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What I Want From My Blog.

They say 'I want never gets'... Well when it comes to what I want from my blog, why the heck should I not get what I want? This is my iddy biddy slice of internet where I express my thoughts and feelings, so the saying 'I want never gets' really doesn't comply.

I've come on a journey with clairemac.co.uk, we've had name changes and city changes to name a few, but this little blog of mine has always been by my side. It's my safe haven; where I can be myself, express my creativity & develop both personally and mentally.

As time's passed, my aspirations for clairemac.co.uk has changed. I've fallen out of love, and back in again, about 50 times over but right now, as of today, I am well & truly back on it. One part of me (the devil on my shoulder) was thinking 'oh why don't I wait till I get back from holiday' but that was over powered by my second thought; Why the heck don't I do it now? Live for now! Get off your arse now! And so on, and so forth. So here I am, writing down what I want from my blog.

Creativity | I'm massively into design, I've had a heavily design based education, I've even completed an interior design degree, but I don't feel like that comes across in my blog. I want to be more creative with my photography, expressing my passion for fashion & securing super sharp top quality images.

Consistency | This is something I dip in and out of. I began clairemac.co.uk posting as and when with no hint of a schedule, some weeks I'd publish five posts a week, others I'd only manage one. My aim from now on is to post twice weekly, on a Monday & Friday evenings ensuring my readers know exactly when a new post will be live.

Networking | I want this blog to take me to more events & give me the opportunity to explore different brands some more. I love connecting with bloggers and companies, it's the best thing about blogging and something I'm excited to continue doing.

Personality | Especially when it comes to fashion & beauty posts, I'd love for my personality to come across in my posts. This probably means the odd bleep word, or a bit of a ramble, but hey, that's me. This is who I am, and exactly what my blog's all about.

Positivity | This place has always been a happy place & I want it to continue to be that way. Don't get me wrong, there have been some posts on here reviewing products that I haven't gotten on with, but they're a balanced review and I always explain that just because they don't work for me there's no reason that you're not going to love them.

So there's five things I want from my blog, that I'm going to bloody well go out and get. Just watch me!

What do you want from your blog? What do you enjoy most about your slice of internet?

2 comments on "What I Want From My Blog."
  1. I read your list and so much of that is applicable for me too! I'm currently falling back in love with my blog and so have been really active on it/in the blogging community, but it is a rocky relationship, that's for sure! Good luck :-)

    Sammy x | www.cityofsimplicity.co.uk

  2. Great post Claire. :)
    Very relatable. I think we all fall in and out of love with our blog/blogging.. It's also common over time and years as we change in ourselves. What we like/don't like. Personal circumstances. New homes. It gives us new things to include or not. It's the joy of having a flexible non niche space, that it grows with us. I always enjoy going back to the roots of some blogs, to see how they started. Especially some 'bigger' bloggers, as it fills me with hope that yes, we do all start somewhere and you can achieve what you set your mind to. :)
    Good luck! :)