a drug store brand I'm not sure how long they'll last & what the pigmentation is going to be like, but I'm certainly looking forward to giving these a go.
RRP: £8.99

Day 16. Doucce Fierce & Fine Graphic Pen.
Doucce is another brand I'd never heard of... And one I probably wont be trying to pronounce out loud. Like with eye shadow, eye liner isn't something I usually wear. In fact, I don't think i currently own a liner, so it'll be nice adding this to my collection. I used to wear eyeliner every day back in my younger years and would like to think I still have the knack when it comes to creating that perfect, symmetrical eye look. Watch this space! What I particularly like about this liner is that the pen looks mega precise, it has quite a thin nib which looks like it'd be easy to control and give me super fleeky flicks.
RRP: £16.00
Day 17. Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum.
Yet again, another brand I've not tired before... I'm starting to think I've lived under a rock for the last five years. Caudalie however, is a brand I've most definitely heard of, and one I've been desperate to try since they came onto my radar a few years ago. I always find when discovering new brands that I never really know where to start, so not having the choice & receiving the Vinoperfect radiance serum behind door number 17 is probably a good thing for indecisive old me! I've got high hopes for this one & can't wait to start introducing this to my evening skincare routine.
RRP: £15.33 for 10ml

Day 18. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream.
Guess what... Another brand I've not heard of before! I'm loving this advent calendar so far for that exact reason. I mentioned in week 2's first impressions that I've been really into moisturising recently, especially throughout the third trimester and this one will definitely get added to the pile and made full use out of. This one looks a little more intense than the Rituals Sakura Body Cream received last week, so this may be better for hands, feet & elbows... You know those super attractive body parts. I'm looking forward to applying this one!
RRP: £10.00
Day 19. ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy.
Guess what... Another brand I've not heard of before! I know I joked about it before... But I'm pretty certain now that I definitely have been living under a rock for the last five years. To me this sounds a little like the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask from The Body Shop - A product I absolutely adored using and one I could feel working straight away. I've altered my skincare routine over Winter as my face gets especially dry in the cold weather, and I think this product will fit in with that perfectly!
RRP: £10.09 for 10ml

Day 20. This Works Relax & Breathe Stress Check.
Guess what... A brand I've heard of! Finally! Hallelujah. I've always wanted to try something from This Works, and have had my eye predominantly on the deep sleep pillow spray as I've heard every blogger and their grandma's talking about it. I'm going to be using this after baby arrives as I predict it's going to come in very useful!
RRP: £10.00 for 5ml
Day 21. Mane And Tail Shampoo & Conditioner.
Now I knew this one was coming, although I was dubious as to whether Look Fantastic would split the two products up or not. Being cynical I thought they'd spread the shampoo & condition over two days, so was pleasantly surprised when I opened the two of these together... Because after all, that means an extra present for Claire doesn't it! I've been using the Mane And Tail Hoofmaker Hand & Nail Treatment for a few months now & have been really impressed with the intensity of the product, so I'm hoping these two hair goodies are going to pack the same punch.
RRP: £5.98 for 60ml

After last weeks less than impressive selection I'm made up with the goodies I've opened this week. What I was after ideally when looking at different beauty advent calendars was to use products from brands I've not tried before and that's definitely what I've received this week. I actually can't decide which product I'm most excited about trying. 

I'm hoping once I've opened all 25 days & had a proper chance to use everything to put a blog post together of what I've loved & equally what'd not floated my boat so much. Is this something you'd be interested in seeing?

Have you got an alternative (non chocolate) advent calendar this year?


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Beauty | The Look Fantastic advent calendar. Week 1. First Impressions

Beauty | The Look Fantastic Advent calendar. Week 2 First impressions.

If you read my previous Look Fantastic Advent Calendar post you'll know I'm giving out weekly reviews and first impressions of what's hidden behind each door. I was rather impressed by what I opened during week one, let's hope that week two is going to be the same!

Also... How on earth did we get to the 14th December by the way?
Day 8. Molton Brown Jasmine & Sun Rose Bath & Shower Gel.
I think I've probably only ever tried one or two products from Molton Brown so it was nice to see this behind the door of number 8 on my Look Fantastic advent calendar. I've just started using the Sleepy bath & shower gel from Lush which I've fallen completely in love with and smells the complete opposite of this from Molton Brown...That's not to say however that I won't love this one! I'm rather easily pleased when it comes to shower gels, so can't wait to try this one.
RRP: £10.00 for 100ml

Day 9. Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste.
Okay... So I was rather disappointed with this one. I suppose it makes sense, but I didn't know Look Fantastic did toothpaste so when I opened door number 9 I was shocked to say the least... Much to my Husbands amusement. I have the most sensitive teeth and can tell the difference in my nashers if I don't use my regular toothpaste for even a couple of days, so it's safe to say I won't be using this product at all - I may keep it in case Dan goes away for a few days and needs a travel size toothpaste, but apart from that this will be pretty redundant unfortunately.
RRP: £1.87 for 14ml
Day 10. Omorovicza Moor Cream Cleanser.
I'd never heard of this brand up until a few months or so ago when I received their firming cream in a Look Fantastic Beauty Box, but since then I've seen them everywhere!.. It's funny how that usually happens isn't it. I'm pretty much on the last legs of my current Eve Lom cleanser so it'll be nice to give this one a go, and if their firming cream is anything to go by, I'll be in for a treat.
RRP: £10.40 for 30ml

Day 11. Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream.
I've definitely upped my moisturiser game during the third trimester of my pregnancy so I'm sure this will get plenty of use, possibly more so after baby's born as this body cream has a more fresh and uplifting scent... And I think i'll definitely be needing that at that point in my life. I'm currently using the Sleepy body lotion from Lush as it's much more soothing & relaxing so it'll be nice to swap to something different once baby makes her appearance.
RRP: £6.00 for 70ml
Day 12. Grow Gorgeous Thickening Hair & Scalp Mask
Another hair product! I'd already opened the Percy & Reed wonder balm from last week so my hair will definitely be getting a treat this festive season. I've got quite a few hair masks on the go at the moment, I never really seem to stick to just having one, so this will make a welcome addition to my collection and i'll definitely use all of this product up... Even if it does take me a little while.
RRP: £9.00 for 60ml

Day 13. Balance Me Gradual Tanning Drops
Tanning isn't something I'm that hooked on to be honest, and even when I do tan I like to do it in the easiest way possible... Lazy girl problems right? I've never tried anything like these tanning drops before, but to me they just scream dificultness - Not that that's even a word, but you know what I mean. I've seen bloggers go mad recently for the Isle of Paradise tanning drops, so I'm sure these would work just as well, I just don't think I'm the right person for the job.
RRP: £4.00 for 4ml

Day 14. Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick.
Okay, so I actually thought this was green lipstick to begin with!.. And that peed me off to no end! Who on earth wants a green lipstick? That was until I realised it actually changes colour once applied to the lips. Doh! Normally I'd have tried this straight away, but I haven't given it a go yet as I haven't been wearing that much makeup recently. I'm looking forward to seeing how this looks on my lips though - It's supposed to be different for each person & I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks on me.
RRP: £20.00
So what do I think of this weeks offerings? In all honesty, and compared to last week, week 2's products seem a little lackluster. Don't get me wrong, there are products here which I will use and more than likely enjoy, but what I've been craving this week is some good makeup pieces. In 7 days there's only been one makeup piece, which was the Lipstick Queen product and even that brought with it a roller coaster of emotions. Two products I definitely won't be using from this week are the Balance Me tanning drops & the Regenerate advanced toothpaste, which is unfortunate, but I suppose you can't win them all!.. And I'm just one person, I'm sure there'll be loads of people out there who would make excellent use of them.

I'm hoping once I've opened all 25 days & had a proper chance to use everything to put a blog post together of what I've loved & equally what'd not floated my boat so much. Is this something you'd be interested in seeing?

Have you got an alternative (non chocolate) advent calendar this year?


Have you caught up with my previous posts?


Without sounding like the most naive person in the world, I never fully understood or appreciated what women go through during pregnancy... That was until I got pregnant myself.

I think it's due to a mix of things really, one being that I haven't directly been around that many pregnant people or been surrounded by young children and babies. Secondly I don't think enough women talk about negative factors that come with pregnancy, whether that's with the intent of not to offend anyone or because we're all trying to be superwomen, who knows? And thirdly, I think it's just one of those things where you can't fully put yourself in a situation, until you're actually there and you don't really have a choice to think otherwise.
So what have I learnt through pregnancy?

The human body really is an amazing thing. In my 28 years I've always been relatively healthy & have admittedly taken my body & what it's really capable for granted, when in fact over the last nine months it's been doing something pretty spectacular. I was chatting to a friend about halfway through my pregnancy & they'd called the placenta a 'brand new organ which my body has created' which was something I hadn't previously thought of but it really stuck with me! Not only have I created a baby (with a little help from Dan of course) but my body's known what to do to provide a safe haven & source of nourishment for her. I'm 39 weeks in & I still find it so bizarre that even though I don't have a clue, my body knows exactly what to do to keep this baby inside of me safe. 

People can be so judgmental. You'll find as soon as you announce that you're pregnant that the interrogations start & you'll soon get sick of answering the same questions. It's funny as well because you'll begin to learn peoples opinions probably before they've even asked the question. The biggest judgement, and probably the most heartbreaking was from (in particular older) people classing us as 'not children people' because we've decided to have children in our late twenties. It was almost as if because Dan & I didn't have children within the first couple of years of meeting, that the thought of us ever becoming parents was completely dismissed. 

Finding cute maternity clothes is an absolute bitch! Oh my goodness... Nobody told me about this before I got pregnant! Obviously beforehand I hadn't paid that much attention to maternity clothes, but when you do, you realise if you don't like stripes or ruching, you're pretty much screwed! I've only bought a handful of 'maternity clothes' one thing being a pair of ASOS ridley skinny jeans which have been an absolute Godsend... Everything else unfortunately has been pretty much redundant & Instead of buying proper maternity clothes I've opted for buying pieces I like just in bigger sizes.
How the husband/wife relationship changes. Seeing Dan getting excited about the baby has honestly been one of the most heartwarming things & I feel like the luckiest person in the world. He's been so supportive, especially when I've not really been feeling myself, he's been amazing. I'd found adjusting to my body changing to be quite difficult, especially at the beginning -But to be constantly told you're a beautiful mama when you're feeling low about yourself is something special! Gahh, I can feel myself getting emotional just thinking about it!

Everyday's a school day. I've learnt so much over the last nine months... Things about myself, things about my body, things about the baby - It's crazy! And just when you think you know everything you need to know, something else pops up & you have another light bulb moment. The most random, but most interesting thing I've learnt so far is that the size of baby's stomach when they're first born is of a small marble. We were taught this with regards to how much to feed baby and honestly we were blown away by her how teeny tiny her cute little tummy will be!

Appreciate the life you've had. Dan & I have been together for 8 years and quite often reflect on everything we've done and seen together in that time... And let me tell you it's a lot! We've really had such an amazing life together as a pair, and are now venturing onto this new chapter at what feels like the most perfect time in our lives together. We can't wait!

I'm wishing for this baby to come out of me now, as well has my body has served me over the last 273 days, I'm so ready to begin the next chapter of our lives. Keep your fingers crossed for me that little one makes her appearance soon!

What was the biggest thing you learnt through pregnancy?

Claire. X

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Beauty | The Look Fantastic advent calendar. Week 1. First impressions.

It's very rare that I actually treat myself, but this year I've been particularly indulgent & bought myself the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar... I'm blaming the pregnancy hormones. I've had the advent calendar stashed at the back of my wardrobe since it came out two months ago, in fact I very nearly almost forgot to open it on December 1st. Thankfully however that loss of memory didn't last too long!

I'm going to be doing a week by week run through of what's behind each door, give you my first impressions & at the end whether I think the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar is actually worth it.
Day 1. HD Brows X Look Fantastic Contour & Colour Pro Palette.
Well this is a bloody good one to start with isn't it - What a way to get a gal hooked into a beauty advent calendar! I didn't realise HD Brows did products that weren't anything to do with brows... Just call me a pants, naive beauty blogger! But boy as soon as I saw this, my eyes lit up, much to my husbands amusement - I was excited for this one! The palette contains 6 shades, three powder foundations, a bronzer, highlight & a blush - Everything you'd ever need for perfecting a flawless base. I'm not overly into powder foundations, however I'm planning on using these shades for setting, & mattifying... On the contrary, the bronze, highlight & blush tones I will be having an absolute field day with - I've found as we've come into Autumn/Winter I've definitely been applying more bronzey tones to my face.
*RRP £60.00

Day 2. Filorga Anti Ageing Micellar Cleansing Solution.
Admittedly this one seemed a little lack luster after yesterdays goodie, but I know for a fact this micellar water is something I'm going to use till it's empty & more than likely enjoy. My only concern is how this will compare to my usual Garnier micellar water, which comes in at a fraction of the price... Call me a cynic, but surely there's can't be much difference from one micellar water to another.
*RRP £2.50 for 50ml.

Day 3. Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm.
After chopping my locks off a few weeks ago, I was more than happy to see the Wonder Balm behind door number three. This was also the first product I'd revealed where I could smell it before I could see it, which enticed me greatly. It was almost like when you can smell something delicious cooking before you're about to eat it & your mouth starts salivating. Yupp Claire... Exactly like that! Haha. The day after shampooing & conditioning, my hair is always really static and super difficult to work with so I'm hoping the wonder balm will combat my weekly dilemma.
*RRP £7.20 for 30ml.
Day 4. Glamglow Gravity Mud Mask Firming Treatment.
Glamglow seems to have taken the beauty world by storm over the last year or so, however it's a brand I'm still yet to try. I've always been a big face mask fan, so should really have tried Glamglow before but in all honesty it's always been the price that had put me off purchasing, especially when there's such great cheaper alternatives out there. I'm not sure if a firming treatment is right for me at this time of year, as my skin is already quite dry but I am looking forward to giving this a go and dipping my toes into the brand.
*RRP £12.60 for 15g.

Day 5. Blink Brow Bar Brow Build.
I'm all for brow products, and definitely already have my favourites which I've been using on a daily basis for the last few years, none of which are pencils like this one. Currently I flit between the Soap & Glory Brow Archery, Sleek Eyebrow Stylist & the New Cid Cosmetics I-Groom - I'm such a brow product hussy! All three of these tools are pretty similar in the sense that they're all tapered and super easy to manage. I've found that I can be quite heavy handed when it comes to using traditional brow pencils so I'm not too sure how I'm going to get on with this one, or even what the colours going to be like on me, but I'll be sure to give it a go & report back.
*RRP £16.00.

Day 6. Emma Hardie Brilliance Face Oil
Emma Hardie to me means the ultimate in luxury skincare, I've used the Emma Hardie cleansing balm before and absolutely loved it, so when I saw the EH logo on this little bottle I was more than excited. Face oils aren't something I'm used to using so it'll be nice to have a little bit of luxury in my skincare routine.
*RRP £6.50 for 5ml
Day 7. Eyeko Mini Black Magic Mascara.
Eyeko is another brand I've not tried before, I've always heard of them and have quite often looked at their brow products, but never their mascaras for some reason. Luckily this has come at the exact right time as I'm on the last few dregs on a few that I'm currently using - The only one I have topped up is the Too Faced Better Than Sex, which I have in a waterproof mascara, and is sometimes a little heavier than what I'd want for a daily basis. I've had a little peak and if the brush on this mascara wand is anything to go by, I'm going to love using this product - I can't wait to get using this one.
*RRP £5.00 for 2ml.

My first week of Look Fantastic products has definitely been of variety, something I'm more than happy about. I wanted an advent calendar which introduced me to a wide selection of new brands and new products, which all seven of these goodies are.
So far I'm mostly looking forward to using the Emma Hardie Brilliance Face Oil and the Eyeko Mini Black Magic Mascara, as I can already see myself loving both of these products. The Filorga Anti Ageing Micellar Cleansing Solution is probably at the bottom of my 'to try' list but only because like I say I'm struggling to see how can this differ to anything I'm currently using.

I'm hoping once I've opened all 25 days & had a proper chance to use everything to put a blog post together of what I've loved & equally what'd not floated my boat so much. Is this something you'd be interested in seeing?

Have you got an alternative (non chocolate) advent calendar this year?


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There's mixed emotions as I reach the end of my pregnancy; In one sense I can't wait for baby to make her appearance, but on the other hand I think I'm going to miss having her all to myself and miss having that 'pregnant feeling'.
The third trimester has been much more difficult than the first and second in terms of adjusting to my new larger, heavier & much rounder body, but unfortunately it's not just the physical symptoms I've been struggling with.
 The symptoms.
I've got to put heartburn right at the top of my symptoms list, it's not painful and it's something I can get on with, but it's so effing annoying! I've never suffered with heartburn before, and if I'm honest I didn't really know what it was... Until I got it... Every God damn night.

Something else that's highly annoying is the frequent need to pee! Oh my goodness, the struggle is real! Baby's head is fully down in my pelvis now and putting so much pressure on my bladder it's insane. I'd say the need to pee is pretty much constant, I'm up during the night on multiple occasions, but without being TMI, what comes out is the tiniest little trickle. It's so frustrating.

It was picked up from one of the many many blood tests I've had, that my iron count has been drastically low during pregnancy. I've been on medication over the last four months & will probably need to stay on it for a little while after giving birth, which is a little annoying, but I feel so much better in myself. I'm usually quite against doctors, medication in preference of more natural remedies, however the little tablets I'm on have been bloody brilliant in restoring my energy & making me feel more 'me'.

I've been basking in the fact I've not had a period for the last nine months, however that doesn't mean I haven't been getting period style cramps - And let me tell you they've been showing themselves in full force over the last couple of weeks. My body is obviously getting ready for the final stages of pregnancy, but what's actually happening in there, I'm not 100% sure - I'm looking at it as a positive though - She's almost cooked!

Finally onto the more emotional struggles of pregnancy... I've had a few blips but have done really well mental health wise during this pregnancy so far, however over the last month especially I've seen a shift in my emotions. I feel quite short tempered and that I'm being rather ratty with my other half. He say's I'm not, but I can't help but feel like I am. I'm putting it down to the change in hormones and the fact I'm so flipping uncomfortable right now. On the other end of the scale however I've been hysterical with tears, and for what reason... I've got absolutely no idea. The brain really is such a complex thing, how it works and how it operates is beyond me!
Midwife & health visitor appointments.
At around 30 weeks we opted for a private 4D scan. It was amazing to see baby's facial features and to see her squirming around in my tummy. It definitely makes the whole pregnancy thing feel more real. A 4D scan is something I'd recommend to anyone - yes, it was probably a little pricier than it should have been, but if we were to ever get pregnant again, we'd definitely do it again - It was brilliant.

I've been popping into the midwife every couple of weeks for a catch up, I've had my usual checks and she's also been checking baby's positioning and size... Which has all been totally perfect so far & fingers crossed will continue to do so as we get closer to birth. To be honest the last few appointments have all been pretty similar, and it's felt quite repetitive but it's nice to have that reassurance that baby's growing well.

I've also had my first health visitor appointment, which I was really apprehensive about. For some reason I thought she was going to come round and be really judgmental of  me, my future parenting skills and my home. In reality, I couldn't be more wrong. I think I'm going to do a full blog post on what to expect from your first health visitor appointment, as I'd got myself pretty worked up before the visit as there was next to nothing online with regards to what to expect.
Maternity leave.
I finished work at 37 weeks which I was more than ready for! Towards the end I was definitely struggling and to be honest I could have easily finished at 35 or 36 weeks. My job role is mainly office based however I work in retail so was on my feet for quite a lot of the day, walking backwards and forwards to the shop floor. My body was definitely feeling it - Especially when you think I'd work a 7 hour shift, come home, have the dog out for an hour, do some blog work and then any other jobs that needed doing in the home. I'm tired just thinking about it.
As much as I'm glad to be away from work, I'm definitely struggling with keeping myself busy. I'm finding it really difficult to just chill! When I'm writing this (a week in advance) I'm probably having my laziest day of maternity leave so far... And by that I mean I've been up since 8am, written another blog post to go live later on today, edited photos for another & prepped my Instagram poss for the next week... And it's only 12.00pm. I actually can't chill.
Preparing for birth.
My birth plan is to try and keep things as natural as possible, which when I've told people about it, they've always been super surprised at. I've been practicing hypnobirthing techniques and am going into the experience with an open, but really positive mindset. I've never been pregnant before & have never been in the giving birth situation before, so the way I look at it, why be scared of something firstly that's inevitable, and secondly something I've never experienced before. I'm not about that extra stress.

From an educational point of view and to try get our heads in the game a bit more we've been to two parenting classes. The first was a free event at our local Mothercare where we had a handful of small talks about things like breastfeeding, sleeping, how to fit a car seat as well as baby safety. The event was a great introduction to quite a few different topics, however it would have been useful to go a bit more in depth with some of the subjects. We also had a tour of our local hospital and delivery suite which was super handy and something we were 100% set on doing before baby gets here. I honestly couldn't think of anything more stressful than being in active labour traipsing the hospital looking for where to go, not to mention the prospect of struggling to get a parking space outside the front doors. Eeek!

I'm writing this early and currently only have two and a half weeks left of pregnancy, by the time this goes live I'll have a week... Which I am more then excited about. The prospect of Dan & I being able to hold our baby very very soon is amazing. I'm really hoping she makes an appearance sooner rather than later.

Have you got any tips for birth or how to cope with a newborn baby?

Claire. X

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