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Lifestyle | An honest day in the life...

When it comes to our blogs and social media platforms we all know we only put out there what we're prepare for people to see. For some its (quite literally) warts and all, but for most, it's the best representation of ourselves... And that's totally okay. I'd much rather show you an image of my fancy schmancy meal a new pop up restaurant in town than I would the Big Mac & fries I've just scoffed on my dinner break. I suppose it's the way the world works now.

Something that I can't help but get peed off with & find myself actively avoiding are 'uber perfect life' routine videos you see circling Youtube. Morning routines, evening routines, winter routines, you name it, I've seen it & I'm not buying it! I get it!... I really do, but if you're trying to convince me you wake up bright eyes & bushy tailed at 6.00am, make yourself insta-worthy avocado on toast for breakfast & have time to use all of Lush products you own during your morning bath, then you've got another thing coming. Aint nobody got time for that!

Today I'm being totally honest with you as I take you through an honest Monday in the life of Claire Mac.

06.15am | My first alarm goes off, and as I'm still trying to catch up on sleep from about three days ago so I instantly hit snooze! Hell to the no 06.15am!
06.20am | Second snooze. There's no way I'm getting out of bed at this time.
06.30am | My third alarm goes off & I pull myself out of my cosy warm sheets & walk out into the Arctic like temperatures that is my house. (Exaggerate much?)
06.40am | Time to polish a turd & make this face look half sort of decent. Thank goodness for my office job meaning I don't have to be out in public. Concealer is my best friend!
07.00am | Breakfast time. Not avocado on toast, oh no! Today we're having knock off coco pops.
07.30am | The dreaded drive to work. The time I treasure before the madness starts.
08.00am | I start work. Catching up  on what I've missed over the weekend. It's excessive, it's a pain in the ass, but it's got to be done.
10.00am | Hunger starts - Effing hell Claire, you've only been at work for two hours.
11.00am | Elevensies is a thing right?
12.30pm | By this time I'm a ravenous beast! I really need to get myself some food. I'm 'trying' to be healthy so I'm off for an M&S salad & takeout coffee.
01.30pm | Lunch is over. Say goodbye to the quickest hour of the day.
2.00pm | Tiredness is kicking in now... Should really have got two takeout coffees.
03.00pm | Countdown begins. This is where I usually start clock watching, dreaming of home time.
04.30pm | Cannot come quick enough. It's time to get out of work. There's literal steam coming off my feet right now.
05.00pm | Time for tea. Sometimes it's home made spaghetti bolognase, sometimes it frozen garlic bread and chips. I literally have no in between! Dan gets what he's given! Ha.
05.45pm | By this time Willow is gazing at me longingly & I can tell by her eyes shes saying 'please take me out mumy'... Walking boots are on, so off we go, come rain or shine. Yay! *insert eye roll here*
06.30pm | Time to get cracking with the blog.
07.00pm | #BDIB time. I love catching up with the girls over on my twitter chat. I'm making much more of an effort now joining in when others are hosting & it's making my Mondays so much more exciting.
08.00pm | Get the kettle on lass. Time for what cold be the 8th brew of the day.
08.30pm | My laptop gets turned off. I'm very aware that because of blogging I neglect Dan a little bit so I try my very best to switch off on an evening... That doesn't mean I don't have my phone in my hand. Eeek!
08.45pm | Bath time! I'm an absolute sucker for a good bath. It's my ultimate chill out time. I sink into the waters, pop my fave youtubers on on my phone & spend the next half an hour wallowing.
10.30pm | I've felt tired for at least the last hour, but feel only now is an acceptable time to go peeps.

Then it's time to do it all again the next day. I'm sure there are plenty more people in the same situation as me but I feel like looking at my timeline throughout my day I can cut myself a little slack when it comes to my blog. I can be quite harsh on myself but looking at my day written down I actually only spend a couple of hours each day on ClaireMac and to be fair, I think I'm doing a pretty okay job at it.

And as you can see I lead a pretty boring life & I'm sure plenty of you guys do too... And that's awesome! I'd love to see an honest day in your lives.

Claire. X

2 comments on "Lifestyle | An honest day in the life..."
  1. So refreshing to see an honest day rather than 'this is my 37 step morning routine'. Good on you girl!

    Steph x

  2. I love this post! Such a good idea! Love how honest it is. Blogging isn’t all fancy dinners and events. In fact that might be only 5% of it!