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As we speak I've currently got two weeks left at work before my maternity leave & let me tell you, I'm SO ready for it. I'm officially on countdown & taking as much time off as physically possible! My plan of action is to go back to work in January 2020, which feels absolutely insane considering were currently in November 2018 - I've well & truly planned this whole pregnancy thing perfectly haven't I?

With my time off I'm planning on using my days wisely and productively. I'm well aware that this could definitely 100% be all talk, but hey ho, we're going into this with a positive and open mindset. Here are a few things I'm planning on doing with my maternity leave.
Swimming with baby.
Something I wish I'd always done when younger is to learn how to swim. If my life depended on it I could swim & could probably get myself back to safety, but am I confident in water... Definitely not. And that's something I definitely don't want for our baby. I've already done a little bit of research into water baby classes and it seems like there's so many available in our area, we're not going to struggle with finding a nice pool somewhere close by. Not only is this going to be brilliant for baby, but it's also going to be a fantastic way for me & Dan to bond as well as spend time with other new parents.

Reread the Harry Potters.
I'm a big ol' HP fan and quite often partake in a Harry Potter movie marathon. In fact that's what I've done while I was off sick last week. I must have watched them hundreds of times, and even though I have my favourites, the movies in general just never get old! I've rewatched the films, but when it came to the books I've only ever read them once. Why? I'm not really too sure, but with all this extra time I'll hopefully be having it seems daft to not reread them. I'm going to try buy the books from new again & keep them in the baby's room, not only will they be fun for me but fingers crossed they'll be something the baby can enjoy too when they're a little older.
 Learn Calligraphy.
I don't know if this sounds lame, but something I've always wanted to learn is calligraphy. I think there's such an art to it & if I was good at it and had the patience for it (Lord knows there's going to have to be a lot of patience for it) someday I may be able to turn it into something I make a bit of money from. A side hustle. I first looked into Calligraphy when it came to planning our Wedding, especially with regards to table numbers and name cards, and since then it's been hovering at the back of my mind. Dan said it perfectly to me one morning, I'm going to have over a year off work, that's more than enough time to learn a new skill... Maybe Calligraphy is mine.

Get outdoors.
I'd like to think I get my 10,000 steps in during most days however admittedly the closer I'm getting to the end, the more and more difficult I'm finding getting out and about. Baby's due just before Christmas so I'm very aware it'll be absolutely freezing at that time of year, but I'm hoping to get out as much as possible with baby in tow. We're wanting to bring baby up being as outdoorsy as possible. Me & my sister were very much outdoorsy kids living close to the North Yorkshire Moors. Dan not so much, but I think as he's gotten older he's wished for less of the city life and more countryside & that's something we want to bring our baby up with.
Huts in the hills.
I've had my eye on this place ever since seeing Chloe's blog post earlier on in the year. There's nothing I love more than taking time out and getting away from it all, and Huts in the Hills looks like the perfect place to do so. I'm going to get something booked during the new year, I'm not sure whether to book it for our 1st wedding anniversary or Dan's 30th birthday, but nether the less we will get there! Bring on having no signal, bring on the countryside & bring on family bonding.

Create a capsule wardrobe.
Something I've struggled with during pregnancy is figuring out how to dress my new bump. I've always been relatively confident with what I look like & how I dress however these last eight months have seen me thrown well and truly in at the deep end with fashion. You could say that I'm nesting, but I've gutted my wardrobe about fifty times during pregnancy, and once baby is born and hopefully my body pings back into place (pray for me please) I'm going to really evaluate what I want fashion wise & create the perfect capsule wardrobe for myself.

Grow my blog.
This year my blogs taken a little bit of a back seat unfortunately. The wedding took up a big chunk of our spare time as well as getting the house baby ready, this years been our busiest yet and as I'm sure you can understand this little slice of internet hasn't been my main priority. I'm hoping that all changes next year, obviously my baby will be my main priority, but I'm hoping my new parenthood experiences will bring me more things to write about, more inspiration and generally more fabulous content. I'd love to try making a little bit of money through my blog next year as we all know Maternity pay isn't fantastic so if you have any tips or tricks please holler at me.
I've already shed a few tears over this one, my baby isn't even here yet & I've already felt the mamma guilt about leaving them behind. But it's booked and paid for now so there's no going back! Eeek! I'm spending a few days away in Berlin for one of my closest friends hen party in April next year and even though I know it'll be hard, I know it'll be exactly what I need at the time. My baby will be five months old at the time & as my husband keeps telling me that at that point I'll be thankful for the break, which I'm sure I will be! I'll be upset leaving baby (and husband ofc) behind but am more than excited about spending a few days away with the girls. Bring on the bratwursts!

Basically I'm wanting my maternity leave to be as productive as possible. Apart from the possibility of having more children, when am I ever going to get the opportunity of time off work again. I enjoy my job very much and will be sad to leave it and my colleagues behind, but at this present moment with only a matter of weeks to go before my due date, I am more than ready for the time off.

Have you got any tips for making money through your blog? Can you point this mamma to be in the right direction?

Claire. X

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