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There's absolutely no question about it, I've been a really shit blogger recently. I've only posted once this month, and twice in June, but you know what, that's totally okay!
My life seems to have gone from 0-60 in a mater of seconds, it's crazy, it's hectic...But it's not all bad, everything that's going on is very exciting & I'm at an amazing point in my life, but unfortunately it means this little slice of internet has taken a back burner of recent weeks.

With that being said, I need a bit of time out in my life right now. Taking time for me & getting away from it all.
We recently spent a few days away in the Yorkshire Dales in a lovely little village called Malham, where we had amazing weather, amazing food & even more amazingly, no phone signal! And let me tell you, it was bliss! 

We life in such a fast paced millennial life that it's equally as difficult as it is beneficial taking a bit of time out. Having time to yourself away from your usual surroundings is really good for the soul and I found that spending a few days in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy nature. Enjoy that sunset. Enjoy the quiet life. Rediscover what you love out of life, and for me that's getting outdoors.
It's so easy to get bogged down in the usual 9-5 routine that you forget what life's for... And that's for living! Get out there. See that show you've been excited for. Buy that dress you've been lusting after. Swap your veg for french fries. Do whatever the heck you like with your life, just enjoy it!

When was the last time you went without phone signal? How did you cope?

Claire. X

If you like the look of this area, we stayed a twenty minute walk away at Beck Hall in Malham.
1 comment on "Lifestyle | Living it & Loving it. "
  1. I always say never apologise for taking time out.
    We all need and deserve it. Especially normally juggling two jobs of the 9-5 and a blog (which isn't really a hobby it's a full time job in it self!)
    Yorkshire dales is somewhere we haven't really explored yet.. (I've live din Yorkshire for 28 years.lol) but definitely want to. :) Got to love quiet open beautiful places.