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It seems like all I chat about these days on the blog is baby related, and I'm super sorry if that's not your thing but I'm going to squeeze one more in for good luck (sorrynotsorry) with today's post all about my experiences during the second trimester of pregnancy.

I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant and therefore 3 weeks into my final trimester, so I'm well and truly classing myself as being on the home stretch. That sounds better than saying I've got eleven weeks to go doesn't it. Eeep!
The symptoms.

I've said it a thousand times but I'm a pensioner trapped inside the body of a 28 year old woman, the back pain I've suffered with over the last ten years is stupid, and now I'm pregnant that's extended tenfold. It must be where and how baby is sitting as the pain is predominantly on my lower back - Granted I have good days and bad days, but the bad days are baaad! I've been wearing heat pads to alleviate the pain but there's only so much they can do.

One of the weirdest and most annoying things I've had, which I've later read up on and found it to be quite common, is leg cramping during sleep. Oh my goodness, there is absolutely nothing worse! I've had it before, but this is happening at least once a week now and leaves me with a John Wayne walk which lasts all throughout the following day.  I've read it's something to do with baby pressing on the nerves that go to my legs while I'm sleeping and unfortunately it's just one of those things - Hands up if you've ever had this before? I'd love to know.

Stomach wise I've definitely been feeling the change over the last three months, and I don't mean in a gross way. What I mean is that I've been getting stitches so flipping often! It's actually ridiculous - I can be out walking the dog absolutely fine for twenty minutes and the boom the stitch comes! I've got the slow the pace right down and chill the eff out much to the annoyance of the dog, and Dan of we're out with him too.

It's so strange the adjustment my body's going through - Figuring out what I can and can't do anymore has definitely been one of the more frustrating things that comes with pregnancy.
The midwife appointments & scan.

We had our twenty week anatomy scan towards the end of July which was our second, and unfortunately the possibe final opportunity to see what baby's getting up to in my tummy. Baby was super wriggly, which I thought would be the case - I've been quite lucky really in the sense that I was feeling flutters from around 16 weeks which I believe to be quite early. It's been so heartwarming and self assuring being able to feel baby move around. We were actually at the hospital for around an hour and a half trying to get baby to cooperate, and yes we found out the gender,but I won't be revealing it on my blog or social media probably until baby is actually here. Eeek!
I've had two other midwife appointments at my doctors surgery, both of which have been a general check in and catch up type of situation. The formalities have been done, for example my blood pressure has been checked, bloods taken and we have a general chit chat about mine and baby's well being - All of which have been perfect.

What we've been buying?

A couple of months or so ago we ventured into Mothercare, which let me tell you was probably the most overwhelming experience of my life. There was so much to look at & there were so many staff members there trying to approach us, it was just overwhelming - Think Lush, but on a way bigger scale. We ended up leaving relatively quickly, grabbing a takeout Costa & headed home to do some online research... And that was so much easier!

So far we have a pram & carry cot system which we ended up getting for a bit of a bargain, but only after doing a fair old bit of research. It really pays to do your research & we ended up getting our pram for less than half price - It's also worth mentioning that we checked out Facebook Market Place when it came to buying a pram, so we could have got what we wanted for even cheaper second hand, however after carefully discussing our options we decided to pay the extra & go for brand new.
We picked up our moses basket whilst doing the weekly shop in Aldi which again was a total bargain - It was one of those where after seeing it we just thought eff it, we're going to need one, lets just pop it in the trolley - Granted we looked stupid having our trolley piled sky high, but who's winning really when you're taking a moses basket away for £30!
We've amassed quite a large collection of clothes over the last six months. Baby clothes are one of those things that's just so difficult to say no to. Everything is so damn cute so admittedly Dan & I have been a bit willy-nilly when it comes to buying clothes. The baby's got a better wardrobe than I have already!
What's next?

I'm having midwife appointments every three weeks, which will turn into every two weeks the closer I get to the end. I'm hoping to put a birthing plan together in the next few weeks, which surprisingly doesn't actually scare the shit out of me. I'm going to be looking into hypnobirthing as at the moment this seems like the most 'me' route to go down, but you never know. If anyone has any hypnobirthing tips or reviews, I'd love to hear them. We've also got a few more baby bits to buy which we'll hopefully be boxing off in the next couple of months... Our plan of action is to get everything out and ready so our dog can adjust to the newness which will make the task of bringing a newborn baby home that little easier for her. A car seat & cot are imperative and definitely on this months to buy list however we're hoping to get cracking with buying the smaller practical bits such as a changing mat & baby bath soon.

I also just wanted to mention that it's amazing having other pregnant blogger babes to follow such as Jemma from Dorkface, Abi Richards and fellow Yorkshire lass Travelista.
The internet really is a wonderful place!

Have you got any advice for birth? Have you tried hypnobirthing before? I'd love to read some of your birth stories.

Claire. X

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  1. Great to hear how you're getting on Claire! I'll be 25 weeks on Wednesday, scary! Luckily we have gotten a lot of bits and pieces (mainly clothes) from my nieces, which has been really helpful. Of course, we have also bought some new clothes as they are just too cute! We went for the Out n About 360 Nipper pram for all-terrain walking and both my sisters recommended this one. We're getting a wooden crib to start so that we can decide on a cot and buy one after baby's arrival - just in case we move house! I'm also looking into hypnobirthing (check out @thepositivebirthcompany on IG) and would love a water birth. When are you planning to start your maternity leave? Have a great week!

    Emma xxx
    Life with the Bruces

    1. I had a look at the positive birth company, thank you! I've ended up buying a book as well by Hollie De Cruz called your birth your baby which has been brilliant so far! It's such an easy read :-) X


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