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Lifestyle | To be laid back doesn't mean you are lazy.

I'll always remember the day... It was the Summer between leaving high school and starting college, we were enjoying yet another care free day, a ten strong group of friends with not a single care in the world. We were sat in a friends garden when one of the guys said to me in a belittling, almost degrading tone 'You're very laid back aren't you Claire?'
Picture the scene, Claire sat at the dinner table, a slight slouch to her posture, everyone else chatting, enjoying the summer sun & she's just sitting back, observing. It's not a particularly awkward scene, and she definitely didn't think about it at the time, Claire was just being her usual mellow, easy going self. That's when he muttered those seven little words. The words that seemed to have stuck with me.
But what does it mean to be laid back?... Well according to the Urban Dictionary it's to be repressive, passive, submissive, slow, with a lack of passion, a lack of guts and basically to be down right lazy. Words and phrases that I'm 100% saying hell to the no too! Don't get me wrong, I can understand why my personality would come across this way. I have a very bohemian type, go with the flow type attitude when it comes to most aspects of my life. I wing practically everything! That being said I'm a very positive, glass half full kind of gal, that even when times are tough am cool, calm and collected under pressure and believe that everything is going to be alright in the end... You'll quite often hear me say in my most northern of accents 'It'll be reet!' And you know what, it bloody well will be!

Us as bloggers, heck us as millenials live in a culture that emphasises productivity. We must be doing something at all times, documenting our lives at all hours of the day. It's a wonder we get a chance to sleep. So how do those of us with a laid back attitude to life get by?.. We just roll with it! I struggle to think of any other way of doing it. What other way can we approach it? We live in a day and age where there's too much pressure, we worry about the things that we could be doing, when in fact we're not taking the bull by the horns and living. Social media is a massive instigator for this too! We fall victim to thinking our lives aren't Insta-worthy enough because we're not going to coffee shops decorated with white washed walls and marble tables, or so on and so forth, we all know the stereotypes. How fucking sad is that!
Hence why I feel it helps to have a laid back approach to life. Laid back... not lazy!

There are many differences between being laid back and being lazy. The silly thing is, is I believe our laid backness (I know that's not a word, but I'm too laid back to care) can often be mistaken for laziness, especially from those on the outside looking in - And that is what I find so flipping frustrating. To be laid back, doesn't mean you are lazy, but you can be lazy and laid back. There's a difference.

* People that are lazy constantly need reminding of tasks they haven't completed yet, jobs that should probably have been done weeks ago. Laid back people keep a track of their to do lists, and complete their tasks one by one, in a methodical thought out way.
* People that are lazy don't care about peoples opinions, both of themselves and of others. Laid back people are concerned by peoples thoughts and feelings.
* People that are lazy don't earn the respect from their coworkers. Laid back people are often the teams confidante, the person to give comfort when times get tough, and the person who counterbalances craziness. This works especially good in retail. Cough, cough!

So let's not be lazy folks, lets be laid back. Lead a slower life and take absolutely everything in. Life is for learning!

Would you class yourself as a laid back person? What do you think it means to be laid back?


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  1. Sometimes I'm super laid back but other times I get really stressed out but I definitely prefer being laid back.