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Clump free mascara? Is that a thing? Could it be a thing? Well that's certainly what Rimmel are claiming with their new Volume Shake mascara.

As well as making the mascara clump free, Rimmels' newest mascara claims to last up to a full year, double the time your standard mascaras will survive. This is due to their bottles patented shaker style packaging, when you're feeling the mascara turning dry just give it a couple of shakes like the cocktail pro that you are & it'll be as right as rain.

The cocktail shaker style bottle coats the mascara wand with clump free, jet black liquid mascara, which when applied feels so much more fluid than others I've tried. The formula of the mascara is very lightweight, which although it provides the lashes with instant length & definition, it does mean that you've got to be pretty precise when applying. Due to the fluidity of the Volume Shake, it's quite easy (especially for me) to become heavy handed with the mascara & create a look I'm definitely not wanting to achieve... Panda eyes are so 2008! My makeup is usually applied around 6.30am (Gah - I'm feeling tired just thinking about it) when I'm getting up for work and this mascara lasts all day long! It's amazing. Not only are there no clumps, but there's no fall out either, which is flipping amazing - What's not to love?

I love super dark spidery lashes as much as the next person, but I feel you need the rest of the makeup look to go with it & most of the time that's just not what I'm about. I love creating a flawless no makeup, makeup look and with that comes super long, separated lashes, which is exactly why the Rimmel Volume Shake mascara fits perfectly into my collection.

If you're into super thick heavy lashes maybe this mascara isn't the one for you, but other than that I think it's a brilliant product, especially if you're looking for long separate lashes. This one's a keeper!

What's your favourite mascara?


*This product was gifted to me by Rimmel. Opinions are 100% my own*

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