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It's a scary time for us right not in our lives. We've got so much to do Wedding wise & absolutely so little time! It's bizarre to think that we booked our Wedding ten months ago, which on a timeline puts us near as damn it half way there. Eeek!

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The Venue.
Finding a venue was a relatively easy task for us both. I'd seen various publications from our chosen venue over the last few years and had already had it in my head for if we were to ever get married. I'd shown Dan, and although we did look at other venues close by with a similar sort of vibe, nothing really compared to what we'd initially seen. For us it's absolutely perfect!

The Legal Stuff.
I'm so glad we sorted the legal side of things quite early on. It sounds silly, because it's such a simple task, but I could definitely have imagined us forgetting about this. It's basically like a more formal version of Mr & Mrs, it was bizarrely nerve wrecking in fact but over in a matter of minutes & was absolutely fine.

The Theme.
Something else that was quite easy for us, especially after booking our dream venue. Our theme fits perfectly with our venues' setting and compliments both Dan & I as people. Finding a theme and overall colour scheme was a bit of a no-brainer for us & super easy to tick off the list. Woop woop!

The Entertainment.
Finding some amazing entertainment for our big day was definitely high on our priorities. Understanding that good bands are hard to find and get booked up really quickly, this was the second thing we secured after our venue. After looking online for what felt like forever, dismissing band after band we eventually managed to source two brilliant, but very different bands for our wedding day. One acoustic duo for during the day & for the evening a seven piece rock & roll band and I for one absolutely can't wait to boogie on down to both  of them!

Wedding planning flat lay image with rings.

The Dress.
I haven't got my dress yet, however this is something that's planned in for the next couple of weeks - I'm going to spend a weekend with my closest ladies & *fingers crossed* find my dream dress! In my head I have a pretty clear idea of what it is I'm looking for, so I'm hoping finding the perfect dress is going to be a relatively easy task. I've heard from various people however that what they think their wedding dress is going to look like & what they actually come out with is more often than not two totally different things. If you're already married, or are engaged & have already bought your dress I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

The Photography.
This was a biggie for us & took us quite a while to organise. When you're surrounded by amazing photography in the blogging world it makes you much pickier when it comes to finding a Wedding photographer. And in this case, picky isn't a bad thing! After hours (actually maybe days) scouring the internet we decided on the most amazing, whimsical, fairtytale styled photographer & I'm SO excited.

The Flowers.
The thought of organising flowers for our big day terrifies me. I don't think Dan's particularly bothered about what we have, leaving it up to me, but I have no idea on how to even start looking at the buggers. I'm totally clueless! I have absolutely no idea what flower is what, the only thing I have inside my head is a colour scheme, so I'm hoping to find a florist soon, who can basically take what little knowledge I have & run with it. I've also got a sneaky suspicion the flowers are going to cost an absolute shed load, which scares me, especially for something were now 100 fussed by. Heeeelp!

The Rings.
Working in a jewellers means I've had my eye on the perfect Wedding ring for quite some time now., in fact I was eyeing them up quite quickly after getting engaged. Eeek! Dan hasn't chosen what he wants yet, but mine is on order ready to collect a month before the big day. It's super sparkly & looks amazing next to my engagement ring

The Cake.
After designing our engagement party cake, this should hopefully be a doddle! I don't think it's going to be too different to be fair, only on a slightly bigger scale. Pinterest has been absolutely amazing for cake inspiration for us! I'm wanting

We've got another few bits and bobs to organise still, like favours, bridesmaids & best men outfits, hair & makeup trials. All what I'm considering as 'tit bits' - You know the things that aren't massively important, that will eventually get done. Thankfully we've managed to secure the big things for the day, and even though I'm sure we're going to have some stressful times ahead of us, we're both really excited!

Are you married, or planning a Wedding? Any tips of tricks would be very much apreciated.


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