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I love the idea of afternoon tea, but can honestly count on one hand the amount of times I've ventured out to experience the typically British lunch time delicacy. Luckily we were super generously given a gift voucher for afternoon tea at Betty's as a wedding present which was as unexpected as it was lovely - It was nice for us to spend a day out together doing something we wouldn't necessarily have chosen to do ourselves. 

Truth be told, this was our second time around in trying to use the voucher; About a month or so ago we'd driven into York with the hope of using them at the Betty's in the city center but it was just so busy & if you know one thing about my husband it's that he will not wait for food so off we tootled for burgers instead, which was nice... Just not the same - And we were left with a hankering for afternoon tea. 

Fast forward to last weekend where we struck it lucky & finally got to indulge in some afternoon tea with Bettys in Ilkley.

We queued for around ten minutes before being seated, which if the York store is anything to go by was pretty good going. Plus we were queued indoors too which is definitely not what we'd have been doing at the latter. The queue took us rather cheekily through the shop hosting rows upon rows of delicious sweet treats, teas and coffees - They had what would make some awesome Christmas presents in there too, think fat rascal gift boxes, chutney selections and hot chocolate gift bags - I'm feeling festive just thinking about it! Twelve weeks and counting!

We were seated at what I can only describe as a blogger unfriendly table, the set up was awkward & Dan had to move his seat around the other side of the table, but we couldn't complain. We weren't there for this blog post, we were there to indulge on afternoon tea & spend some quality time together which is exactly what we did. Do any other bloggers out there get disappointed when they're seated at not a great table? First world problems hey!
We started with crustless sandwiches, yes crustless! You know you're in a posh place when they cut the crusts off the sandwiches... I've never sounded so Northern! We had cucumber & cream cheese, coronation chicken, ham & mustard and then smoked salmon sandwiches, and even though they seemed small they were really quite filling and all flavours I'd never normally make. I'm a bog standard ham sarnie type of gal. This was followed closely by the middle tier, a rather large sultana scone topped with clotted cream and strawberry preserve, which now makes me want to start baking, it was so bloody delicious. And finally the third and most indulgent tier included three miniature desserts comprising of a fresh fruit tart, lemon & orange macaroon and a chocolate & hazelnut torte. I went straight in for the chocolate torte as I knew it'd be super rich, which it was, and I'd need the fruitiness of the other two desserts to balance. Finishing with the lemon and orange macaroon was definitely the best decision!
Have you ever been to Betty's before? Where's your favourite place for afternoon tea?

Claire. X

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  1. Ooh, looks and sounds divine! I've only been for afternoon tea three times and would love to go more often as it's so popular nowadays. Perhaps I'll indulge later this month for my birthday! :D
    Emma xxx

    1. Yes! You definitely should :-) Treat yourself! I'd love to go out more for afternoon tea, I'd much prefer that than going out for an evening meal. X

  2. Haha! I hate being seated at un-blogger friendly tables! If it's somewhere I know or I know the owners, I;ll always ask for a window table! :)
    I'm sure my husband would agree with yours on waiting. Though he is good and does try and not moan, when I'm taking pics of his food before he can eat it! Haha!
    This looks lovely though. Having finally visited and bought from Betty's, it's now firmly on my list to visit for an afternoon tea, but I'm in no rush really, as the ques are annoying.


    1. Oh god! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Hahah. I was so tempted to ask about moving, but I decided it wasn't worth it in the end. Haha. They were SO busy as well. I'd have looked like a total prat!
      Yes! Tbh we probably would never have gone if we didn't have the vouchers, we've been to more independent type cafes for afternoon tea where we got so much more for our money, it's crazy :-) X


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