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Lifestyle | Am I Falling Out Of Love With Blogging?

Am I falling out of love with blogging? This is a question I’ve been asking myself for quite some time now, in fact it’s probably longer than I’d care to admit.

I started this blog just over three years ago now. I’m not entirely sure why because I didn’t know anything about the blogosphere, anything about social media, coding a website or promoting myself. I had absolutely no clue on what I was getting myself into. No idea actually how much time it takes keeping a blog alive. I’m as surprised as you are that this slice of internet is still going. Well, kind of...
I’m struggling.

Truth is I’m a very all or nothing person in all aspects of my life. If I’m passionate about something I’ll give it my absolute all, I’m there at daft o’clock in the morning, full guns blazing and ready to go. However if I’m not passionate, then you’ll bloody well know about it & even on a good day I’ll give it minimal effort. One of my multiple flaws, you could say, but I’ve always been the same for as long as I remember. It’s just the way I am - I’m very decisive, I know what floats my boat & equally what doesn’t.

Part of my loves this little blog of mine. And part of me wants to give up on it. I’ve got a devil on my left shoulder, and an angel on the right, and for once I’m torn!
Am I too old for blogging? I hate to say it, but this question is taking up the majority of my head space right now. Am I too old for blogging? Should I be doing something else with my life right now? See the thing is, are you ready for a laugh... I’m 27, I’m not old, not even in the slightest… Why is my brain even thinking like this? If someone else was posing this question to me, somebody older than me, I’d scoff in their face. My reaction would be why the hell do you think you’re too old to blog? You're never too old to do anything! If you want to blog, it doesn’t matter whether you’re 18, 38, or even 58… If you want to do something & put yourself out there, go ahead and bloody well do it. So does my brain keep putting me down?

It’s confidence. Something I’ve always struggled with… Am I good enough? Who’s really reading my blog? Are they even interested in what I have to say? All these thoughts keep swimming around in my mind & I'm not entirely sure why. Thinking about it, I want to switch up what I'm discussing on my blog. I don’t want to be chatting about the latest product releases anymore, I want to have more impact with what my blog. I want to get people thinking. And primarily, I want to get myself thinking!
I want to push myself! I want to get passionate about my blog again, and with that I need a challenge.

I want to create quality content. Quality over quantity. Which is why I wont be doing blogmas this year or why I wont be posting three times a week anymore. I need to take baby steps. I need to take time out, to regain inspiration & restart my blog as I mean to go on, because even though I’m torn with what to do with my blog, I know it’s something I’ll snap out of. This is a bump in the road for me. I’m going to fall back in love with blogging & I’m going to make this place a success…. Just watch me!

Have you ever fallen out of love with blogging? Have you ever thought about walking away from it all?

Claire. X

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Lifestyle | A Frightful Night In With Homesense

I'm divided when it comes to how I spend my evenings; Half of me wants to be productive, go out walking with the pooch or meet up with friends for dinner and cocktails and the other half wants to crawl into my pyjamas as soon as I get in from work, snuggle down with a good book and enjoy copious amounts of tea.
With Halloween just around the corner I'm exploring the latter, because let's face it as much as I love the idea of getting dresses up and enjoying a spooky night on the tiles, I quite simply cannot be faffed... But just because I'm not getting dressed up, it doesn't mean I can't get involved in a bit of Halloween camaraderie.
I'm big on accessories when it comes to interiors because I think they're a really quick and easy way to make a statement in the home. I love a good seasonal addition and think Homesense is the perfect place for quirky & unusual interior pieces, so indulged just a wee bit when i popped into my local store last week.
There are so many Halloween based pieces in Homesense right now, you name it they've got it. Even the things you don't think you need they've got! They're that good! Ultimately that's what I love about Homesense is that you can go in with absolutely no idea what you want & come out feeling totally inspired with a bag full (or seven) of amazing, not to mention bargain pieces.
My cosy night in begins as any good night in should, and that's with junk food! As soon as I saw the pumpkin bowl in Homesense I knew it's be absolutely perfect for evening snacks. I've added Butterkist toffee popcorn into mine because it's the best thing since sliced bread, but this bowl is big enough to put anything in. In fact it'd be perfect for a Halloween punch! Unfortunately instead of punch I'm drinking cranberry juice and lemonade, but thankfully I'm drinking from my new Homesense stemless wine glasses which are an absolute bloggers dream. Gold leaf... Check! Witty quotes... Check! Sleek lines...Check! Perfect! And lastly a trip to Homesense wouldn't be complete without picking up a new candle, so of course with Halloween being just around the corner I opted for the Pecksniffs pecan & pumpkin seed scent which for me has just the right amount of pumpkinness, it's subtle, but makes the home smell absolutely amazing.
Homesense should be top of the list for everyone when it comes to picking up seasonal accessories. I've picked up so many different odds and ends over the years that all take pride of place in my home and even though we haven't quite made it to Halloween yet, I'm already excited to shop for my Christmas goodies.

What halloween plans do you have? Are you a dressed up & drinks out kinda person or are you cosying up with some snacks and a spooky film like me? 


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Items in this blog post have been bought using a Homesense gift card provided by PR.