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Loreal can absolutely do no wrong in my eyes, I haven't met a product that I haven't fallen in love with yet, so I had huge hopes for the Baby Roll mascara... And thankfully it didn't disappoint! 

Baby Roll is available in four shades which I think is absolutely fabulous, and perfect for adding a splash of colour to your makeup look - In fact, they'd be amazing for Festivals!
I chose to go for the bog standard black, but you can also pick it up in teal, indigo & lilac *heart eye emoji* all of which I think would look totally beauts on the very tips of the top lashes. Writing this, I'm actually feeling the urge to pop down to Boots to pick up some extra shades. Eeek!

The packaging is really unique, a little cutesy if anything, but over all I think it works really well with Loreals' concept & it definitely stands out from the crowd, which is exactly what I'd want to achieve if I was a mascara packaging designer - I'm sure thats' not a job title, but hey ho!

I had high hopes for the Baby Roll mascara pretty much from the get go, even more so when I unscrewed the top to reveal a plastic wand, which I much prefer over a standard brush. The difference with the Baby Roll brush however, is that the plastic bristles wrap around the wand, a little bit like a helter-skelter which is not only fun, but has a very practical purpose in that it coats & curls every single little iddy biddy lash.
I give my peepers a little bit of help with curlers, but this mascara absolutely does its' fair share when it comes to curling the lashes & generally making tired old me look a little more awake. My lashes stay curled for such a long time, which admittedly is something I was a little dubious about, granted they drop towards the end of the day, but who's lashes don't? We can't be expecting miracles now can we ladies? 
There's minimal fall out for me, barely anything even after an 8 hour day shift. It's a fantastic little product & one I'll buy again from my favourite drugstore cosmetics brand. That being said, it's really easy to take off too, I've been loving the Boots Botanics All Bright Cleanser recently & that's had absolutely no trouble in removing the mascara.

I've really enjoyed using the Loreal Baby Roll, it's the mascara I'm reaching for day in day out and for the price I think it's absolutely brilliant! Have you tried Baby Roll before? Whats your favourite drugstore and high-end mascara?

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  1. I love this mascara too! I oicked up indigo first and fell in live so went back for the black! It hugs and lifts my lashes and i love it! I love a good Boots purchase :)


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