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Lifestyle | Expectations VS Reality Of Adulting.

I've got a birthday coming up in the next few months & the older I get, the more I become in two minds about how I feel about turning another year older.

I'm at that age where everyone my age is getting married, buying houses, settling down and starting families, which is so exciting & I'm so stoked to be at that stage in life, however there are moments where I'd love nothing more than to regress into 18 year old me. She was cool... She didn't have a care in the world, she was out every other weekend, she had an active social life and she was probably in the best physical shape of her life! Oh those were the days! Those were also the days where I'd be wishing I'd be accepted as an adult, I had dreams of what adulting would be like and now I'm actually there my expectations vs the reality are so different!

Expectation: Landing the dream job, where I get to wear power suits all day long.
Reality: Stumbling across a job that suits & pays the bills. 
Not saying I don't enjoy my job now, but working in administration was never the dream for me. On paper it's the perfect job, but when I was younger I had dreams of owning my own design business, being my own boss & slaying that power suit every god damn day. The reality is that relocating & trying to find a job to pay the bills was a necessity. Thankfully I've worked my way up in the company since starting on a twelve hour minimum wage contract and am at a stage now where I'm happy doing what I'm doing, I know what I'm doing & I'm actually quite content waking up everyday and going to work.

Expectation: Owning the dream pinterest worthy house in the middle of nowhere with space on the drive for two cars.
Reality: Owning a two up two down.
Okay, so I can't totally complain about this one. I'm very aware that Dan & I are incredibly lucky to be on the property ladder, it's common knowledge that it's getting harder and harder for people to buy their first home, and even though it didn't happen by chance, becoming a homeowner at 24 is probably my best achievement yet! It's not the dream abode, truth is we bought a house, and made it our home, which is absolutely everything I could have asked for! We're still saving to buy the dream house, but as a twenty six year old woman I now understand what's achievable and what can be made our reality.

Expectation: Having the perfect body.
Reality: Having an okay body that's barely able to run 100m without being out of breath.
When I was younger I was so athletic, I loved playing sports and could quite easily run a ten minute mile. Even though nowadays I'm still quite slim, my body is nowhere near what it used to be in terms of what it can achieve. The thought of dusting off my running trainers & popping on my gym kit fills me with dread, which is something I most definitely need to get over! Becoming more active is something I need to do, so any hints or tips for a lazy ass such as myself would be very much appreciated.

Expectation: Living comfortably.
Reality: Living paycheck to paycheck.
Pretty much every penny I make has a place to go before I've even made it, whether it be on the mortgage, my car insurance or ready to be transferred into the wedding fund. I'm well and truly living paycheck to paycheck. The week before payday is always the absolute worst, it's literally a week or rice and beans, which isn't great, and every month I tell myself I'm going to get better, but it's complete a lifestyle change! I'm really going to try harder at saving money, because I know exactly how to do it, I just don't put it into practice. I need to learn to ask myself 'do I really need it?' when I'm contemplating handing my pennies over.

All being said, my life's pretty darn great right now... I own a house, I have a job, I'm healthy & I'm happy. If that doesn't sound like an amazing life, I don't know what does.

What have I missed off the list? What expectations did you have of adulting & how do they compare with your reality?


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4 comments on "Lifestyle | Expectations VS Reality Of Adulting."
  1. This is such a good post, Claire, I really enjoyed it and it made me think about all the things I expected growing up. I'm 30 and didn't think my life would be this way at all but I'm grateful for all that I have despite it being far from perfect.

    Sarah | sarahinwonderland.co.uk <3

  2. Budgeting is always what I struggle with! I'm getting better but I could definitely improve with the money saving. So true about the house, you should be so proud to be on the ladder at 24!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. I can totally identify with this! I remember my dad telling me when I got my first job and lived at home to save 50% of everything I earned whilst I could - I so wish I'd have listened! But you don't learn how to adult until you're already adulting!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  4. I always love these kinds of posts! For me when I was younger I sort of just expected to get to my 20's and know what I wanted to do in life and in reality I'm like nope no idea, haha.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode