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I've been holding off buying any new beauty bits recently, and if you've seen my secret backup makeup stash you'll understand why. I've got so many bits & pieces hidden away waiting to be used, I really didn't need to buy these bits, but I felt I just had to have them... Treat yo'self right?

I've got quite a few mascaras in my makeup collection, but funnily (or not so funnily) enough they all seem to be running out at the exact same time. Does this happen to anyone else? It was complete perfect timing that I very luckily received the new Rimmel Volume Colourist mascara. I love drugstore mascaras, in fact the only higher end mascara I get on with is Benefits' They're Real, so I was super duper excited to try this.
I've used this mascara a few times now & I absolutely love how fluffy it makes my lashes look. I'm funny when it comes to my lashes, sometimes I like thick jet black spidery lashes & others I prefer more of a natural look which is exactly where this mascara comes into play. It's brilliant.

After mourning the loss of my ever faithful Solar Powder from Soap & Glory I was on the lookout for a new bronzer & something that rather surprisingly caught my eye was the Sunkissed Bronzing Pearls from B&M. Yes!.. You heard me. Good old B&M. Honesty, I need to do more shopping there because I managed to pick up some total bargains, not only makeup but hair care pieces too - It was brilliant!
Initially I was worried that the pearls would be too dark for my skin tone, but giving my face a light dusting with the product works perfectly. I like using the Brush Works Powder Brush with the bronzing pearls as it has quite a large surface area, ensuring the face is covered quickly and efficiently, which is exactly what I'm all about. These pearls have been a fab addition to my makeup collection & I'm pretty sure they're going to last me a long time.

Something I was mega excited to try was the Matte Me Up Lip Kits from Barry M. As soon as I saw them advertised I knew I had to give them a go, even more so with the popularity of the Kylie Lip Kits, I wanted to see how the cheaper alternative compared.
I've used the liner & liquid lipstick duo a few times since purchasing & I hate to say it, but I really don't like it. The liner works wonderfully, but the lipstick just doesn't work for me, it's a very liquidy liquid which for me is so difficult to apply. If it isn't on my teeth, it's halfway up my face & truth be told, it's just not worth the extra faf. Don't get me wrong, I've read some ace reviews about this product, but for me it doesn't quite work. I'd love to know if you think otherwise?

Not that I needed it in the slightest, but I also treated myself to a Barry M Lip Liner. I'm massively into nude/brown lips and when I saw this liner in the shade Toast I knew it'd make a welcome addition to my collection. You can't really go wrong with a product like this, especially for the price, I think I only paid around £3 for this liner, which is an absolute bargain!

Believe it or not, I didn't actually own a contour kit, that was up until about five days ago! Woop! I'm not too sure why that is really, because I do like to define my cheekbones, I just relied heavily on the bronzer, blush, highlight combination. How old school of me!
I picked up the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit in the shade light-medium & it's a game changer. The shades are quite ashy with a warm undertone which works absolutely perfectly with my skin tone. I've been using the kit every day since getting it & I love it, the only thing I don't like is the cardboard packaging. It's gotten so grubby already in the five days that I've had it, it makes me sad swishing my brush around in there, because I know I'm making it worse. First world problems or what?

Have you tried any of these products yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Especially if you disagree with me about the Barry M Lip Kits.


Beauty | Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara.

Clump free mascara? Is that a thing? Could it be a thing? Well that's certainly what Rimmel are claiming with their new Volume Shake mascara.

As well as making the mascara clump free, Rimmels' newest mascara claims to last up to a full year, double the time your standard mascaras will survive. This is due to their bottles patented shaker style packaging, when you're feeling the mascara turning dry just give it a couple of shakes like the cocktail pro that you are & it'll be as right as rain.

The cocktail shaker style bottle coats the mascara wand with clump free, jet black liquid mascara, which when applied feels so much more fluid than others I've tried. The formula of the mascara is very lightweight, which although it provides the lashes with instant length & definition, it does mean that you've got to be pretty precise when applying. Due to the fluidity of the Volume Shake, it's quite easy (especially for me) to become heavy handed with the mascara & create a look I'm definitely not wanting to achieve... Panda eyes are so 2008! My makeup is usually applied around 6.30am (Gah - I'm feeling tired just thinking about it) when I'm getting up for work and this mascara lasts all day long! It's amazing. Not only are there no clumps, but there's no fall out either, which is flipping amazing - What's not to love?

I love super dark spidery lashes as much as the next person, but I feel you need the rest of the makeup look to go with it & most of the time that's just not what I'm about. I love creating a flawless no makeup, makeup look and with that comes super long, separated lashes, which is exactly why the Rimmel Volume Shake mascara fits perfectly into my collection.

If you're into super thick heavy lashes maybe this mascara isn't the one for you, but other than that I think it's a brilliant product, especially if you're looking for long separate lashes. This one's a keeper!

What's your favourite mascara?


*This product was gifted to me by Rimmel. Opinions are 100% my own*

Beauty | Introducing Organic Skincare With Antique Apothecary.*

I'm very much into my skincare, even more so than makeup, but one thing I don't know a great deal about is natural and organic based skincare products. Admittedly hunting for natural products isn't my highest priority when it comes to skincare, it's naive of me to say but if a product works, then it works, whether it's organic or not.

Luckily for me I was recently introduced to Antique Apothecary, an organic brand which fuses nature and luxury together. Antique Apothecary develop state of the art natural products which live up to the high quality standard of luxury items of modern times, and what's amazing about the brand is that they're family run and everything is made by them from scratch here in the UK. Amazing right?

When you order through Antique Apothecary you will receive your goodies in an amazing assorted gift box, so no two orders will be the same, which I think is an absolutely fabulous idea. My order came in a beautiful owl printed teal green gift box which was such a lovely surprise and looks beautiful on my coffee table. It's the perfect box for popping all my odds & ends in, and lord knows I've got a load of them lying around the house!

In my package came the Moisturising Lotion With Rose Otto & Cherry Blossom which is a floral toning lotion suitable for all skin types. I've been using the toner as part of my skincare routine, after cleansing and before moisturising both on a morning & on the evening. The product is mega refreshing and gentle on the skin, which you don't often find with products as heavily scented as this, so I was really pleasantly surprised. The product disperses brilliantly from the nozzle, covering the full face in just a couple of squirts & sinks seamlessly into the skin making a perfect base for the rest of your skincare routine.

To moisturise I've been religiously using the Athina Anti-Ageing Cream With Mediterranean Ingredients which has been an absolute godsend, especially while I've been in Iceland. The moistusier is perfect for all skin types, but especially helps those with dehydrated and fatigued looking skin like myself, as it's packed full of essential oils. You get an instant hit with this moisturiser as it has such an oily intensity, which I feel some people may not get on with, but I 100% love it! I love it when you can feel a product is working right from the get go & that's exactly what I get from this baby.

Thirdly I received the award winning Sun & Beauty Natural Sunscreen, which admittedly I haven't been using as much as the previous two products, but I have been training myself into using it. A lot of the beauty products I use had an added SPF so I'd never felt the need to use a separate sun protecting lotion, but from what I've tried this one has been ace. I've been popping this on, on a morning before applying my makeup and not only does it smell beautiful, it's protecting my skin & it also acts as a surprisingly good primer. What's not to like about it?

When you order with Antique Apothecary you will also receive a list of ingredients used within each product which I think is an amazing addition. For someone who doesn't know a massive amount about natural & organic skincare this really helped tell me a little bit more about each product. They're also able to customise their products, for example if you're allergic to one of their ingredients, you can send them an email & they can make it for you to suit, which I think is amazing! Antique Apothecary really have gone the extra mile with their products!

Are you into organic skincare? What are your favourite brands?


*This post is a paid for advertorial in collaboration with Antique Apothecary*