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Shitty things about being an adult.

I still get IDed and I'm so often mistaken for a teenager, rather than a twentysix year old woman with a mortgage and a dog. Yes I'm adulting hard! And I have been for a while now. However there are a few things that really ruffle my feathers when it comes to being an adult & that's what I'm going to discuss with you today.

* Bills. Bills. Bills.
* The ridiculous price of car insurance.
* Dodging trolleys during the weekly food shop.
* The weekly food shop in general.
* Decorating.
* The fact that time goes by so quickly - Blink & you'll miss it.
* Road tax. Where does our hard earned cash actually go?
* Rationing your money for the month.
* House prices! Gahh.
* Your body's not quite what it was.
* Missing bin day.
* Taking the dog out when it's pouring down & you really CBA!
* Finishing that Netflix series you've been addicted too.
* Clothing sizes. In one shop you can be a 10, in others your a 14. How does that even work?
* The expectation that you should have your shit together by now. Eeek!
* Full time work, actually sucks! Hard!
* Being constantly tired.
* 20 minutes at the gym no longer cuts it.
* Not being able to understand new slang terms.
* Hangovers get so much worse.
* Paying back your student loan.
* You don't get as many gifts on Birthdays or Christmas.
* Having to make your own appointments.
* Keeping track of said appointments.
* Recycling - Why has it got to be so difficult!
* Chores.
* Thinking you've got more money in your account than you actually do. Story of my life!
* Hating your job, but having a mortgage to pay for.
* Responsibilities.

If any of these things even remotely grind your gears, then & I'm afraid to say it, you my dear are a fully fledged adult!

Whats the best & worst thing about being an adult?

2 comments on "Shitty things about being an adult."
  1. Oh my goodness! I definitely agree with these, minus a few of the things like mortgages and paying student loans (I still receive it) but seems like I'm entering fully fledged adult life! Uh oh! Great post lovely! :) x

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

  2. The harsh realities of life! Even harder down in London knowing I'm unlikely to ever be able to buy in the city I was born in...