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Food | Desserts At Kaspas Leeds

I make no secrets about it... I'm a huge dessert fan. I'm one of those gals that when we go out for tea I check the pudding menu before the main course. It's the way I've always been & the way I always be. And that's quite okay with me.

There seems to be new restaurants opening in Leeds every other day at the moment, but one that stuck out for me (for obvious reasons) is Kaspas - The Gelato & Dessert house. Dan & I were recently invited to join them for an afternoon of pancakey goodness and it's safe to say we jumped at the chance.
We've never really eaten out just for desserts before, in fact I don't think we've ever done it. We enjoy picking up a cake while we're in Starbsucks or Costa, but going out to a restaurant just for waffles seems like that little bit more extra doesn't it. We were right giddy kippers before setting off! Eeek!

We were instantly taken back by the super bright, super punchy interiors as they stand out from anything else nearby. I'm not sure it's my interior style of choice, but there's absolutely no question that it totally goes with everything Kaspas stands for.
We quickly took our seats, and were astounded by the extensive menu Kaspas has to offer! Honestly, let me tell you, whatever chocolatey concoction you want, you can get here. You will not be disappointed!
I opted for the bananaberry crepe, a light fluffy pancake topped with (not so light) chocolate sauce, strawberries and bananas. And Dan chose the M&M waffle, which is totally what you'd expect it to be... Super dense, super tasty & super colourful!
The desserts at Kaspas are all cooked fresh to order, which not only means the whole place smells amazing, but everything's mega tasty which is exactly what you're looking for in a new restaurant. Service was quick and really friendly too, which is always a massive bonus especially in this day & age when we're all so preoccupied.

Everything about our Kaspas experience was fab. I mean what's not to love, just look at that food! I don't think I could have had anymore chocolate on my crepe & like I said at the beginning, that's quite okay with me.

Have you been to Kaspas before? What's your favourite dessert?


We were provided with a gift voucher to spend at Kaspas. All opinions are 100% my own.
2 comments on "Food | Desserts At Kaspas Leeds"
  1. I am drooling over those pictures right now! I have a waffle maker at home but they taste nowhere near as light and fluffy as the ones you get at proper dessert parlours - I need the recipe!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  2. I blooming LOVE Kaspa's, I always get the waffles, I think my favourite has to be the White Choc Waffle! Xx